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35 Best 23 Year Old Birthday Gifts for Women To Make Her Feel Loved

23 year old is an in-between stage of life; it is the time that they get used to being an adult and challenge themselves to do what they want. This is where they’re a young adult yet still in their twenties. It is now her/his own world area to start their journey - take their decisions independently, follow their heart, set their career and personal life goals. The twenties are a critical special phase of their life. Because of that, the 23rd birthday gift should be unique and impressive.

Luckily, we have made this great list of gifts for a 23-year-old woman and even a man. They are all wonderful items related to the number 23 and 1999 to celebrate her/his birthday. Since they have their jobs and may have their own family, it is highly recommended that you take into account her/his hobbies, interests or current lifestyle. Somehow you will find it easier to choose a great gift.

So, treat your precious beloved one with one of these 30+ gifts for a 23rd birthday girl. Your gift will be like a motivation to step into balancing work, enjoyment, spending time with parents, and learning some new skills.

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No matter how old she is, she is still a queen in her own story. This tumbler as a birthday present, is the way of expressing her personality.

The item is decorated with the theme of the name and symbol of the zodiac. The black galaxy tone evokes excitement when looking at it up close. On one side of the stainless steel tumbler, the recipient's name is vividly printed.


✔️ Hand-finished with SUS 304

✔️ Customize her name and zodiac on the fly

✔️ Dishwasher safe

This Custom Year Sweatshirt Hoodie is a great option if you're looking for the ideal birthday present for a special woman in your life who is turning 23.

What sets this Custom Year Sweatshirt Hoodie apart is its ability to be customized with any desired year. Whether you want to celebrate the year of her birth, a significant milestone, or a cherished memory, this hoodie allows you to personalize it just for her. Crafted from high-quality materials, it offers a soft and cozy feel against the skin.


✔️ Highly customizable with any desired year

✔️ Unique and personalized gift option

✔️ Showcases individuality and special milestones

✔️ Made from high-quality materials for durability

Women frequently view jewelry as a necessary piece of clothing. If you're looking for a unique gift for her, this Custom Name Sterling Silver Necklace is an excellent option.

The necklace is crafted in excellent material and features smooth and clean lines. You can personalize the pendant by sending us a photo of your signature or letting us create one for you. The adjustable necklace has a length of 18 inches. Therefore, it will fit the majority of girls. Why are you holding out? Buy one now!


✔️ Boost her self-confidence

✔️ Complement her overall look

✔️ Speak volumes about her personality

A 3D LED illusion lamp that combines art and technology to create an optical 3D illusion and play tricks on the eyes. Who wouldn't desire that?

Compared to conventional light sources, LED nightlights consume very little power. With this 12 Zodiac Signs LED Lamp, your loved ones can leave their LED night light on all night without having to worry about excessive power consumption. To add even more personalization, you can add the recipient's name and horoscope sign. Check it out now!


✔️ Light emitted to suit any space

✔️ A gift that lasts for years

✔️ Manufactured with the environment in mind

Do you know what completes every woman's polished appearance before she leaves the house? Jewelry it is. The finest birthday gift she'll ever get will be a necklace with her sign and a planet on it.

The dainty pendant is made of zirconia crystal and white gold. It stands for good fortune and pleasure. You won't feel duplicated because the gift is presented in a unique gift box that is personalized with the recipient's name, sign, planet, and birthday.


✔️ A thoughtful and charming present

✔️ Send your warmest regards

✔️ Box with a unique personal message

The 23rd Birthday Floral Pillow is one of the best choices to make any 23-year-old woman feel truly loved on her birthday.

Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this square pillow measures approximately 30 inches by 30 inches, ensuring it becomes a prominent and cherished piece in any living space. The luxurious and soft linen material provides the ultimate comfort, making it perfect for snuggling up or adding a touch of coziness to a bed or sofa.


✔️ A cozy companion for relaxation

✔️ Bring joy and warmth to her heart

✔️ Feature an impeccable craftsmanship

Happy birthday to your beloved woman in your own way and this unique 3D led light is how you send nice and sincere birthday wishes to that wonderful lady.

