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BigCommerce Mobile App Review: Features, Pros & Cons

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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eCommerce store owners will use platforms like BigCommerce to quickly develop their stores and earn. And, since BigCommerce can’t have every feature, they do connect with a lot of applications, so the options are truly limitless.

We’ll go through the best (and most important) BigCommerce mobile app in this article to help you increase your eCommerce revenue and convert more clients.

BigCommerce mobile app features

Marketing features

Marketing features

With BigCommerce, you will gain access to more built-in functionality aimed at attracting consumers and sales. As the brand grows, reach out to new consumers via various platforms.

Boost your rating with best-in-class SEO

Move up in search results with SEO-friendly functionality such as search-friendly themes, sitewide HTTPS, automatic sitemaps, and more. BigCommerce collaborates with Google to guarantee that both of pages have industry-standard SEO. You will have a total power over your URLs, title tags, header tags, and metadata, enabling you to hold your brand in the spotlight.

Make a sale on social media

Made it easier for consumers to search and buy goods on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. All transactions are redirected back to the online shop for quick processing and inventory management.

Increase social traffic

Customers will purchase with convenience thanks to Facebook Marketplace’s intuitive social shopping, offering the brand a front-row seat to millions of prospective new customers.

Use Google Shopping to promote your company

View your things on Google Shopping. Syncing your product data is quick with BigCommerce mobile app one-click integration. Use this popular shopping channel without losing productivity — the integration eliminates the need to manually handle feeds or upgrade inventory.

Increase the traffic by including an on-site article

A blog, completely funded by the BigCommerce platform, will help you boost your SEO rankings and provide a content-rich interface to your customers.

Conversion features

With the aid of features built to provide customers with a streamlined interface that converts shoppers into consumers, BigCommerce retailers transform more—achieving higher average orders than market benchmarks—and develop their companies faster. You’ll be able to promote checkouts, minimize pressure on the platform, and keep consumers coming back for more with the consumer satisfaction and conversion software.

Create a stunning online shop

Build an eye-catching, sleek storefront for your business. Build and control page content with drag-and-drop text, photographs, videos, banners, and more utilizing Bigcommerce out-of-the-box themes and interface frameworks. You won’t need any special coding to update or make a new tab, so you can easily make customization to the next stage.

Conversions may be increased by streamlining the checkout process

BigCommerce mobile app single-page checkout boosts conversion by making it quicker and simpler to complete an order than ever before. We’ve added conversion-boosting features such as smartphone optimization, account formation for quicker checkouts, guest checkout, and dedicated SSL support, which helps shoppers to remain on your domain during the checkout phase.

Recover lost shopping carts

Avoid missed sales by using BigCommerce accessible abandoned cart saver functionality, which has been shown to maximize conversions and sales. This conversion method instantly sends shoppers a set of emails encouraging them to complete their purchase—using best practices for email timing—and helps you to provide offers for even higher conversions.

Use Google AMP and Akamai to optimize the sites

Boost web speed and output on mobile devices with Google AMP for a smoother browsing experience. Akamai Image Manager is included with Stencil theme stores to customize online photos for page load results.

Product filtering will help you increase the efficiency of your quest

Faceted, intuitive search enables shoppers to easily locate the items they want to browse through utilizing filters such as height, color, and brand—you can also apply personalized attributes.

Incentivize customers by including coupons and discounts

With the versatile discounting software, you will draw new customers while satisfying your current customers. Flash deals, percentage incentives, dollar-off discounts, merchandise bundling, shipping bonuses, and deals like purchase one, get one free will all be activated from a single place in your control panel.

Simplify your email marketing plan

BigCommerce allows it easy to link your webshop to leading email marketing tools such as MailChimp, Constant Touch, and Listrak, having all of your details in harmony so you can concentrate on increasing consumer satisfaction and purchases. Increase purchases, attract existing clients and reclaim shoppers with this low-cost interaction tool.

Management features

Management features

You can easily manage your online company using BigCommerce mobile app, as you can take your business anywhere with you. We’ve taken the complexity out of setting up and operating your store with more out-of-the-box functionality, enabling your company to save time and money as it expands.

