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33 Best 12 Days Of Christmas Gift Ideas that'll Satify Your Loved Ones

Discover the delightful assortment of our 12 Days of Christmas gifts, which have been painstakingly designed to fill the festive season with unending excitement and anticipation. Each carefully chosen item in this collection will undoubtedly cause the receiver to experience a symphony of delight. Our wide selection guarantees that there is something for everyone on your present list, from timeless classics to amazing surprises.

With our fascinating Christmas gifts collection, embrace the genuine spirit of the occasion. Our choices are carefully chosen to create a genuinely remarkable and magical experience, from the beginning of the gift-giving trip to its triumphant conclusion on the twelfth day. Whether you're looking for a gift for a cherished friend, a treasured coworker, or a precious loved one, our inventory has been expertly curated to satisfy all of your gifting requirements.

With our 12 Days of Christmas gift ideas, you may create memorable moments and fill the holiday season with exuberant excitement. Each present is a poignant reminder of the unrivaled wonder and joy that this holiday season delivers. Thus, with our exceptional collection, take this holiday season to new heights and bestow on your loved ones gifts that will be remembered for years coming.

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12 Days of Stitchy Ornaments are considered to be the perfect decorating items for your Christmas holiday. With the help of these ornaments, your living space will be more attractive and covered with a variety of colors.

You can spend time with your close ones stitching these ornaments, this is also an exciting experience as you can have more time to stay together with your beloved ones and create your own little ornament. A wonderful gift for anyone this Christmas time.


✔️ Show your the creativity and skill

✔️ Help you experience the joy and anticipation of the season

✔️ Add a personal touch to your holiday decor

These enjoyable and original items are wonderful Christmas stuffers. They are dressed to seem like a 12-day countdown till Christmas is over.

This 12 Days of Christmas Tree Ornament Set in the shape of oysters is a perfect addition to your festive decor, promising to evoke joy and enchantment as you create cherished memories with your loved ones.


✔️ Elevate your holiday decor to a new level of elegance and charm.

✔️ Watch as the timeless story of the twelve days unfolds

✔️ Capture the magic and wonder of the season

These 12 Days of Christmas lace ornaments are ideal for themed tabletop trees as well. A cute option is to arrange them all on matching bibs and offer the ensemble as a nice Christmas present.

This collection is ideal for sewing, scrapbooking, cardmaking, crazy quilting, and any other activity you can think of. It may be a decorative addition to present wrapping or placed on a t-shirt. You may use it as a tiny gift bookmark by adding a tassel to the top loop.


✔️ Bring an air of elegance and sophistication to your Christmas tree

✔️ Fill the room with a magical ambiance.

✔️ Become the centerpiece of your holiday decor

Make your room, your home, and your living space full of a Christmas atmosphere thanks to this 12 Days of Christmas Sign.

Made from high-quality and premium materials, this Christmas sign is extremely durable and seems to be never out of date thanks to its timeless and meaningful design. A wonderful gift idea for your closed ones at this special time of the year.


✔️ Serve as a captivating visual representation of the beloved song

✔️ Transport you back to the joyous holiday seasons of the past

✔️ Create a warm and welcoming ambiance for family

A wonderful keepsake item as well as an assistant to make your Christmas tree become livelier and cover with an appealing beauty.

Each ornament is carefully handmade and crafted from engraved wood, creating a rustic and timeless appeal, that is extremely suitable for your Christmas time. Besides the 12 days of Christmas theme, it can be customized with your loved one's name as well. Meaningful gift idea for this holiday time.


✔️ Cherished keepsake that captures the spirit of the season

✔️ Have the option to customize with names or special message

✔️ Feature intricate engravings representing the iconic elements

What is better than staying together and arranging the puzzles to make it become a beautiful picture this Christmas time?

It will be a great experience that connects all members of the family to have a cozy and memorable time. Each item is printed with non-toxic, glare-free inks, which totally do not let any harmful effect on your health. A wonderful gift idea for your loved ones in your family.


✔️ Offers hours of entertainment for individuals or the whole family,

✔️ Build up the holiday spirit and making the countdown

✔️ Enhance problem-solving skills, spatial reasoning, and concentratio

An amazing gift idea for your family and friends to help them turn their normal Christmas tree into a masterpiece.

On a circular hoop, these lovely glass pearl beads are in shades of white, gold, and red. The 12 Days of Christmas charms are dangling from the hoops. Cranberry satin ribbons are holding them in place. The ribbon hangers are about 3 inches long, so either a broad branch or a small branch may use them. About 5 inches would be the entire length when the charm is added.


