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How to get a BigCommerce Preview Code Before Launch Stores?

Last updated: October 01, 2023
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Although your shop is set to secret, it cannot be searched online; search engines aren’t indexing it. It’s not live in any store repositories, and consumers won’t access your store’s contents before you publicly publish it and are ready to open.

It’s a safe opportunity to hold the public out of early concept stages, pricing changes, incorporating merchandise and photographs, and so on.

This way, even small changes like changing the theme won’t have a negative effect on the branding.

Although the general public will not be able to enter your online shop, you should also approach it in the same manner as your customers will bring your shop through its paces. BigCommerce provides a sample code to render this process easy.

This article will walk you through the tutorial to get a Bigcommerce preview code before launching stores and satisfying some common questions.

How to get a BigCommerce preview code before launch stores?

When a BigCommerce store is built, it is set to private. This stops search engines from identifying and listing your store in search results because it is already in progress and the general public from searching your store until it is ready to open. However, you may also preview your store or invite others to do so.

Previewing for store owners and admins

If you are signed in as Store Owner, you can see your store by clicking View Store in the control panel’s upper left corner.

BigCommerce Preview Code

If you’ve linked your store to several outlets, such as WordPress, click View Storefronts to choose which one to display.

BigCommerce Preview Code Storefronts

In the BigCommerce dashboard, there is an illustration of the view storefronts connection.

A teaser banner will appear along the top of the website when your storefront loads. The note displays the preview file, which you can share with others, as well as a connection to Page Builder, which allows you to make simple changes to your storefront.

Allowing visitors to preview your store

You will give anyone preview access to your pre-launched store by supplying them with a preview code. It is important to note that you must be signed in as the Store Owner to see the preview code.

Go to the Dashboard and scroll down to the Check & test your shop area to find your preview code. It’s also on the overview flag, which appears at the top of the website when you hit View Store. A series of alphanumeric characters will be used as the preview code.

In the Getting Started portion, add a shop section.

When a customer arrives at your homepage, they can see a “coming soon” page with a field for them to enter your store’s preview code. They would be able to view the store after entering the demo code.

Before the store opens, a Coming Soon alert appears on the homepage.

Coming Soon alert appears on the homepage

Who Can Use BigCommerce preview code?

Your BigCommerce preview code has no individual permissions. Anyone with access to the code would be able to view your online shop, so just post it with those you want to see it until it’s over. There are people who, ideally, can offer assistance and guidance during the design and construction phase.

Similarly, the store is restricted to a single preview code, and there is no way to track who is using it at any given moment.

Fortunately, there is no limit to the number of individuals who may use the code, and there is no limit to the number of people who can use it at the same time. You won’t have to think about preview code limitations if you have a strong production and customer interface research squad.

How Long Are BigCommerce preview code Active?

When you build your store and begin setting up and updating the web, your BigCommerce preview code becomes operational. The preview code will be active before your online store is ready to go live. A preview code is no longer required until the site has opened and the store is operational.

Changing the BigCommerce preview code

When you first build your BigCommerce shop, the preview code is created automatically. The code is irreversible once created and cannot be edited or modified in any way.

Can’t Find Your BigCommerce preview code?

The preview code is supposed to appear in the same positions in BigCommerce regardless of the template you use. If you can’t find your preview code, make sure to look at the following:

  • Check if you are logging in as the administrator. Other accounts are unable to view the preview code.
  • Be certain that your shop is not operational. When it goes online, the preview code and feature are removed.

If you’re logging in as the administrator and your store isn’t published/launched, yet you still can’t see the preview code, you should notify BigCommerce’s support staff. You can find a theme bug or other mistake that prevents the code from appearing in extreme cases.

Final thought

These are very basic steps to find BigCommerce preview code before you actually launch a store. Keep in mind, careful preparation is important, to just take time and adjust your store as well as possible.

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