Manage the inventory with ease

Inventory is a significant financial commitment for the business. BigCommerce provides easy, native resources for managing stock levels and analyzing order patterns over time. Maintain inventory management by combining online and offline platforms seamlessly.

With simplicity, construct customized consumer shopping experiences

You can target various categories of customers with different messaging and deals using BigCommerce’s native consumer groups feature. You may also use consumer groups to incorporate a wholesale model into the existing store.

With simplicity, build customized consumer shopping experiences

You can target various categories of customers with different messaging and deals using BigCommerce’s native consumer groups functionality. You may also use consumer groups to incorporate a wholesale model into the existing store.

Save money by choosing your choice delivery service

Link with industry-leading shipping tools including ShippingEasy, ShipStation, and ShipperHQ—along with BigCommerce quick third-party integrations—to elevate the shipping management.

With Page Creator, you can get started easily

This simple drag-and-drop solution for designing and handling page content can help you get started quickly. Page Builder allows you to create and configure your brand without the need for coding or developers.

Support features

Support features

BigCommerce is here to assist you with industry-leading, live service anytime you need it. They are dedicated to supporting BigCommerce merchants as they develop their visions and enterprises by providing useful ecommerce tips on BigCommerce group forums.

Get assistance from the finest client care in the sector 24 hours a day, seven days a week

BigCommerce is the first ecommerce site with in-house support and facilities. For any technological problems, Bigcommerce is accessible 24/7 through talk, email, and US-based phone help.

Quickly and conveniently open your shop

Enable us to assist you with store setup. BigCommerce provides virtual training with BigCommerce in-house launch coaches, who have received comprehensive product training and carry a wealth of ecommerce expertise and experience to your company. We’ll guide you through the setup phase from start to finish, so you can make your first sale much quicker.

Grow your company with the aid of an SEO specialist

With the assistance of BigCommerce SEO experts, you can attract more buyers and increase revenue. Bigcommerce mobile app’s SEO experts can help you get the right kind of traffic for your company, and a conversion audit can help you find out how to transform that traffic into repeat customers.

With the coaching programs, you’ll be well on your path to performance

BigCommerce mobile app is meant to support enterprises of all types with getting up and running as soon as possible. You and your team can discover the whys and hows of online selling with the aid of easy interactive learning.

How to install and log in BigCommerce mobile app

Enter your BigCommerce username and password. Once you’ve signed in already, whether your smartphone has Face ID or Touch ID available, you’ll be able to use it to log in in the future. As part of two-step authentication, you will be asked to enter a security code.

If you have access to more than one shop, you would be able to select which one to use after signing in. You can move between stores at any time by utilizing the drop-down menu at the top of the Shop page.

You would be immediately logging out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Bigcommerce mobile app: Store and Settings


The store selector, store results, and open orders are all shown on this computer.

On Android, an example of a shop screen

To turn between regular, weekly, monthly, and annual indicators, tap 1D, 1W, 1M, or 1Y at the end. You’ll see your store’s net sales, purchases, customers, conversion rate, and a revenue graph for the time period you’ve chosen. To switch to the previous or next time slot, use the left and right arrows.

Open Orders displays orders that are Awaiting Payment, Awaiting Fulfillment, or Awaiting Shipment. This will give you a clear understanding about how many directives need urgent intervention and which ones do not. The View Everything button will take you to the Orders page.

Configuration (Settings)

Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Store screen to toggle new order updates and navigate desktop versions of your account dashboard, control panel, Partner Portal, and Support Center.

  • Allow message alerts — If you enable this option, your mobile device will receive notifications anytime your store receives a new order.
  • Account Settings — There are desktop keys to your account dashboard, your store’s control panel, the Partner Portal, and the Support Centre. These links will open the web browser on your mobile device. Please bear in mind that the BigCommerce control panel is not mobile-friendly, and certain areas can not make or operate properly when accessed on those devices.
  • Logout — Click this connection to exit your account.

