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Top 10 BigCommerce Forum & Community in 2021

Last updated: December 01, 2023
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It is undeniable that human connectivity plays a vital role in every aspect of human life. Especially in business, the connection between each member of the community helps propel different ideas and the brand itself. It is because each individual has a distinct objective opinion, and when all of them come together, they shape the best and most optimal initiative.

As BigCommerce deeply understands the positive influence of collaboration, they have created healthy collaborative places for different purposes. By accessing these groups, users can now share their perspectives and ideas and ask others for help and advice.

In addition, Blog on Bigcommerceoffers users an interactive platform to share their success stories, tips, and tricks on how they have grown their business using BigCommerce. It serves as a valuable resource and knowledge hub, fostering a community of entrepreneurs and providing valuable insights to help businesses thrive in the online marketplace.

What is the BigCommerce community?

the BigCommerce community

Talking about the BigCommerce community, Paul Vaillancourt, Senior Vice President, Customer Success, said: “It is intended to be a collaborative place where professionals can interact positively, constructively, and help each other sell more. No bull allowed –– this is where you come to learn and then get down to business.”

As the core value of BigCommerce is the promise to help all of our customers sell more, BigCommerce created different groups in which there are people who share the same interests, goals, and objectives.

Through the BigCommerce Community, users can get access to hundreds of resources available 24/7. Members in the group are given a free place to ask questions, share ideas, look for help and tips, and learn everything from scratch.

Participating in these open spaces provides members an opportunity to connect with others and contact BigCommerce staff, store owners, and developers who can assist them in dealing with their concerns and difficulty.

In this article, we will introduce to you the top 10 BigCommerce forums which users highly recommend?

1. Critique my site

Critique my site

With the number of 489 members, Critique my site is a collaborative space where people upload their site and receive straightforward, constructive, and unbiased feedback from fellow counterparts and BigCommerce partners.

2. Marketing & SEO Advice

This group is one of the most popular BigCommerce communities. his collaborative place’s objective is for members to share tips, tricks, and experiences to achieve higher conversion rates and revenues from their BigCommerce stores.

Moreover, this forum is also an open space for discussing SEO, email marketing, social media platform, marketing strategies, conversion optimization, and other other marketing-related activities aiming to upgrade their business.

3. Community Job board

BigCommerce forums

Until now, this group has 175 members. It is a place requiring interaction between merchants and developers since its purpose is to post small-to-medium designs and customization jobs for recruitment.

Merchant’s job description, requirements and budget can be uploaded freely in this group. After that, developers who find the position suitable can post a reply with their estimated scope of work and contact information so that the merchant can discuss with them offline later on.

In order to make the process smoother, BigCommerce also provides two useful guidelines, called “Best practices & Example Responses,” and “Guide to Design Request”.

4. BigCommerce developers

This is the biggest group among all BigCommerce communities with the number of 895 members. Unlike these communities, as mentioned earlier, this group is mainly for professional web developers. It is suitable for every developer who is working with the BigCommerce API, designing a custom theme, and creating a custom app or integration.

By participating in this group, developers are able to reach out for peer-to-peer support, meeting, answers, and discussions about front-end and back-end development.

These below are a few tips provided by BigCommerce to ensure that questions can be easily understood, and quickly responded:

  • Present a detailed description of the issue
  • List the troubleshooting steps you have taken
  • Post code excerpts if applicable
  • Include error messages you’ve received (if any)

5. App & Integration Advice

BigCommerce forums App developer

Like the name itself, this community is created for members to ask for advice and feedback about their apps and recommended integrations for the purpose of being more successful.

Moreover, discussions about other third-party applications from the BigCommerce App Marketplace that favor or are interested in can also be founded in the forum.

6. Town Hall question

While the monthly Town Halls hosted by Community Manager Lauren and Bigcommerce CEO Brent are a good way for customers to hear and know about what will be released next to help their business grow, Town Hall question is a place to ask follow up questions.

If you have questions and concerns about what you saw on the Town Hall webinars, this is the place to be.

7. Meet & Greet

BigCommerce forums Meet and Greet

This forum is built to give members a place to introduce themselves, network, and associate with other customers and partners of the Community.

8. BigCommerce for Wordpress

BigCommerce for WordPress is a plugin used to scale ecommerce further than ever before on WordPress. It allows you to scale your business with WordPress on the front-end, back-end, and free up server resources from catalog management, processing payments, and fulfillment logistics management.

This group is a great place to discuss, ask questions, give feedback, and crowdsource peer-to-peer help from other members of the BigCommerce for WordPress Community.

9. Australian Ecommerce

While this Australian Ecommerce is also opened with the aim of networking, interacting, and sharing, this group is for BigCommerce merchants based in Australia.

If you are a merchant in Australia who is finding a community surrounded by fellow people with the same interests, this is your destination.

Feedback from active members about BigCommerce Community

BigCommerce forums Feedback

Certainly, the BigCommerce communities would not be prosperous if customers did not like the functionality and design. BigCommerce always shows their effort to make sure that users love the forums and gain an advantage.

In fact, the name “Community” was originally from what customers call the BigCommerce forum. It is somehow enough to show the love and feeling of customers toward these collaborative places.

There is a lot of positive feedback about these communities. Here are some of them:

From Warren Dent, ZenPro Audio,

“It can be scary out here in ecommerce land, so having the opportunity to interact with other business owners on a personal level is key. The BigCommerce Community is a good one, helping people. When I first built my BigCommerce site, I reached out to learn. Now that I know the system, I am happy to be the teacher wherever I can lend a hand. It doesn’t have to be lonely out here!”

From Andrew St. Hilaire, SwingSetMall.com,

“The Bigcommerce Community has become an incredibly valuable resource for me in running our online stores. Whether I am looking for answers about the platform, or talking shop with other store owners, it is the first place I go for all things related to Bigcommerce and online selling. It is also a place where you can help shape the future of the platform, where Bigcommerce staff are listening to ideas and feedback!”

From Alan Poulton, Kuseno Comfort Products,

“I like using the BigCommerce Community because it gives me a way to connect with BigCommerce Staff, other store owners, and developers. Thanks to people asking questions about how to add features or make changes to their stores, I’ve been able to make my store better too. Everyone is so helpful and giving with their advice that it really feels like … a community!”

Learn more about BigCommerce Community here.


Thanks to the support of the customers, BigCommerce communities are getting more and more developed. These forums have shown their important and inconvertible role in connecting customers, partners, merchants, staff, and developers of BigCommerce.

Even if you are not a BigCommerce customer, do not hesitate to check everything out in the Community. If you are in the eCommerce community in general, you are more than welcome to browse the Community and learn from other experts.

We are hoping that you find this article helpful. If so, please do not hesitate to share our work with your friends and colleagues. Your sharing not only helps spread the knowledge but also shows support for the author.

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