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How to Set up Order Confirmation Email for BigCommerce?

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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Building a strong brand and gaining your customers’ faith plays a key role in any selling activities of eCommerce platforms. If you are the owner of a BigCommerce website, you must know that your customers have made a long way from considering whether they would buy a product to adding it to their cart. However, they still expect more, especially the assurance that you will deliver the right thing they want.

In this case, one order confirmation email becomes a safety net with online shopping customers. It allows them to know when and how their products will come into their hands. So, if you wish to reinforce the relationship between your BigCommerce site and its consumers, do not hesitate to see our below guides on how to set up order confirmation email for BigCommerce.

What is an order confirmation email?

As soon as a transaction is completed by a customer in any eCommerce store, the merchant sends an email of order confirmation. It is a kind of response that goes directly to the customers who have taken a purchasing action. This is to say, creating an email to confirm customers’ orders is an amazing follow-up to satisfy them. It also makes an excellent after-service, which enables them to return for other orders.

In this email, there is a clear verification of basic information, including, how much the order costs, what consumers place an order, and who made them. Moreover, it even confirms a subscription, appointment, and reservation, and some more services that your BigCommerce site has agreed to supply.

How to set up order confirmation email for BigCommerce

Step 1: Pre-setup

First of all, you should take into account the pre-setup process to know what you are going to include in an order confirmation email for your BigCommerce store. Follow our step-by-step instructions to invent a whole-sided email template.

  1. Include an order reference number

When creating your email template, it is vital to provide a specific ID number which is useful in locating customers’ purchase orders. Locate it at the beginning of the email so that this makes the information easy at hand. There is no denying that that kind of reference number matters in case your consumers have any issues or questions about their transaction. With this order number, your representatives of customer service will know details of each purchase when they are contacted through-line, email, or online chat.

  1. Make a summary of customers’ contact details

As you create your BigCommerce’ order confirmation notification, it is highly recommended to add names as well as billing addresses of the person who has purchased the payment form. In the process of authorizing the credit card, customers will enter their addresses into your BigCommerce system.

  1. Verify the shipping information

Regardless of the same shipping information as the one in customers’ phone number, or billing address, you should still confirm their shipping location. The reason is that they might ask to ship to another address, thus letting them re-check some details to make sure the delivery to the right addresses.

  1. Summarize the order information

In setting up order confirmation email, itemizing products as follow:

  • SKU
  • Product name
  • Color
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Price of each unit
  • Tracking link (optional)

    1. Authenticate the amount and payment method

The information involving the amount and payment method should be clear for customers, so they know where they will apply their charges and the amount in total.

  1. Create an evident order confirmation email with the merchant’s contact

Do not forget to provide customers with your contact to let them know how they can connect you if there is any arising issue related to order cancellation or changing order. It is a perfect solution to customize your order confirmation email with this information. Remember that when consumers require your contact, their frustration tends to be higher if it takes them much time seeking the contacts of customer service.

Step 2: Enable customers’ order confirmation email

To get access to the setting section of BigCommerce’s order confirmation emails, click Advanced Settings. Then, go to Order Notifications.

click **Advanced Settings**

At this step, you will see a box with out-box text Email Customers When. It is time to choose the order statuses that you are about to trigger your notification email to consumers. Because order confirmation status applies to all of your customers, you are not able to specify which particular group of customers get any certain notification.

Choose the order statuses that you are about to trigger your notification email to consumers

Step 3: Update the address of reply-to email if you want

The email for order confirmation is allowed by default and sent from the BigCommerce store email, which was used when setting up a store. In case, a consumer tries to reply to the order email, the message will be delivered to this email.

You may update this kind of email address by approaching Store Setup and selecting Store Profile for changing.

Update the address of reply-to email if you want

Step 4: Customize the order confirmation emails to customers

What you want to include in any order confirmation email, you can customize it. That is the reason why we mention the pre-setup at the first step. Email templates might be specifically customized according to what you wish to convey to your consumers. By editing it, you have a greater chance of engaging with them, thereby providing them with more value than expected.

We have listed here several engaging elements which can be written in your emails to customers.

  • Kindly request feedback from customers: This is lucrative for your store to measure the level of customers’ satisfaction. Furthermore, collecting their feedback also expresses you highly appreciate their opinions in contributing to better and higher-quality products.

  • Attach a code of discount: For customers, there is nothing quite like getting a promotional code for repeated purchases. To be honest, discount codes really matter because they offer consumers an incentive. Therefore, they can buy the thing they like at a little lower price. For sure, this benefits not only customers but also your BigCommerce store.

  • Suggest other products if customers might be concerned: It is such a smart idea to include some other suggestions apart from a product bought by customers. It boosts more sales and shows your sincerity to customers.

  • Design prompts as well as incentives for loyal customers: Take no hesitation to design some customers’ loyalty programs. With these things to be done, you can witness tons of benefits from them. Increasing sales, enhancing reputation, and being cost-effective – all are proven to be brought about by previous customers’ loyalty programs by BigCommerce stores.

  • Share social links to encourage consumers to connect with friends or relatives: By encouraging them to share their shopping experience with relatives or friends, your stores can automatically connect to more customers by social links instead of by paying money for advertisements.

How to enable your order confirmation email on BigCommerce to work successfully

From our perspective, knowing how to set up an order confirmation email for BigCommerce is not enough. You can even generate more advantages for your store on BigCommerce by understanding deeply how to enable these emails to work best.

  1. The proper time to send an order confirmation email

The best time to send this email is right after a purchase is made. A quick response will be an advantage over others. It helps to establish your store’s incredibility. In particular, customers seem to be excited about the purchase immediately when they finish their transaction. As a result, it yields a golden opportunity to nourish positive feelings from customers for your business.

  1. Focus on brand

As previously mentioned, what should be included in this email plays an important role. You can send an all-text and functional email; however, you should take an email that leaves long-lasting impressions into consideration. It should express your communication and sincerity, which boosts your store’s branding.

An example of a good order confirmation email

Additionally, a visually attractive email will enable it to work better. Regardless of it is quirky, sophisticated, or professional, considering using the color range from your store’s brand palette. Then, you will get it made to keep customers coming back for their next purchases.

  1. Insert one subject line to engage and inform customers

Using a clear and alluring subject header is effective in engaging your customers. It should be straightforward. Several examples are:

  • Order confirmation
  • Your [write your business name here] order confirmation
  • We have received your purchase
  • Order number [write the number of customers’ order here] successfully

Besides the above suggestion, choosing an email with a friendly style is also preferable. And the subject line can be:

  • Thank you for your purchase
  • Thanks for choosing our product, [write the first name of customers here]

    1. Make sure the order confirmation email on BigCommerce is mobile-friendly

Some customers have the habit of shopping on mobile. Consequently, it is critical for your email to look sharp not only on desktops but also on mobile devices.


There are countless elements to decide whether your BigCommerce business is on the crest of a wave. It can not be denied that the order confirmation email is the one to make it succeed. So, spread our tips to others who are concerned about this. Let’s build a community of BigCommerce stores to grow together!

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