Tap Give Us Feedback at the bottom of the page to send BigCommerce team tips or feature enhancements for the app. Future updates would be focused on customer reviews to ensure that you have the resources you need to run your shop on a regular basis.

How to manage the store when using BigCommerce mobile app


You will access and change the customers’ account records here. To check for customers by first name, last name, or email address, tap the search icon in the top-right corner. On the main screen, you will sort your customers by date entered (latest or earliest) or last name (A to Z, or Z to A).

Tap a customer’s name to display their customer community (if sponsored by your store’s plan), apply store credit, and view the customer’s open and past orders. Tapping on an order will bring up the order information.

Tapping on an order will bring up the order information.

Tap the pencil icon to change the customer’s contact details, such as first and last name, business name, email address, and phone number. You may also choose whether or not the consumer receives discarded cart saver and purchase summary emails, as well as whether or not the customer must reset their storefront account credentials on their next login.

An example of editing consumer information on Android

You may also tap Call Customer or Email Customer to call or email the customer directly using the contact details they have in their customer account. To apply consumer notes to the account, tap Notes.


You will track your items or introduce new ones here.

Product display

You can search by product name by tapping the search icon in the upper-right corner, or you can check a product’s UPC barcode by tapping the barcode icon at the top. If the product has UPC/EAN content, scanning the code can take you straight to the product’s specifics, enabling you to make fast notifications on inventory, prices, and exposure while you process new stock. Remember that if you use this option, you would need to grant the software additional permissions in order for it to take pictures.

To learn more about a commodity, simply tap on it. You should do the following:

  • add fresh photos from your phone’s camera or gallery
  • adjust the product name change the price change the shipping weight
  • product divisions may be edited and delegated
  • adjust the SKU
  • brands may be assigned and added
  • toggle between traditional and automated commodity styles toggle product exposure on the storefront
  • stock monitoring can be toggled as a featured product. Once allowed, you can modify the levels of usable stock and low stock
  • change variant specifics such as the default price and SKU, as well as toggle its purchase availability. You may still upload a file if you don’t already have one

When you’re done with the improvements, click the Save button. If you need to change some of the product fields not specified here, there is a link to save your adjustments and access the control panel in your window.

Tap the plus (+) button on the Goods page to select a new product or group.

Tap Build a Commodity Category to introduce a new category. From here, you may enter the name of the group, its URL, and a summary. Its visibility in the storefront navigational menu can be toggled, and it can be allocated to a parent group.

Select Build a Product and incorporate a new product. You will be led to the product information screen, where you will enter your product’s data and upload photos. When you’re done, tap Save to transfer the name to your list.


You can check for orders by order ID, customer name, and customer email from this screen. To check for orders by date set, tap the calendar button.

To display and browse orders for a given order status, use the tabs along the left. If you renamed your order status labels, the changes will be mirrored here.

On Android, an example of the Orders screen

When you tap an order, it will show the specifics, which include:

  • order status
  • customer name
  • delivery date
  • order channel
  • order total
  • distribution method chosen by the consumer
  • order payment rate, where funds may be captured (android only, coming soon to iOS)
  • billing and mailing addresses for the consumer
  • a description of the products in the order, including a product thumbnail, order quantity, and SKU (if applicable)

On Android, an example of order specifics

You may change billing records, add a coupon, and modify commodity amounts by tapping on the pencil icon.

When reading a customer’s shipping address, you will copy the address and use it to create shipping labels directly from your mobile device. You may also install order notes and print a copy of the order invoice to make managing your shop simpler from anywhere.

Draft orders

To display and build draft orders, go to the top menu and pick Orders, then Draft Orders. To make a new draft order, tap the plus (+) button. Tap the plus (+) button to pick the items you choose to add, then change the amount.

Screen with a blank draft request

To list and browse all customers, tap Add consumer, then tap to find a customer. The customer’s mailing and payment addresses would be automatically filled in. If you choose to change the password, tap on the customer’s name and use a separate address from their address book or enter a new address. Addresses in draft orders may also be manually modified.

A draft order as an example

You will apply request notes and bonuses much as you can for draft orders in the control panel. When you’re done, press the Save button.

