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BigCommerce Peak Theme Review: Features, Price & Support

Last updated: July 01, 2024
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Peak is a contemporary grid-based theme with a masonry tiles layout that adapts to any screen size or device. The tiles arrangement is pre-populated and properly aligned in a grid, however, you can customize the tile size. Peak is a superb multi-purpose theme for blogs, portfolios, magazines, and eCommerce sites, with an optional mega menu, numerous post layouts, slide-out widgets, portfolio, and many integrations.

In this article, we will review BigCommerce Peak theme for customers to be able to create an artistic look for the online stores.

What is Peak theme?

Peak is a beautiful WordPress portfolio theme that is minimalistic, sleek, and responsive. Peak is the ideal theme for showing; your work in an elegantly stunning style, since it is simple to set up and adjust owing to a clear manual and well-structured code.

Peak has you covered on all fronts, so if you ever get stuck on something, you can rest confident that you’ll obtain professional assistance if and when you need it, thanks to Peak’s superb customer care.

What is Peak theme?

Benefits of Peak theme

Create the site you want

Everything is included, whether you need advanced resources pages, attractive galleries, a professional blog, or an online store. The best part is that everything is mobile-friendly from the start. The WordPress theme has progressed to the next level.

Easy to use

Drag and drop whatever blocks you want in the order you want them, then add media, content, and publish your new site. It’s a very simple flow!

The theme was made with passion for the most widely used content management system, WordPress, which is both simple to use and powerful.

Perfect for your website

Peak Themes are built on the Visual Framework, which is a rock-solid code base that has been perfected over hundreds of hours of development, testing, and iteration.

Focus on your work

The straightforward drag-and-drop interface allows you to concentrate on what matters most: your content and brand.

Write your legacy

Peak has tools and solutions that will allow you to focus on what matters most to you: your legacy.

Pixel perfect

The most accurate way to develop a fantastic website on your own and in nearly no time is to use block-based design.

Exceeding experiences

If you own a business, you’ve probably considered creating a gorgeous website for it. Peak is based on a lightning-fast managed Visual framework that has been tailored to meet the stringent requirements of professional WordPress designers and developers.

Benefits of Peak theme

Peak theme Highlight Features

Run campaigns

  • Make as many campaigns as you want.
  • Create a featured campaign that spans the entire site.
  • Each campaign is linked to a feature-rich website. Donation form for the plugin.
  • By gathering donation data, each campaign’s goals may be tracked.

Donation tracking

  • Complete donation tracking and management with an easy-to-use admin interface.
  • Donation transaction management provides the option to complete, refund, revoke, or abandon donations.
  • Maintain a donor list with all pertinent information for each donor.
  • Accept donations on a single, custom, or multi-level basis using the Give plugin.
  • Income earned over time graphs/reporting
  • Ability to export donation data and statistics.

Highlight Features


The theme is well-documented, with illustrations accompanying each topic and subtopic. In addition, each option in the theme options box has full documentation.

Peak theme Styles and sections


Peak includes four distinct theme options that curate your store’s fonts, colors, and overall style: Standard, Bold, Light, and Warm. By navigating through the options in the sidebar and monitoring for changes, you can see how they’ll look in your store. The Stencil Theme Editor allows you to customize the style of your theme.

Note that saving and applying a new style will overwrite your current style settings; however, no content from your store will be lost. Before you begin making changes to your theme, it’s usually a good idea to make a backup copy.


The theme editor sidebar menu is organized into several parts, including History, Styles, Typography, Colors, and more. We’ll go over all of them, in roughly the sequence in which you could come across them.

Styles and sections

Peak theme Typography and colors


For your store, Peak includes a range of hand-picked typefaces. Under Typography, you can choose the Primary Font Family, Secondary Font Family, and Site Header Font from the respective dropdowns. Any modifications you make will appear in the preview automatically.


From the background color to the button colors to the product collection item overlay color, virtually every color in Peak may be customized. Global, Site Header, Buttons, Carousel, Products, and Site Footer are the six categories of colors.

Simply click the swatch beside the feature or region of your site that you want to alter. A color selection with a dropdown menu will display, allowing you to change and experiment with custom colors. If you choose, you can even use a hex code as text input. This is useful for coordinating colors across your website (you can copy and paste the codes into multiple boxes).

Typography and colors

Peak theme Price

Buy Peak theme with 59$/ once. 1 theme with 12 months access to updates & support:

  • 1 Theme Included
  • Single Domain Usage
  • 1 Year of Theme Updates
  • 1 Year of Premium Support
  • Advanced Documentation
  • Complete Access To All Plugins
  • Automatic Core & Security Updates


With a minimalistic main menu and a narrow header area that stays visible as you scroll down the page, the Peak theme has a light, airy feel to it. Peak theme selections are many if you want a lot of control over the style of your website. When it comes to colors, header layout, and product page layout, among other things, you have a lot of options. Because it’s created for retailers with a restricted amount of main menu links, double-check that the header layout will work for your website – you won’t be able to adjust it using the Peak theme options. Peak has a huge menu, but if you need a lot of primary categories in your main menu, you might want to look at another theme.

We hope that you find this BigCommerce Peak theme review useful!

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