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How to setup Subscriptions & Recurring Billing for BigCommerce?

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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Recurring billing is a comfortable, appealing, and simple way to promote bigger carts and higher conversion rates by offering the consumers versatile payment options for products and services. Customers may benefit from periodic billing by subscription (paying for products and services on a regular basis) and financing (buying now and paying later).

BigCommerce subscription payment is particularly beneficial for companies who offer high-ticket products, subscriptions, and facilities, as well as others with average cart values of more than $100. Shoppers who are hesitant to invest a large amount of money all at once may find these transactions more affordable if they are divided into smaller payments over time. Therefore, this article will walk you through “How to setup Recurring Billing & Subscriptions for BigCommerce” to optimize your store.

Why need to setup Recurring Billing and Subscriptions for BigCommerce?

Integrate card-on-file and annual payment options through the company processes. BigCommerce has collaborated with the best payment technology vendors to assist you in simplifying checkout and increasing sales by BigCommerce recurring billing.

Configure your shop for the monthly payment or delivery options that are more convenient for you. Some of the benefits of enabling BigCommerce subscription payments include:

  • Freedom of options and no consequences.
  • Subscriptions, annual billing, and card-on-file systems can be implemented.
  • Increase sales by offering personalized payment solutions.
  • Make installation a breeze by eliminating the need for coding.
  • Maintain the store’s absolute PCI enforcement.

How to setup Recurring Billing and Subscriptions for BigCommerce?

Step 1: Choose an app in the App Marketplace to add the BigCommerce recurring billing function to your store

BigCommerce’s App Marketplace

There are some choices for you such as:

  • Bold Subscriptions — subscriptions
  • ReCharge Subscriptions — subscriptions
  • Subscrimia — subscriptions
  • Subscriptions Cloud — subscriptions
  • Bread Finance — flexible financing, flexible payment plans, and pre-qualifications
  • PayWhirl — subscriptions, payment plans, layaway plans, pre-orders and more
  • Rebillia — subscriptions, recurring billing and credit card saving
  • MiniBC — automated recurring billing & credit card vaulting
  • Partial.ly — flexible payment plans in 25 countries
  • Credit Key (B2B US businesses only) — flexible payment solutions
  • Ordergroove — best-in-class subscription, membership, box, and reordering programs

Step 2: Install the app by clicking “Get this app”

Install the app

Step 3: Install the app

Add to your BigCommerce store

Step 4: Agree terms and conditions to install

Agree terms and conditions

Step 5: Last steps with the app


You will see this notification, which means you are successfully install the app.


Depending on the app you choose, the customer service will reach you out via email to help you choose the right plan for BigCommerce subscription payments and then finish the process.

Issues to setup Recurring Billing and Subscriptions for BigCommerce

It is not the right BigCommerce subscription payments that you want

For recurring billing, two models are often used, which you may need to know to understand better and choose the right one:

  • Subscription is a commodity or service that is paid on a recurring basis. A shopper, for example, might set up a calendar to buy pet food every two weeks or sign up for a monthly gift box of pet treats.
  • Layaway, also known as “Buy Now, Pay Later,” is a method of paying for a single object or order over time. For example, a customer could pay $25 for a $100 item and then pay the $75 difference over the course of two months.

You want more payment methods

If you are struggling with payment gateways. BigCommerce recurring billing does offer some methods such as:

  • Klarna Payments
  • PayPal Pay Later
  • Afterpay
  • Affirm
  • Laybuy
  • Sezzle
  • Zip

Final thought

To bring this feature to BigCommerce, an app or a special payment gateway is needed. These apps and gateways not only add recurring billing as a payment mechanism for your company, but seasoned online shoppers can know and trust these payment methods, potentially leading to higher conversion rates for your store. We hope that this guide will help you know How to setup Recurring Billing & Subscriptions for BigCommerce and achieve more.

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