On the “draft saved!” update pop-up, pick whether to copy the cart URL or use your device’s built-in software to email or SMS text the URL to the client. You would also have the ability to open the URL in your tab and continue to the checkout if you are dealing directly with the consumer and they want to pay over the web.

When a draft order is saved, there are options to exchange the cart URL with the user.

Options to exchange the cart URL with the user

13 best BigCommerce mobile apps

Unbound Commerce

Unbound Commerce

Custom commerce-enabled iOS and Android smartphone applications that are completely compatible with your BC shop.

They have a better, deeper commerce-enabled app experience for your most valued customers. Apps performed correctly will significantly improve mobile user interest and conversion rates.

You get on-time and on-budget project execution, world-class customer support, and a fast ROI. They are a verified, licensed collaborator with over 300 custom app builds to date.

Your consumers will receive a full-featured downloadable smartphone app that will enable them to interact with your brand and product line on a deeper level. Push alerts are included with every create!


  • Custom, interactive concept method.
  • Professional build/test/publish/support phase, API-integrated with your BC shop.
  • In a single project, there are two applications for iOS and two apps for Android.
  • Push updates.
  • The driver for flash sales.
  • Loyalty incorporation.
  • Custom modules are optional (QR code scanner, etc)
  • The dashboard control panel.
  • High Net Cost of Ownership, with no percent rev-share and prices to match most budgets.
  • Low IT workload (they do everything) and fast time to market.



SMSBump is a robust text marketing and automation BigCommerce mobile app for your business. SMSBump is completely TCPA and GDPR compliant, with click-through rates of 35% or higher and ROI of 25x or higher.

You would be willing to do the following with SMSBump:

  • Set up text automations in your store to be activated by specific incidents.
  • Create and map marketing strategies in seconds.
  • Campaigns should be scheduled and last-minute modifications can be made.
  • Expand the collection of eye-catching pop-ups and branded keywords.

SMSBump, a text messaging service trusted by over 20,000 retailers, is an all-in-one text marketing solution for engaging with the clients. This is the only text marketing software you’ll ever need. Download it for free and set it up in less than 5 minutes.

Text Marketing Campaigns and Automations are accessible:

  • Through high-quality direct paths, you will ensure that your messages are sent quickly.
  • Send notifications at the appropriate time, depending on the customer’s timezone.
  • Let the campaigns stand out by using a memorable illustration or GIF.
  • With discarded cart reminders, you will recoup lost profits.
  • Upsell and cross-sell discounts will help you maximize the value of your consumers.
  • Send text messages to consumers to remind them of order receipt, delivery updates, and other important information.

Increase and Define The Audience:

  • Use different subscription approaches to increase subscriber numbers and to build diverse segmentation groups for targeted targeting.

Growth Instruments:

  • Expand the catalog by using mobile-first pop-ups, embedded shapes, or floating keys.
  • Signup types that are fully customizable to the store’s style.
  • Customers can subscribe by texting a labeled keyword to you.

Strict Segmentation:

  • SMSBump blends the BigCommerce consumer filters with targeted messaging that is specific and narrow.
  • Increase conversion by developing segments focused on a range of requirements.

Analytical Data:

  • Keep an eye on your purchases, connection clicks, SMS by country, sum spent, and other relevant metrics.
  • With monthly reports, you can monitor, calculate, and increase your conversion, ROI, and overall revenue.
  • Stats for each text campaign and automation should be broken down.

Wise Setting:

  • Input quiet hours depending on your store’s timezone to ensure that your customers are not buzzed awake in the middle of the night.
  • Use the Country restriction option to deliver messages only to particular countries.
  • Keep the expenses in control by not sending more than a minimum number of messages every month.
  • Set how your customers can see the connections and sender in your texts.

SMS Communications:

  • Maintain contact with the clients and receive prompt input on their orders.
  • Receive responses and react to queries directly in the app.
  • Participate in conversational trade.



The basic information of Apptuse - a BigCommerce mobile app:

  • Increase the revenue and sales from mobile devices.
  • There is no need for any specific setup or technological expertise.
  • It integrates with the current website and payment portal.


