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How to integrate Facebook Shop with Bigcommerce store

Last updated: July 01, 2024
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Facebook is the world’s biggest social network, with over 1 billion monthly active users. Its services are used for an average of 50 minutes a day by its users. The network’s sheer scale, combined with its users’ high levels of interaction, makes it a perfect platform for promoting your goods and raising brand awareness.

Users can easily discover your items, share them with friends, and check out right on Facebook with Facebook Shop, which makes your BigCommerce store’s catalog available on your Facebook business page. Facebook orders, including storefront orders, are handled by BigCommerce. Therefore, there are a significant number of business having a tendency to connect their stores in BiCommerce to Facebook Shop and in this post, we will show you How to integrate Facebook Shop with BigCommerce Store.

What is Facebook Shop?

Facebook Shop is a mobile-first shopping platform that allows companies to quickly build a free online store on Facebook and Instagram. Shops allow you to choose which of your products to highlight, merchandise with product collections, and tell your brand story with fonts and colors that you can customize.

What is Facebook Shop

Purpose of integrating Facebook Shop with BigCommerce store

Works on the internet experience as well as the Facebook Mobile App, which is used by 90% of Facebook’s monthly active users today (third party apps work on desktop only).

  • Adds a popular “Shop” section to the top navigation of your Facebook Page, as well as a “Shop Now” CTA at the top.

  • Adds a Shop tab and a section of the side navigation to your Facebook Page to highlight items.

  • Allows you to categorize your items into special collections and sell them to Facebook users.

  • Adds a “Subscribe” button to the Shop section, allowing followers to sign up for Facebook updates whenever new items are added.

  • Allows followers to look at items and then go to your BigCommerce store to make a safe purchase using Orders and custodial services.

integrating Facebook Shop with BigCommerce store

How to integrate Facebook Shop with BigCommerce store

BigCommerce does not charge an extra fee to use Facebook Shop, and it is open to all stores that meet the criteria.

Step 1: Creating your Facebook business page

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. If you haven’t already, create a Facebook business page for your shop.
  3. For the Facebook business page, you must have an admin page job.
  4. Before submitting your application, make sure your items are in your store and that your BigCommerce store is up and running (not in maintenance mode) so Facebook can review and approve your catalog.

Step 2: Go to Channel Manager › Facebook.

Confirm that your store is using a compatible currency, then click Get Started

Step 3: Select the gear icon.

Step 5: Share the connection with people you want to come to your Page shop section.

integrate Facebook Shop with BigCommerce store

Some notices about integrating Facebook Shop and BigCommerce

Is there a cost or charge associated with allowing Facebook Shop on my BigCommerce store?

There are no extra costs or fees except the Facebook Payments processing charge of 5% per transaction or $0.40 if the transaction is $8.00 or less.

Sales made by Facebook Shop and other built-in BigCommerce integrations, on the other hand, are included in your store’s GMV/sales. Depending on your current plan, increased sales/revenue will result in your store being automatically upgraded. For more detail, see BigCommerce Pricing.

What is the best way to unplug Facebook Shop from BigCommerce?

Your Facebook Shop settings will be cleared if you disconnect your Facebook account from BigCommerce. Any products you add or build in BigCommerce will no longer be exported to your Facebook catalog, and your Facebook catalog will be deleted. In the future, you can still reconnect the channel.

Before revoking any app permissions in your Facebook account, follow these measures:

  1. Navigate to the Channel Manager page.

  2. Next to Facebook, click Edit Settings.

  3. To disconnect a channel, select Disconnect Channel, then Yes to confirm.

unplug Facebook Shop from BigCommerce


Social business is assisting merchants in increasing participation and, as a result, generating sales, which is a significant change in the fast-paced retail industry.

Bigcommerce has created a best-in-class feature to ensure that all retailers can sell efficiently through various distribution channels. BigCommerce is excited to announce that Facebook Shop is now available to all BigCommerce vendors. The new Shop segment is a significant enhancement to a business’s Facebook Page, allowing retailers to highlight their products on unique Pages.

With Facebook Shop, which makes your BigCommerce store’s catalog accessible on your Facebook business page, users can easily discover your products, share them with friends, and check out right on Facebook. BigCommerce handles all Facebook orders, including storefront orders.

As indicated above, we provide you How to integrate Facebook Shop with BigCommerce Store and hope you find it necessary!

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