The light is fully equipped to complete the task of a night light. Not only gives users the experience of high-quality LED lighting, but it also makes viewers satisfied with attractive 3D effects. Personalized content about her is displayed on the acrylic plate to contain the image, name, and 10 lovely reasons.


✔️ The beauty of creativity and love

✔️ Show your sincere feelings

✔️ Personalized about herself

Obesity, type 2 diabetes, depression, and other chronic diseases may all be made more likely by inadequate sleep. Give your loved ones this Multiple Colors 3d LED Light to help them stay healthier.

The product uses a superior LED light source and consumes less energy than other types of lighting. It pairs with an acrylic light guide plate and has a longer useful life. The lamp provides users with a gentle but adequate level of illumination. With the help of our product, your loved one can sleep better during the night.


✔️ Reduce fear of the dark

✔️ Aid relaxation before bed

✔️ Perform better in cold temperatures

Dive into the enchanting world of mermaids with "The Soul Of Mermaid" Birthday Gift for Women, a unique and delightful present that will make her feel truly loved.

The "The Soul Of Mermaid" Birthday Gift for Women is a thoughtful and personalized Christmas gift that will leave a lasting impression on your daughter.


✔️ Tearaway label for added convenience

✔️ Made from sustainably and fairly grown USA cotton

✔️ Suitable for individuals with sensitive skin

✔️ Thoughtful and charming birthday gift

Unlock the beauty and elegance of the Birthday Canvas/Poster Gift for Women, a heartfelt present that will make her feel truly loved on her special day. This premium canvas/poster combines stunning artwork with exceptional craftsmanship, creating a keepsake that captures the essence of her birthday celebration.

With its vibrant colors and intricate designs, this canvas/poster showcases the significance of this milestone occasion, leaving a lasting impression.


✔️ Customizable Options for Personal Touch

✔️ High-Quality Printing for Vibrant Colors and Sharp Details

✔️ Ready to Hang for Convenient Display

✔️ Fade and Warp-Resistant for Long-Lasting Beauty

Due to its high porosity, ceramic can help the beverage's flavor by enhancing its flavor. Giving this Other 23-Year Olds Sparkle Unicorn to your loved ones will make them feel incredibly appreciated.

Compared to other mugs, this one is more affordable and accessible. The users can reheat their beverages without switching to a different mug because it is microwave-safe. Additionally, the product has a basic design that will match the tastes of loved ones. Purchase one right now!


✔️ Savor a warm beverage

✔️ Doesn’t crack or chip easily

✔️ Useful for people who love to cook and bake

This God Says You Are Empathetic Creative Passionate Canvas will be a sweet surprise for her to welcome her new age. Up to 15 flowers can be added with different words to describe herself, and she will definitely love to see how important she is to you.


✔️ Charming design with floral patterns

✔️ A unique to show your love to her through words

✔️ Beautiful home decor that is suitable for all spaces

Have you ever found it difficult to choose a gift for your adult girl? Take all your worries away with this meaningful 3D moon lamp. It is made from PLA material to ensure product safety and durability.

The light provides 16 light colors and is easily adjusted with a switch mode or remote. The professional 3D-printed message is exactly what you want to convey to your lovely princess on her growing journey.


✔️ Helpful in supporting sleep

✔️ Wooden base included

✔️ Send a meaningful message

As a woman, everyone loves to receive gifts, especially on birthdays. So if you are wondering what gift to give a 23-year-old girl, this will be the right suggestion. 23 Years Of Awesome- Birthday Pillow For Her is a pillow made from selected poly-linen cotton. From the skillful hands of the craftsmen, we created this pillow to help users feel smooth and comfortable after many hours of tiring activities. Besides, the pillow cover can be easily removed and closed so that you can clean it easily.


✔️ 3 selectable sizes

✔️ Cool cotton materials

✔️ Fast shipping line

Twenty-three years old is an important period in every girl's life. When you reach this stage, the girl is already an adult and can decide things or settle down with her own small family. Therefore, giving gifts to a 23-year-old girl will require a little more effort. You can give her the 2000 Years Of Awesome Necklace For Birthday Girl because most girls will love beautiful jewelry. With a variety of designs, you can have a wide selection of jewelry to suit her. Besides, the stainless white gold material is a highlight that makes the ring as sparkling and elegant as possible.