  • Display your brands on mobile devices – Display the goods in a clean tile style with high-resolution photos and numerous images.
  • There is no requirement for any extra setup – It integrates with the current website and payment portal. There is no need for any unique setup!
  • No coding needed - You don’t need any technological knowledge to develop your shop; all you need is your store name and simple information, and we’ll design your app!
  • Cross-platform - Download the smartphone app for Android and iOS to communicate with consumers on all devices.
  • Quick, intuitive, and natural - A native and easy app that runs smoothly on every platform or computer.
  • Analytics - Integrate Google / Flurry analytics with your mobile app to gain useful insights and calculate what counts!
  • Usage Analytics - Collect accurate details on which people do something inside the software and then take corrective action depending on your consumers’ behavior or inactivity.
  • Personalization - Helpful Promotions that encourage you to deliver customized updates to your customers when they sign up with and connect with your App.
  • Mobile Search & Sort – If your consumer needs to browse for a certain product inside your mobile app, they will easily use the power of search to locate it and add it to their list. With the search and sort function, you will help your customers get the best out of your shop!
  • Social connect - Tourists to your app will phone, email, or message shop merchants on social media with store or product-related questions.
  • Enable the consumers to take advantage of this powerful option by encouraging them to easily and efficiently advertise goods in their circles.
  • Favorites - With the Favorites choice, your customers can pick and shortlist their favorite items from all the products in your shop!
  • Pay as you ride - Low-cost payment options and no configuration costs.



AppNotch transforms the website into an incredible BigCommerce mobile app that blends all of your web store’s architecture and functionality with the powerful AppNotch mobile app features. In a matter of hours, the software will be accessible in the Google Play Store.

  • Customers are on their phones, so be where they are.
  • Make doing business easy.
  • Send an unlimited number of free push notifications.
  • Maintain Customer Interest.
  • Increase your repeat company.
  • Improve The Website’s SEO Ranking.


  • Users will phone, email, tweet, and even find you with a single touch!
  • Keep the consumers connected with unrestricted Geo (location-based), classified, and scheduled push alerts.
  • Push Alerts That Work: Send push notifications that contain images and connections.
  • Adaptable Features: You can add or delete software features as much as you like without needing to republish the app.
  • Website Synchronization: All changes to your website are immediately reflected in your app.
  • Social Inclusions: Add the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites.
  • App and Product Networking: Use app sharing features to help the product and app go viral.
  • Google Analytics: For an in-depth Google Analytics survey, you can see how the app’s customers are interacting with it.
  • Improve The Website’s SEO Ranking
  • Increase the Visibility of Your Brand - You must be in the Google Play Store.

Plobal Apps

Plobal Apps

Convert the BigCommerce website into a mobile app in no time (Both Android app and iOS app).

They assist BigCommerce Websites in increasing revenue, conversions, and consumer satisfaction and retention by developing comprehensive smartphone applications (for both Android and iOS devices) for a rich shopping interface.

Speak with BigCommerce Mobile App specialists, and they can provide you with:

  • Planning and Strategy on the Best Mobile App Development Plan for Your Company
  • Configure and personalize your mobile app
  • Organic Mobile App Marketing Strategies that are specifically adapted to your industry are highly recommended.
  • Make the whole mobile app creation phase as simple as possible for you.

BigCommerce Mobile Experts can also be reached at [email protected].


  • Mobile Apps that are Highly Scalable and Quick – iOS (iPhone) and Android Devices
  • Boost the revenue, conversions, and consumer satisfaction.
  • Transaction Fee of 0%
  • Checkout is secure. (Integrations of all payment gateways supported)
  • Priority Support for Apple Pay and Android Pay, as well as Merchant Success and Support Managers
  • Third-Party Product Integrations – Product Reviews, Loyalty, Local Delivery, Subscription Billing, and so on.
  • Support for Several Languages
  • Support for Multiple Currencies
  • Notifications through Push
  • User discovery tools for mobile apps to boost app installs and downloads
  • Mobile App User Engagement Tools User Conversion and Retention Tools



Shopgate’s powerful SaaS framework allows BigCommerce merchants to introduce revenue-driving native applications for iOS and Android, all while integrating seamlessly with BigCommerce and requiring no coding. With Shopgate, you can create long-term consumer satisfaction, better sales rates, and more income for your business.

