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How to Setup Dropshipping on BigCommerce?

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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It is stated that BigCommerce has attracted up to millions of online merchants who work as a dropshipper in the eCommerce industry. And do you know that over two-thirds of millennials decided to purchase the products right after they watch a video, including it? So what is it BigCommerce Dropship means? How does it work, plus why is it so attractive to so many people?

These questions will all be answered in today’s article, along with guides to help you build your own BigCommerce dropship business. Keep reading to find out more!

What is BigCommerce Dropshipping? How does it work?

The term “BigCommerce Dropship” refers to people or businesses who start an online store selling items from the wholesalers and manufacturers without paying money to build and manage their product storage. Whenever a customer purchases any product in the drop shipper’s store, they need to transfer that list of orders to their suppliers, who would then perform the fulfillment by using a particular delivery method.

BigCommerce Dropshipping model

It is not difficult to understand that BigCommerce dropship businesses will require their retailers much less money than we have introduced. There is no need to spend money in costly facilities or a warehouse for stocking your products anymore. This will allow BigCommerce online drop shippers to have more time focusing on their marketing strategies, evaluating their brand image, and maintaining a happy relationship with customers.

Why should you use Dropshipping on BigCommerce?

Even though the dropshipping industry is intensively competitive, many people starting their online business as drop shippers are witnessing an increasing trend. The reason behind this is that BigCommerce dropship has provided its customers a variety of advantages. We will explain it through the following bullet points:

  • Flexibility: compared with manufacturers or simple retailers, the brand will always have to hire at least an employee to constantly keep track and manage their storage space, products, or even their actual store. Conversely, dropshippers can bring their business anywhere at any time with them. They need to reply to their customers, manage online carts, and update product status.

  • Low start-up budgets: If you are not doing dropship, you will have to look through the Internet and wholesalers for goods to purchase, have them sent in large quantities, managing inventory and clients and shipping orders. On the other hand, BigCommerce dropship makes these amounts of money redundant, instead all retailers have to pay for is the advertising fee and the eCommerce platform monthly costs.

  • The capital required is reduced: As we have mentioned multiple times before, BigCommerce dropshippers do not need to spend any of their money for the product inventory. All of your products will be produced, controlled, and shipped by your supplier.

  • Lower risks of market switching: Talking about changing into a brand new business, many people are afraid of dealing with the crisis and challenges. However, it is easier for them if they are working in the BigCommerce dropship industry. E-tailers can be able to customize their products and stores based on the customer’s preferences. Adapting is no longer big of a deal!

How to set up BigCommerce Dropshipping?

If you are interested in this specific industry, you might be looking for ways to set up your own Dropshipping business on BigCommerce. Here are 5 simple steps you can easily follow:

1. Identify your main type of products

To build a successful online business, it is necessary to have an insight into the markets, understanding customer behaviors and conduct related research. The first step that every online brand needs to take is finding their right niche, and products for a long run. A suitable industry will let you identify the targeted segmentation of customers and the perfect marketing strategies.

It does not take you that much time to look up research gates such as Google Trends, SEMrush or Kickstarter, and so on. This is for the case you do not know what you are favored of, but if you have found yours, it is even much easier. Maintaining a BigCommerce dropship business with your passion will decrease the chance of being bored of it whenever there is an obstacle to a breakthrough.

Moreover, combining your list of potential markets with the statistics of profits for each one will be even more beneficial. Statista is the most recommended website - they offer their visitors with the most valuable numbers related to eCommerce niches and their growth.

2. Create a specific marketing plan

Setup Dropshipping on BigCommerce

If you are done with identifying your niche markets, your brand image should also need to be taken into consideration when it comes to starting up a BigCommerce dropshipping store. AAnd detailed planning of how you will invest for advertising, maintain customer relationships, and additional strategies to make your business stand out from the rest of your competitors in the industry.

Your consumers are also influenced by your type of products, the designing elements, or your store’s style. There is a higher chance that more potential customers will come to their brand if they find out that you have the same perception about any particular thing as theirs. For this reason, understanding your target market will help you gain higher profits in a long-term vision.

Besides, it is important to sketch out your specific preferred social media platform. Facebook can be a great example for reaching potential clients in several markets.

3. Start setting up your BigCommerce store

It’s time to create your own working space on BigCommerce. With over 120 templates for eCommerce businesses for a diversity of industry, within a few clicks, you can easily set up your BigCommerce dropshipping store and start displaying your products to be feasible for the customers.