✔️ Capture the essence of the corresponding day

✔️ Symbolize the beloved holiday tradition

✔️ Transform your tree into a dazzling showcase of holiday cheer

Amazing box socks will be a great gift idea for your close ones to make their holiday become cozier and full of excitement.

Made from 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex, these box socks are extremely durable and come up with a wonderful using experience. With a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, these box socks are sure to be a favorite item for your kids this holiday season.


✔️ Bring warmth, comfort, and a touch of holiday cheer

✔️ A delightful and playful motif that will brighten your da

✔️ Perfect for keeping your feet snug throughout the holiday season

Make your gift box become more attractive and stunning with these Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Tags.

Each design corresponds with a number which will provide you with a lot of choices for your gift box. Every gift tag uses watercolor and high-quality ink, which results in the best color and details display.


✔️ Extend their artistic value beyond the gift-giving season

✔️ Foster connection, laughter, and storytelling

✔️ Create treasured moments during the holiday season

If you are looking for a gift for someone special during Christmas, this coffee cup will be perfect!

With 12 distinct flavors, our 12 Coffees of Christmas collection offers a delightful array of taste experiences. From the warm and comforting notes of Glazed Cinnamon Roll and Christmas Cookie to the bold richness of French Roast and Donut Shop Blend, each coffee brings a unique flavor profile that will awaken your senses and satisfy your cravings.


✔️ Ensure a gourmet coffee experience with every si

✔️ Thoughtfully blended to create a harmonious balance

✔️ Allow the recipient to savor a new coffee flavor

Give this set of ornaments to your family and friends as a lovely gift this Christmas time. This will help them have a lot of cozy time together to create an ornament for this Christmas.

Made from Wool felt coming up with a lot of colors, these ornaments are all colorful and extremely lively. Thus, with this gift set, your Christmas tree will become more attractive and full of Christmas spirit.


✔️ Express your unique artistic visio

✔️ Provide a canvas for your imagination to run wild

✔️ Carry deep sentimental value

The Christmas Glass Ornament Set 12 is not only a visual delight but also a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season. Whether you're adding to your own ornament collection or searching for a thoughtful gift, this set offers a beautiful and meaningful option.

This elegant set features glass ornaments from each of the Twelve Days of Christmas. The ornament comes in a beautiful gift box so it's perfect as a last-minute gift, or to create a festive display.


✔️ Carry the spirit of the season

✔️ Transform your home into a winter wonderland

✔️ Create cherished memories that will dance in your heart for years

Let the spirit of Frozen come alive this holiday season with the Disney Girl Frozen 12 Days of Advent Box Socks.

The Disney Girls Frozen 12 days of socks is a very affordable gift for little girls ages 8-12. This Advent calendar box features colorful Disney Frozen socks in a variety of designs and patterns that are sure to be a hit with any girl. These socks feature a bright collection of different color options so that you can choose socks that match the rest of her outfit.


✔️ Provide superior comfort and durability.

✔️ Keep little feet cozy throughout the day

✔️ Add a touch of Frozen magic to your child's wardrobe

Bring the joy and excitement of a scavenger hunt to your Christmas celebrations with the Christmas Scavenger Hunt game.

With 220 cards featuring various items to find, the game is easy to play and suitable for players of all ages. Simply deal out the cards to each player or team and start the hunt. Players actively search for the items listed on their cards, creating a thrilling and engaging experience.


✔️ Encourage teamwork and interaction among players

✔️ Fill the atmosphere with action, laughter, and friendly competition

✔️ Contribute to the development of gross motor skills in children

Celebrating Christmas time with this Makeup Collection is sure to be a unique gift idea for your girls and beloved ones.

This collection comes full of makeup items such as Eyeshadow Duo Eyeshadow Crayon, Clear Brow Gel, Tinted Lip Oi, Lip Gloss, Matte Liquid Lipstick, and other essential items. A meaningful and practical product for your women in your life.


✔️ Create stunning makeup looks throughout the holiday season

✔️ bBring an element of surprise and joy to your makeup routine

✔️ A great way to explore new beauty trends

An Ornament gift set to make your Christmas tree become more attractive and brings a cozy atmosphere to your beloved space.

This ornament is made from twine which is extremely durable and perfect to reuse for the next Christmas time. Coming up with a lot of designs are the symbol of the 12-holiday-season, and this set of ornament is sure to meet your own demands. Perfect gift idea for your family and relatives this Christmas time.


✔️ A visual reminder of the true meaning of Christmas

✔️ Offer a powerful symbol of faith, hope, and love

✔️ Keep the focus on the spiritual significance of the holiday season

12 Days of Christmas Tags is a beautiful collection of digital downloads that are ideal for adding a festive touch to your holiday presents.