✔️ Variety of designs

✔️ Stainless white gold material

✔️ Fast shipping line

Shopping for someone in their 20s can occasionally be challenging. However, the Custom Face T-Shirt for a 20s Birthday can be a fantastic choice.

They have a certain set of requirements and wants because they are frequently at that transitional stage where they are either in college or are just starting out in the workforce.


✔️ Can be personalized with photos

✔️ Easy to take care

✔️ Fashionable

A gorgeous gift for a special birthday, or even for someone else's special day. Its contemporary style makes it perfect for any living space, whether it's the guest bedroom or home office.

Featuring retro patterns with a big butterfly in the center, two-sided print colorfast dyed fabric of your image yields unrivaled durability and color vibrancy. So the image on the cover comes out very pretty! It is suggested to use a damp cloth when light cleaning is needed.


✔️ Be a gorgeous way to celebrate the birthday

✔️ Stay crisp and clean for many years

✔️ Won't scratch or damage your bed

If you want to find a gift that can show your love to your 23-year-old girl properly, this Making The World A Happier Place Since 2000 - Personalized Necklace is among the best choices. The love knot is a symbol of eternal love, showing you will be always by her side. The motivational message on the gift box will become her biggest encouragement to overcome all challenges.


✔️ A motivational gift for your girl

✔️ An excellent addition to her accessories collection

✔️ Customizable with a year on the gift box

This Best Personalized Dream Catcher Night Light will brighten up your woman's room. Our night lights are one-of-a-kind and ideal for a 23rd birthday present for her. Order it right now to make her birthday unforgettable!


✔️ Choose style and custom name

✔️ Quick and easy order

✔️ Save time selecting a gift

Have you ever seen such a beautiful birthday gift? Not yet, right? This Happy Birthday Behind You All Your Memories Incredible Custom Wooden Plaque will help you gain the attention of your 23-year-old woman. She will love how it is made, especially with the personalized details that are created only for her.


✔️ Meaningful 23rd birthday gift for women

✔️ Special with unique birthday details

✔️ Attached with a custom image to make the gift more unique

We might not be sure which background style is suitable for her, but we're sure that this 23rd Birthday Gifts for Women Fabulous - Skinny Tumbler is an incredible gift. Not only beautiful and unique with the leopard pattern, but this tumbler is also exceptionally useful for her to keep cold/hot drinks for up to 4 hours.


✔️ Specially made with customization details (age, name, and background)

✔️ Elegant and charming design

✔️ Durable with high-quality materials

Now is the moment to put everything on hold and get your closest friend the ideal present. She is the BEST, so she deserves the BEST present. The finest presents should be customized to the recipient's personality, hobbies, and interests rather than something quickly put together from the grocery store. When you can get her a unique birthday present like this Custom Photo Necklace for her age 23, why give her a boring gift card?


✔️ Easy to personalize her name and date

✔️ An eye-catching item

✔️ Add fashionable vibe for her outfit

Choosing a birthday gift for a female is not necessarily a simple task, because each person has their preferences and personality.

If you still have no ideas, try to refer to this Special Canvas Home Decor Wall Art.


✔️ Never make her feel disappointed

✔️ Easily order and ship

✔️ A perfect choice for room decor

Have you ever wanted to create a custom vinyl record that had your song’s name written across the top, and then be able to have your friends and family upload a photo of themselves for you to place inside it? Well, this 23rd birthday gift is your ticket! Give this to your friends or family members and they’ll be so excited when opening it! And they’ll get to see herself on a beautiful round wood sign.


✔️ Highly personalized

✔️ Made of the highest-quality round wood

✔️ Durable and sturdy

Make a 23-year-old feel like a princess and the life of the party by showering her with personalised birthday confetti.

Birthday parties are more festive with this custom confetti. A store's name in block capitals might take up anywhere from 2 to 6 centimetres. Double-barrel names are too complicated for them to create, thus they can't do them.