The Shopgate integration synchronizes product data, orders, and payments with your current BigCommerce account.

You will tap into the most profitable segment: returning consumers, with mobile shopping fuelled by Shopgate software. They are 65% more likely to buy during their stay and pay 55% more per order.

Increased participation:

  • You’ll proactively engage the customers wherever they are by using powerful built-in tools including segmented push alerts, resulting in 7x higher retention rates. Customers can identify your goods easily thanks to Spotlight search integration and AdScanner, which uses smart scanning technologies to link your marketing collateral to your smartphone app.

More conversions equals more sales:

  • With a slew of strong features, the software is the perfect place for consumers to buy from you. With push notification strategies tailored to profiles, consumer behaviour, or both, communication is more personalized and meaningful than ever. Furthermore, from Facebook username to Daily Deals and discounts to one-touch payments through Apple Pay, making a transaction couldn’t be easier.

Loyalty has been improved for long-term longevity:

  • You’ll obtain detailed insights into user behaviour and app results thanks to sophisticated analytics resources including the Shopgate framework, a built-in AppsFlyer integration, and a streamlined Facebook Analytics plug-in. Customize and refine your software anytime you like with Shopgate’s robust widget to keep your loyal app customers coming back for more.

Mobile commerce driven by data.

With over 30 million annual new visitors, 25 million brands, and 17.5 million app downloads in our portfolio, we’ve built a specific data-driven approach to increasing the mobile engagement rates.


  • Your store, your application - BigCommerce clients get native iOS and Android applications. Sync merchandise, inventory, and orders in real time with your BigCommerce account.
  • There is no need for encryption - With a suite of simple-to-use widgets, you have complete design power.
  • Pay with a single tap - Payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet have been simplified to allow for quicker checkout.
  • Analytics in real time - Integrations with leading analytics systems such as Appsflyer and Facebook for Apps are now in place.
  • Reach out to the clients - User segmentation is used in the advanced push notification engine. The ability to generate an infinite number of vouchers, discounts, and promotions.



Some basic information about Mapplico:

  • The simplest and quickest way to build native iPhone and Android applications that are compatible with your BigCommerce shop.
  • By offering a smooth smartphone interface, you will increase your sales and income.
  • Push alerts enable you to reach out to your consumers immediately and advertise your promotions and goods.

Mapplico is a website that allows you to quickly build and run your own native iPhone and Android BigCommerce mobile app.


  • Created in the simplest way possible - Simply follow the directions to create native iPhone and Android smartphone applications in a few simple measures.
  • No coding needed – You do not need any technological knowledge to build your applications. Our easy-to-use widget can assist you.
  • Multi-platform – Run the iPhone and Android native applications concurrently.
  • Your Company – Make your smartphone applications exclusive to your business. Colors, style, and branding are all exclusive to you.
  • Synchronization and integration are instantaneous.
  • Integration of your BigCommerce shop is as simple as a single key. Your mobile applications are now up to date with automated synchronization.
  • Email Alerts - Provide an infinite number of push updates to stay in contact with your clients.
  • Simple to handle – Manage your mobile applications through an easy-to-use admin screen.
  • Simple to use – Offer your consumers a smooth smartphone user experience.
  • Efficiency - Listing, browsing, and a variety of other functions. Through a powerful search option, your customers will find a particular product.
  • Pay when you go – You need not be hesitant to do it for our low monthly or annual pricing models.

Mobile Mall

Mobile Mall

Our Mobile Shopping engine is a mobile platform for brands and retailers, allowing vendors to improve their digital skills and have a quality mobile shopping experience without investing in app creation and maintenance.

