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AVADA Email Marketing
AVADA Email Marketing
AVADA Email Marketing Background
Shopify AVADA Email Marketing Background

Why AVADA Email Marketing is a must-have solution?

According to Get Elastic , over 33% of clicked cart recovery emails convert to a sale. This pretty impressive number proves that email marketing is one of the best tools to retargeting and reminding customers to complete orders successfully. Here is where a considerable revenue of your site comes from. So don’t skip it!

How to start sending emails to customers if you don’t have a list? Forget it with the Exit Intent Popup included in AVADA Email Marketing. You can draw attention with stunning popup templates and make customers willingly leave their information on your store.

Always follow up on your customer’s actions like sending them welcome emails when they create new accounts on your store or reminding them of their missing carts, all will be the best practice that builds love and trust in your customer mind.

Automation emails are the utmost time-and-cost saving tool. All you need is setting up the email content and triggers at the start. Then the tool will autorun following your configuration. Unlike many email marketing tools, you do not need technical skills to run email campaigns, since it is very simple to use.

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Outstanding features

Smart automation campaigns

Easily create unlimited automation campaigns that follow up and convert your customers along their journey: Subscribing, Shopping, Buying, and Repeating. You only need to set them up at the start, then let the app run it automatically!

Currently, AVADA Email Marketing allows store admins to generate powerful email campaigns:

  • Abandoned Cart Emails

  • Welcome Emails

  • Order Follow Up Emails

  • Cross-sell, Upsell Email

Smart automation campaigns

Drap & drop email builder

You do not need to be a developer or a designer to build any automation email. Just drag and drop the elements you want (text, image, video, button, link, etc.) and customize the styles nicely as your wish.

This is definitely the easiest email editor that you may ever know!

Drag & drop email builder

Ready-to-use email templates

You don’t have much time and patience to edit emails in every detail? Don’t worry, AVADA Email Marketing supports users with various ready-to-use email templates. You can send 1 single email or 3-email series to convert your customers more effectively.

Just activate them instantly or make a little adjustment to make it become yours!

Ready-to-use email templates

Track performance via advanced reports

How to manage your email campaign results? With Report section, you will see all email transactions here with their details: Email subject, Status, Message type, Schedule time, Sent time, Recipient email, Error message, Action (View detail, Resend).

Also, reports by campaigns are available on AVADA Email Marketing app. You can track each campaign’s effectiveness with the similar statistics above.

Track performance via advanced reports

Collect emails with Popup, Spin to Win

Do not have a large customer list? Start collecting as much as leads for your email campaigns with two powerful tools:

  • Exit Intent Popup: Stunning popup templates can be shown at any page with various designs. Not only to gather emails, popup is also used for promoting contents and delivering your offers.

  • Spin to Win: Turn lead capturer into an exciting game for your shoppers. Increase the chance to have their emails and make shopping experience on your site joyful moments.

Collect emails with Popup, Spin to Win

More features

Send test email

Send test email before you run your campaigns

Save filters

Filters campaign by status/ types and save that for later use

Audience management

Add/edit contacts and report activities by contacts

Time Control

Allow schedule email using time delay and certain time

Device responsive

Fully responsive with all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile

Campaign tags

Assign specific tags to each campaign to manage them easily

Shopify AVADA Email Marketing
Shopify AVADA Email Marketing
Shopify AVADA Email Marketing


AVADA Email Marketing is an all-in-one marketing automation tool that is developed to nurture, engage, convert and follow up your customers to turn them into loyal fans of your brand.

Currently, AVADA Email Marketing allows you to set up the Abandoned Cart Email campaigns. Whenever customers abandon their cart at your Shopify store, the tool triggers that action and immediately sends ACE to shoppers to remind them to recover their cart.

Anyone can build email marketing automation campaigns on AVADA Email Marketing without technical knowledge or design skill. We provide multiple ready-to-use templates and a very user-friendly email editor.

AVADA Email Marketing currently supports Shopify and Magento 2.

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