✔️ Personalized Birthday Confetti for a Special Touch

✔️ High-Quality Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

✔️ Customize the confetti with her name in block capitals

Give a present that will revitalise any space with fresh fragrances. You won't find a better present for your special lady on her 23rd birthday than this fragrant candle.

This candle uses only all-natural soy wax in its production. As a result, the normal burning time is between sixty and eighty hours. When the candle is done burning, the high-quality glass jar may be utilised to store other things, such as flowers, crafts, or even toiletries.


✔️ Long Burn Time for Prolonged Enjoyment

✔️ 100% Natural Soy Wax for Clean Burning

✔️ Reusable Glass Jar for Versatile Use

Streamline her style and simplify her everyday carry with the sleek and functional Minimal Slim Wallet, a gift that combines practicality with elegance for a 23-year-old woman. The Runbox Minimal Slim Wallet is crafted from carefully selected microfiber leather, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel.

With its slim design, this minimalist wallet can comfortably store up to 10 cards without adding bulk to her pocket or purse.


✔️ Carefully Selected Microfiber Leather for Durability

✔️ Slim Design for Easy Everyday Carry

✔️ Stores up to 10 Cards for Convenience

✔️ RFID-Blocking Lining for Enhanced Security

Playing a comedic game with this party decoration is the perfect present for your friend's special birthday. The event will trace her life from the moment of her birth to the present, where she will turn 23.

It's 8 by 10 inches in size and printed on premium white paper. She'll have a lot to smile about with the excellent quality performance and vibrant colours that will bring sunshine into her house on even the cloudiest day. This poster is meant to brighten her day on a regular basis, not only on her birthday.


✔️ Vibrant 8x10 Design for a Festive Atmosphere

✔️ High-Quality Printing on White Paper

✔️ Joyful and Nostalgic Illustrations

✔️ Brings Sunshine and Happiness to Any Space

Capture her heart and create a lasting memory with the Heart Framed Wall Art, a celestial masterpiece that will make her 23rd birthday truly unforgettable. The Heart Framed Wall Art showcases a stunning starry sky print framed in a heart-shaped design, symbolizing love and affection.

Created using real-time data from the NASA Astronomical Data Center star catalog, each star map offers an astronomically accurate representation of the night sky, personalized to any date and location of your choice. This premium wall piece can be easily hung on the wall or displayed on a tabletop, allowing her to enjoy its beauty wherever she desires.


✔️ Heart-Shaped Design for Symbolic Love

✔️ Astronomically Accurate Star Map

✔️ Personalized with Date and Location

✔️ Versatile Display Options

The ideal present for someone turning 23! Both men and women aged 23 will appreciate this unique stainless steel wine tumbler.

Each is created with one thing in mind: complete client delight. The words "THE ONE WHERE MICHELLE TURNS 23" are etched on the stainless steel wine tumbler. The leak-proof, transparent plastic push-on cover is convenient. Superior heat and cold retention compared to glass or plastic thanks to the double-wall vacuum insulation and transparent cover.


✔️ Personalized Engraved Design

✔️ Leak-Proof Clear Plastic Lid

✔️ Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation

✔️ Superior Temperature Retention

Do you want to give someone a present that will be appreciated and remembered for a long time? Stop searching; you’ve found it here! The 23-year-old woman in your life would appreciate this thoughtful present of a personalised birthday print.

Number "23" is a compilation of all the wonderful things you want to say to your special someone. No other print will ever be exactly like the one you purchase since it will be created only for you, according to your preferences.


✔️ Unique and Memorable Design

✔️ Customized to Individual Specifications

✔️ High-Quality Print for Lasting Durability

A humorous and one-of-a-kind novelty coffee cup to show a woman of 23 that you think she's amazing. That will make her happy every time she goes for it to fill it with her drink of choice.

Using a heat press, the picture is transferred permanently to the mug using professional sublimation printers and inks. Because the artwork is permanently bonded to the mug, it will not peel, fade, or scratch off.