Integration of your BigCommerce store in a single click Your web shop can be turned into a BigCommerce mobile app and linked to the BigCommerce marketplace, which is accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play with a simple press. Our efficient shopping app leverages the specific functionality of mobile and wearable devices to provide a best-in-class shopping experience and frictionless conversion, and merchants can also configure several product attributes through our vendor portal.

A product list:

  • Beautiful product catalog of your banners and logos that is automatically synced with your BigCommerce shop.

Payment and Ordering:

  • Payment is made natively via the software. Orders are automatically synced to your BigCommerce shop.

Apple Pay, Face ID, and Touch ID are all features of the iPhone:

  • Your customers will pay with their preferred method, which includes all major credit cards.

Integration of Stripes:

  • For a single click Installation of the Stripe payment gateway.

So get in touch with mobile mall right now. Our app is free, and we only get charged when you do, with a versatile commission scheme that starts at 6% of the overall transaction.


  • Product catalog - Beautiful product catalog of your banners and logos that is automatically synced with your BigCommerce shop.
  • Payment and Ordering - Payment is made natively via the software. Orders are automatically synced to your BigCommerce shop.
  • Apple Pay, Face ID, and Touch ID are all features of the iPhone - Your customers will pay with their preferred method, which includes all major credit cards.
  • Integration of Stripes - For a single click Installation of the Stripe payment gateway



Mobile shoppers account for 80% of all online shoppers. Keep up with the times by turning your shop into an iPhone and Android BigCommerce mobile app.

Unlike other smartphone app developers, Drobile is completely native for both iPhone and Android, ensuring that the users have a positive shopping experience every time they use your mobile app.

Easy to Use Drag and Drop System:

  • We have the simplest way to construct out your mobile app with our quick and easy-to-use drag-and-drop system. There is no need for scripting or technological knowledge.

Both plans have unlimited push notifications:

  • Give rich push alerts straight to the consumers’ phones to interact with them. Deep connections may be attached to items, lists, or plain texts. Drobile has “call to action” buttons on each push update, allowing the consumers to add items to their cart straight from the notification.
  • Push alerts may be planned to be received at a later period or sent immediately if necessary!

On-Hold Assistance:

  • They are always there (with plenty of coffee) to help you whenever and wherever you need it, via phone, live chat, or email.


  • Unrestricted Push Notification - Customers are much more likely to react to push alerts than they are to emails. Send push alerts to anyone that has your app to retain consumers and keep them returning to your cart.
  • Drobile runs natively on both iPhone and Android, greatly expanding the audience.
  • Analytics in Real Time - Get LIVE stats on the amount of views per product, cart visits, sales, and more.
  • Total Personalization - Colors, borders, fonts, pre-selected themes, and other features enable you to personalize your application. Maintain consistency in your identity when making your app distinctly yours.
  • Interface for Drag and Drop - To build your framework, use our drag-and-drop gui. This means that the application is entirely new but still being compatible with current branding.

Jmango360 Mobile

Jmango360 Mobile

For a fully functional mobile shopping experience that is seamlessly compatible with the BigCommerce backend.

The consumer of today has evolved. They use their smart device to shop when on the go. You risk losing consumers to rivals that deliver a superior mobile shopping experience if you just have a laptop and a mobile/responsive platform. Be sure you’re keeping up with industry trends and providing your clients with the finest mobile shopping experience possible. The more pleasant your consumers’ experience is, the more likely they are to return to your company.

When it comes to user interface, our applications don’t skimp. According to end-users, JMango360 BigCommerce mobile app have an overall ranking of 4.8 out of 5 in both the Apple and Google Play stores. Isn’t that good?


  • Two applications, one integration - The framework will build an app that works on all iOS and Android devices with only one integration. (which accounts for 98 percent of all smart devices in the world)
  • Notifications may be sent indefinitely - Sending out (segmented) push alerts allows you to reach out to your consumers as never before. Inform the consumers about fresh toys, a sale, or the fact that they left any items in their shopping cart.
  • Items are limitless - Your platform is ready/capable of handling any number of items you wish to market.
  • Pay and delivery options that you like - Not only does the integration sync all of your goods, but it also links to your favorite billing and delivery processes.
  • Style that can be changed - Build a shopping app that suits your style with our simple drag-and-drop feature. You can customize the layout by adding your own sliders, changing the background colors, and changing the layout.