This time of year, we feel especially compelled to help those in need. Printing and cutting out colorful Christmas graphics to attach to your hidden gifts will be simple with these new 12 Days of Christmas printable tags. These are ideal for charitable endeavors, neighbor presents, secret Santa gifts, anonymous gifts, and business undertakings.


✔️ A convenient and creative way to personalize your presents

✔️ Create a cohesive and festive look for all your holiday packages

✔️ Save you time and ensuring a hassle-free experience

Elf Kit gives you the most fun and creative holiday elf and his family scene kit ever.

This set has everything you need to make your little one’s first experience in an elf life to be a magical and wonderful time. It comes with all of the props, as well as a special letter that you write to say goodbye to your elf and hello to your new elf. A funny gift for your closed one this Christmas time.


✔️ Create laughter-filled moments and memorable memories

✔️ Offer endless possibilities for creativity and personalization

✔️ Bring people closer and cultivate a sense of joy

Make the joy and spirit of the holiday season to a new level with the "Fabrics 12 Days of Christmas Lords."

Our gorgeous fabric collection, made from 100% cotton with a lovely Christmas print, would make the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, or any occasion! Each fabric has a beautiful print and it is machine washable too. This would be such a lovely gift to give to friends and family or just to yourself.


✔️ Add a touch of festive charm to your projects, decorations, or gifts

✔️ Soft and comfortable but also durable and versatile

✔️ Suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters alike

Let's make the beauty of your Christmas tree to a new level with these 12 Days of Christmas Silhouette Ornaments. A necessary gift idea for any family this holiday season.

Made from Matt Board, Paper and coming up with Red Ribbon, any detail even the smallest of these ornaments are extremely clear that not only make your Christmas tree more appealing and attractive, but it also makes it become more meaningful and valued.


✔️ Add an artistic touch to your Christmas tree or decorations

✔️ Create a harmonious and sophisticated atmosphere in your home

✔️ Convey a sense of love, tradition, and the joy of the holiday

12 packs of scented candles will be a wonderful gift idea for your all family members and friends during this holiday time of year.

Lighting scented candles provide the body with the ideal experience of stress reduction since they utilize highly refined natural perfume-grade and 100% soy candles. Scented candles help reduce tension and relax the nervous system and create harmless smoke.


✔️ Provide a total of 240 hours of enchanting aroma

✔️ Immerse yourself in the captivating scents that fill your space

✔️ Create a relaxing and inviting environment

12 days series pattern bundle will be a nice gift idea for your loved ones to create their own colorful symbol for each holiday.

The details of this pattern are extremely amazing that will help you finish your work in a short time. Coming up with 12 patterns, and finding your own favorite one, these printable patterns will assist you to do a unique illustration.


✔️ Allow you to explore different techniques and create unique projects

✔️ Guide you through the entire process,

✔️ Offer convenience and instant access to the pattern with PDF file

Send this set of Twelve Days Ornaments Bundle to your beloved ones during this holiday time to make their days full of colorful and lively colors.

With a lot of colorful Merino Wool and Rayon, you can use your creativity to create a lot of appealing symbols of the day such as Pear, Turtle, Dove, French Hen, and Golden Ring. Practical 12 days of christmas gifts for her during this cozy time.


✔️ Merino wool offers warmth, softness, and a natural sheen

✔️ Provides a versatile canvas with different colors, textures

✔️ Enhance the overall quality of your creations

A set of six tiny bottles in the shape of postal stamps will add a touch of antique charm to your Christmas tree this holiday season.

Each glass bottle ornament is 4 cm by 1.8 cm in size and is strung together with fine gold thread. Each bottle contains a pristine British Christmas postal stamp from Royal Mail's "The Twelve Days of Christmas," which was released in 1977. For your tree, a little bit of history! 


✔️ Add vintage charm to your Christmas tree

✔️ A unique and unconventional choice for your Christmas

✔️ Never go out of style

Let's make your 12 days of Christmas become more lively and memorable with this partridge printable file.

With an appealing beauty, this illustration is sure to make your home full of a Christmas atmosphere. You will find that each passing day is a meaningful day of the year. A wonderful gift idea for your family and friend this Christmas time.


✔️ Allow you to infuse your holiday celebrations with your own artistic style

✔️ Easily share the content with your loved ones

✔️ Provide endless inspiration for your holiday decorations

A wonderful gift for your family and friends this Christmas to make their holiday time much more memorable.

Made from silver, this charming set is extremely durable and can be reused for the next Christmas time. The charms can be worn on a chain in their original form, added to a charm bracelet, or utilized to make custom jewelry. They may be used as materials for paper crafts, scrapbooks, cards, ornaments, and more.