✔️ Hilariously Funny and Unique Design

✔️ High-Quality Sublimation Printing

✔️ Durable and Scratch-Resistant

✔️ Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

Make her feel like royalty on her 23rd birthday with the Luxury Birthday Sash, a stunning accessory fit for a princess. The Luxury Birthday Sash is crafted from premium double-sided satin ribbon, exuding elegance and sophistication. The high-quality printing on the sash ensures clear and vibrant text, adding to its luxurious appeal. Each sash comes beautifully packaged in a cotton keepsake bag, enhancing the gifting experience and preserving its pristine condition.


✔️ Luxurious Premium Double Sided Satin Ribbon

✔️ Clear and Vibrant Printing

✔️ Beautifully Packaged in a Cotton Keepsake Bag

This 199 coin charm keychain is the ideal birthday present for the woman in your life who will soon turn 23.

The keychain is just how you hoped it would be. Complete with a birth year coin and gorgeous charms as specified. This keychain might serve as a memento of her special birthday instead of just another accessory. It's for a friend's birthday, and I know she'll like it just as much as you do.


✔️ Personalized Charms and Birth Year Coin

✔️ Expert Craftsmanship

✔️ Meaningful and Sentimental Keepsake

Unwrap a world of relaxation and indulgence with the Birthday Gift Box Set, the perfect way to make your 23-year-old friend feel loved and pampered on her special day. The Birthday Gift Box Set is a carefully curated collection of spa essentials designed to provide a luxurious and rejuvenating experience.

Inside this delightful box, she will discover an array of treats, including soothing bath bombs, nourishing body soap, a moisturizing lip balm, and a fragrant scented candle.


✔️ Luxurious Spa Essentials

✔️ Natural Ingredients for Skin Safety

✔️ Relaxing Aromas and Pampering Experience

✔️ Excellent Customer Service

Use these glittering 23 straws to throw a spectacular celebration fit for a princess on her 23rd birthday. A small focal point in the party's design may completely alter the vibe.

When you place an order, you'll get a box containing ten straws. Checkout choices for various numbers and colour schemes. She will be blown away by not just the quality of the gifts but also by the depth of your feelings for her.


✔️ Sparkling and Eye-Catching Design

✔️ Set of 10 Straws, Conveniently Packaged

✔️ Multiple Quantity and Color Choices Available

✔️ Symbol of Love and Care

You simply cannot send over this personalised year necklace if you are looking for something important and eye-catching. A 23-year-old woman will treasure her birthday present of a necklace very much.

You get to pick the chain's kind and length, as well as the typeface and font size. Make sure the desired date and year are entered in the designated space. If you want to write her full name and birthday next to the year, you have up to 11 characters to do so.


✔️ Thoughtful and Impressive Personalized Gift

✔️ Customizable Material, Font Style, Chain Type, and Length

✔️ Engrave a Meaningful Date or Year

This birthday mug is sure to make your favourite 23-year-old female friend laugh out loud.

It's cool that you can customise the mug's colour and design by printing her likeness on it. The store will assist you with this at no additional cost. Only the finest mugs were used for this print run. No matter how many times you wash it, the print will remain vibrant. Packaged with specialised styrofoam to prevent damage in transit.


✔️ Hilarious and Personalized Birthday Mug

✔️ Customizable Face Printing

✔️ Choose the Mug Color for Personalization

✔️ High-Quality Printing that Never Fades

It's unacceptable to expect a woman to say no to jewellery, right? If you're in a pinch and need to buy a present for your sister's 23rd birthday, this is a safe bet. Include these cute circular earrings; she'll adore them.

The timeless simplicity of the design means it complements any of her clothes and may be worn anywhere. You may choose from three different metal finishes for the earrings: gold, silver, and rose gold. If you'd want to add a personal touch, they provide a blank card for you to do so.


✔️ Exquisite and Timeless Circle Earrings

✔️ Versatile Design for Any Outfit and Occasion

✔️ Available in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold Finishes

✔️ Thoughtful Inclusion of a Blank Card for Personalization

This adulting notepad (to do list note) is for the worker who likes to work and who wants to keep working. A woman of 23 will appreciate the novelty and intrigue of such a present.

She, like everyone else, needs a notebook to keep her schedule in order. So that she doesn't forget anything, she may double-check all of her crucial appointments for the day. The detachable sheets make it convenient to take your checklist with you. A wide range of writing instruments can be used with the thick, smooth paper.