VUI voice assistant

VUI voice assistant

VUI is the site’s automated specialist. Instead of waiting for a live person or dealing with a chat bot that can’t support them, customers can get responses to simple customer support questions using voice or chat.

“Where is my order?” “I lost my password,” and “What is your delivery and returns policy?” are all queries that VUI addresses. Customers get prompt and correct responses to their requests, while merchants deflect consumer inquiries. This without the need for scripting!

Mobile App Builder by Sandbox Commerce

![Mobile App Builder by Sandbox Commerce](https://cdn2.avada.io/media/resources/0eYjoNw.jpg

Sandbox Commerce Makes Mobile Shopping Easy:

  • To boost your brand and improve revenue, create and configure a BigCommerce mobile app.
  • Using rich push alerts, stay in contact with the clients, keep their focus, and generate new business opportunities.

Develop and Release Your App for iOS and Android:

  • With our drag-and-drop editor, you can easily configure an app to fit your brand. Builder of Apps
  • Rearrange the app in real time to highlight new sets, products, and promotions.
  • Submit the updates to both the iOS and Android app stores.

Use Push Notifications to Engage The Audience:

  • With rich push alerts, you will stay in contact with your customers and keep them involved.
  • Allow your app users to be among the first to learn about new deals, collections, and products.
  • Increase revenues and open up more business prospects.

Make Shopping Less Difficult:

  • Pre-populated fields and more reliable checkouts
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay enable you to pay instantly.
  • Reduce cart abandonment.

Curbside Commerce:

  • Curbside pickup and proximity-based warnings are two features of curbside commerce.
  • With time delivery slots, local delivery is accessible.
  • Order status and customer arrival updates via push notifications and text alerts


  • IOS and Android versions will be available soon - Easily configure the product to fit your brand and publish it to both the iOS and Android app stores with a world-class appearance.
  • Use Push Notifications to Get Involved - Send push alerts to all of your customers when you’re running a promotion, restocking an object, or releasing a set.
  • To interact and increase revenue, use Customer Data Segment groups through fields like ‘products watched’ or ‘location,’ and deliver push alerts from our Marketing Dashboard.

Reporting Agent

Reporting Agent

Reporting Agent allows you to manage your shop as a BigCommerce mobile app. Orders, clients, merchandise, stock levels, order notifications, and useful reports are all easily accessible via the iPhone and Android applications. The best Mobile Store Management App for managing your ecommerce store on the go.

Dashboard for Store Performance:

  • Easy-to-understand dashboard to see how your shop is performing at its best.
  • Compare today’s revenue to yesterday’s, this week’s sales to last week’s sales, and this month’s sales to last month’s sales.
  • Refunds, coupons, and average order value are all shown on the dashboard.

Orders, Customers, Products, and Inventory can all be seen:

  • All of your store data is accessible by a simple app.
  • Your handset is still up to date thanks to real-time sync.

Intelligent Reports:

  • Reports on the best-selling items, along with an estimation of how long they’ll be out of storage.
  • To assist you in rewarding the best clients, build a Top Customer List.
  • Customer Watch List for Consumers Make So Many Returns
  • Top Selling Brand Report

For an additional layer of data and predictive reporting, add Google Analytics:

  • Inside one app, you will see visitors, goals, traffic, and more.
  • Reduce complexity by using a single app to manage the whole shop.

Final thought

Finally, the applications you use on the BigCommerce platform are determined by who your target customer is, the kind of eCommerce company you have, and the apps you currently have.

These BigCommerce mobile apps will help you convert more clients, save you time, and maybe also save you money (since you won’t have to hire outside developers).

Roger has over 4 years of experience in SEO. While in college, he started learning about SEO and showed a passion for the field. Right after graduation, he embarked on SEO projects and achieved great success. After years of working, he has learned deeply about SEO. Currently, he is the SEO team leader at avada.io

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