An impressive feature about BigCommerce is that the moment you begin with their platform, their various extensive tools allow you to adjust your website without knowing about coding freely. Suppose you want to receive advice and help related to designing and developing your online business. In that case, you can find and work with any BigCommerce partners that are specialized in that field.

4. Installing a BigCommerce Dropship supplier

Setup Dropshipping on BigCommerce

Picking the right supplier contributes a lot to the success of your BigCommerce dropshipping store. Even if you can handle your dropshipping business in any regard, you need the right product provider so that you can succeed.

Trustworthy, communicational, and provide standard goods that supply decently and promptly are a few of the essential characteristics that your BigCommerce dropship supplier should have. You do not have to worry so much about places to find potential suppliers. The Internet is available, plus BigCommerce also partners up with many different suppliers where you can quickly install them into your website.

Because you are not the one who is in charge of delivering products to your customers, choosing careful suppliers is even more important. Therefore, whenever you are looking for information about a manufacturer, you should carefully consider the basis of product selection, shipping qualities, how they communicate with you and the price. In this way, you will acknowledge what to expect from and whether you can maintain the long term relationship with them.

5. Get ready to run your business

When all is set up, you can access your BigCommerce dashboard to start your business. There is a button at the bottom of your screen called “Launch store” under the “Review & test your store” - clicking this means that you are officially working as a BigCommerce dropship store owner!

When all is set up, you can access your BigCommerce dashboard to start your business

Now you need to consistently keep an eye on your website traffic, updating the stock, be aware of the market’s price, and how to keep up with the growing profits.

Tips for successful BigCommerce Dropship service

After running your BigCommerce dropshipping store for a while, do your numbers stay the same? Are they not going up? So how to make changes to this situation? Let’s find out the solutions with us!

1. Overselling security actions

It is unavoidable that there are times when online businesses have to deal with an overflow of orders. Instead of stocking your inventory with products as big as possible, using a supplier for dropshipping as a secondary source helps you to escape market rivalry while retaining earnings.

Generally, if an unexpected event comes up, your storage cannot handle too many orders simultaneously, contacting your BigCommerce dropship suppliers can save you costs while satisfying your customers. More specifically, in the case of a natural catastrophe, you can still dropship the objects from your BigCommerce dropship suppliers if appropriate.

2. Conduct an industry research

Any BigCommerce dropship business requires an in-depth understanding of the current market and product. Hence, before launching your BigCommerce dropship store, it is advisable to conduct marketing research in order to approach customers’ insights.

Online merchants can totally make use of the dropship business as a tool to do research. As it does not cost them as much money as opening an actual store, it gets even easier to switch between industries to find out what works best. Rather than spending in building your own inventory storage, it is much wiser to spend it on trial methods with BigCommerce dropship.

3. Advisable types of products

If you are doing online business on your own, several types of products might be a challenge for stocking and costs extra fee for shipping. Accordingly, below is a list of products that you should try out if you are attempting to open a BigCommerce dropshipping business:

  • Fragile Items
  • Heavy Items
  • Big in size Items
  • High-value Items
  • The demand of distinct conditions

On the other hand, a business in BigCommerce dropshipping means that e-tailers would not have the chance to validate products before shipping them to the consumers. However, if anything bad happens with the goods, you will be the first person to receive complaints and fix your customers’ problems. This could finally lead to a decline in sales and consumer satisfaction. Please ensure that your supplier is careful enough not to cause this situation to happen while delivering your items.

4. Integrated systems for delivery

Making use of the delivery systems from the manufacturers can save BigCommerce dropshippers a huge amount of money. Not all of your customers live near to your locations, Dropshipping will help you to save both extra shipping fee and even taxes because all of your products will be transported directly from one location - your supplier’s storage. Following that, when it comes to shipping issues, just let your manufacturers handle it, assure that you find the right one at an affordable price.

Final thought

BigCommerce Dropship has proved their position and advantages that they bring back for the users in recent years yet online retailers will earn the highest profit if they have a deeper understanding of its functions.

And there you have it! We hope that today’s paper will provide you with a complete guide on how to set up your BigCommerce dropship business and tips to increase sales. Just use BigCommerce dropshipping systems for a trial period and you will definitely enjoy it!

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