✔️ Become a cherished addition to your collection

✔️ A continual reminder of the enchanted customs associated with the Christmas season

✔️ Bound to elicit smiles and warm hearts.

Send this Christmas Fabric to your loved ones to help them have a wonderful outfit for this holiday season.

All of our cloth is ethically sourced and sustainably printed in Durham, North Carolina, using non-toxic dyes. You may choose the ideal design and have it custom printed on the most appropriate fabric type for your project thanks to the innovative on-demand techniques.


✔️ Add a joyful and merry ambiance to any space or project

✔️ Can be used for a wide range of creative endeavors

✔️ Wthstand repeated use and maintain its vibrant appearance

Give your loved ones this set of 12 days of Christmas Cutting Files, it will make their holiday become much more memorable and full of Christmas spirit.

This zip file includes 12 different designs matching each day of vacation, which will meet all your demands easily. Especially, this is a printable file that is utterly convenient for you to print whenever you need an assistant to decorate your gifts or holiday space.


✔️ Add a polished and professional touch to your creations

✔️ Optimize to produce clean and accurate cuts

✔️ Enable you to create a wide range of projects without additional expenses

A delightful Santa figurine to remind us of the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas tradition. A beautiful and practical present for any family in this Christmas event.

Stone Resin is the main material of this Santa Figurine, which assure that it is extremely durable and still perfect to use for years to come. Having been painted with high-quality color, its appearance is hard to be faded after a long period of time.


✔️ Capture the spirit of the "Twelve Days of Christmas" song

✔️ Serve as a visual representation of the beloved carol

✔️ Allow you to share the story and meaning behind the iconic song

When it comes to Christmas and the Twelve Days of Christmas, the magic is warm, embracing, and comforting. If you wish to spend part of these lovely days embroidery, these tiny illustrations can make for some pleasant company.

Along with these twelve patterns, you'll also discover some helpful advice, crafts, and recipes for living today with love and a touch of enchantment that characterizes the worlds of woodland, nature, and fairy stories.


✔️ Provide immediate access to a wide range of designs

✔️ Can be easily scaled up or down to fit different fabric sizes or personal preference

✔️ Easier to read the pattern symbols, follow the stitches accurately

This set of Antique Silver Charm is a cute way to start the Christmas season with your family and friends. Came up with 12 different numbers as 12 different objects, this set is sure to meet the demands of any people.

This product is made of zinc alloy. This material is non-toxic, non-poisonous, and eco-friendly. The material is also RoHS compliant which means it has no lead, mercury, or cadmium in it.


✔️ Distinct charm and elegance that never goes out of style

✔️ Unique and carry a sense of history and craftsmanship

✔️ Incorporated into different styles of decor

Cut these out and attach them to tiny presents to give to loved ones as a fun Christmas countdown. The interior of your box flaps may be quickly and easily decorated with these stickers.

Each package includes 1 extra sticker with the numbers 1–12 in addition to 4 big adjustable stickers made to suit a Large USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. Stickers are manufactured using a professional sticker printer on premium sticker paper to provide vibrant colors and high-quality stickers.


✔️ Enhance the visual appeal of the care packages

✔️ Allow you to choose stickers that suit the recipient's tastee

✔️ Contribute to building anticipation and excitement for the recipient

Perfect gift idea for the whole family in 12 days of Christmas vacation. These family T-shirts will help all members closer together and especially shows the spirit of " We are one". A cozy present for anyone received.

Made from 100% preshrunk cotton, these family t-shirts are extremely soft and bring a wonderful experience for their users. A well-rounded present from its appearance to its hiding value.


✔️ Promotes a feeling of belonging and fosters a strong bond

✔️ Provide an excellent opportunity for group photos

✔️ Can be worn for a wide range of activities and events

A great assistant to make your gifts become more attractive and meaningful during this Christmas vacation.

Came up with a lot of designs with lovely messages and wishes, whenever these tags are attached with presents, it will enhance the beauty of those gifts to a new level. Especially, these tags are printable which is extremely convenient for you to prepare them as a gift.


✔️ Offer flexibility in terms of size and quantity

✔️ Can be easily accessed and printed from the comfort of your own home

✔️ A great solution for last-minute needs

Bottom Line

The list of 33 best 12 Days of Christmas gifts presents a delightful selection of thoughtful and satisfying presents for your loved ones. Each gift is carefully chosen to bring joy and excitement during the holiday season. From creative and unique surprises to practical and meaningful items, these gifts are sure to make the 12 days of Christmas truly special for your family and friends. Whether it's a fun experience, a delicious treat, a cozy accessory, or a heartfelt keepsake, these thoughtful offerings will leave a lasting impression and spread happiness to your loved ones throughout the festive season.

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