✔️ Enhance Organization and Productivity

✔️ Tear-Off Pages for On-the-Go Convenience

✔️ Thick, Smooth-Finish Paper for Writing Comfort

Level up his wardrobe and add a touch of humor to his 23rd birthday celebration with this hilarious Short Sleeve Shirt from the renowned Hanes brand.

Designed with men in mind, this shirt offers the perfect combination of size and style, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for most body shapes. Crafted from high-quality cotton material, it provides a stretchable and breathable feel, keeping him comfortable throughout the day.


✔️ Hilarious and Unique Gift for a 23-Year-Old Friend's Birthday

✔️ Perfect Fit for Most Men's Body Shapes

✔️ Stretchable and Breathable Cotton Material for Comfort

Searching for a memorable birthday gift? The Custom Name Skinny Tumbler is sure to satisfy any recipient!

This tumbler stands out with its personalized feature, allowing you to add the recipient's name and make it truly special. Crafted with top-notch materials, it guarantees durability and longevity. With its sleek design, it's comfortable to hold and carry around. Plus, the tumbler includes a secure lid and straw, making it suitable for both hot and cold drinks.


✔️ Customization option for a personal touch

✔️ Versatile with a secure lid and straw

✔️ Strong and long-lasting construction

✔️ Sleek and easy-to-hold design

Celebrate the vibrant and adventurous spirit of a 20s girl with the exquisite Always Remember How Much I Love You Leather Journal. This stylish and deeply meaningful gift is the perfect companion for her exhilarating journey through life.

The journal's compact size, measuring approximately 6 inches by 8 inches, ensures that she can carry it effortlessly wherever her ventures may lead. Within its pages, she will discover ample space to express her innermost thoughts, capture her wildest dreams, and meticulously plan her goals. The inclusion of a ribbon bookmark further enhances the journal's allure, making it both chic and highly practical.


✔️ Embody a stylish and contemporary design

✔️ A keepsake that withstands the test of time

✔️ Adapt to her fast-paced 20s lifestyle with ease

✔️ Ensure her thoughts flow seamlessly onto paper

The 23rd year is a time for grounding oneself, finding one's footing in life. The Personalized Plan Pot is a beautiful symbol of this stage.

It serves as a testament to their personal growth, much like the plant it will house. The pot, with its vibrant print and weather-resistant finish, is not just an attractive addition to their space but also a durable piece designed to withstand changing environments. The pot comes with a personalized design, adding a personal touch to this thoughtful gift.


✔️ Represents personal stability

✔️ Features a vibrant, aesthetic design

✔️ Weather-resistant for longevity

✔️ Customizable, thoughtful gift

The Birth Month Flowers Leather Journal is a meticulously crafted gift that is as unique as the person you're gifting it to. It offers a refreshing twist to traditional birthday presents and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Made from high-quality leather, this journal creates a luxurious feel and longevity. It is tailored with an engraved floral design that represents the birth month, adding a personal, stylish touch. They can use it to jot memories, plan daily activities, or draft ideas, making it a constant companion they will fall in love with.


✔️ Unique birthday present

✔️ Durable leather material

✔️ Stylish personal touch

✔️ Versatile functional

Treat your special ones to the God Says I Am Acrylic Plaque on their birthday. This customized plaque bears a heartwarming message to brighten their day.

Constructed from acrylic, this plaque assures durability with a modern appeal. Personalization with their name makes the gift extra special and shows your thoughtful consideration. The inspirational quote never fails to bring positivity and will be a constant reminder of their worth.


✔️ Sturdy and stylish

✔️ Thoughtful personalization

✔️ Inspiring message

✔️ Perfect birthday gift

If you're looking to make sure your favourite woman remembers her 23rd birthday, you should get her the nicest gifts possible. This curated list of 35 birthday present ideas includes something for everyone, from self-care items to one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Choose a gift for her that is both meaningful and in line with who she is as an individual to show her how much she matters to you. Discover in the article a present that will make her happy and warm her heart. Make sure her birthday is one she'll never forget!

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