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Where & How to get BigCommerce Customer Services?

Last updated: December 01, 2023
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Bigcommerce is famous for providing feature sets that users cannot get when using other platforms with the same price. One plus point of BigCommerce that many business owners compliment is its customer support.

Though customer supports for BigCommerce will depend on the pricing plan you apply, the standard services that the platform provides are enough for you to solve the problem.

In this post, we will quickly introduce BigCommerce’s customer support and guide you on how to get help from it. Now let’s get started!

Quick BigCommerce Customer service review

BigCommerce Help Center

When launching an online store to sell items and get money via a website, business owners can’t prevent themselves from typical issues, especially when they are not familiar with the technology. Many have spent a huge amount of money hiring experts to solve their simple problems. We recommend you should try to do it on your own before wasting money. When it comes to BigCommerce, you totally can make it by getting customer support quickly and easily from the team.

BigCommerce provides customers with many kinds of support, including 24/7 phone and live chat support and email support. With these supports, you will need to contact them whether you can solve the problem or not bases on how serious it is. When it comes to more common issues, you can take a look at its video tutorials to handle it yourself or visit the BigCommerce community to get help from other entrepreneurs.

What’s more, all these customer supports are included in BigCommerce Help Center. Coming to this site, you will see how much they can help you. Being a great source, the BigCommerce Help Center will give you chances to find answers, ask questions, read news, updates, and suggest ideas to make the builder better. Now, let’s dig into the details of each support.

Where to get BigCommerce customer service?

24/7 phone support and live chat

Live chat

As we mentioned above, customer supports will depend on the pricing plans you choose. On standard plan, you can approach 24/7 support and live chat. These supports can’t be found in any same-price plans of other platforms. Normally, business owners have to wait until working hours to contact the support team for help. However, when it comes to BigCommerce, you can pick the phone and call them any time to present your issues and listen to their solutions. And if you are not confident in calling, you can still open up a live chat to directly chat with BigCommerce and get the response immediately.

Email support

Another customer support provided for customers on the free trial or standard plan is email support. After you sign up for a free trial to test out the platform, you will receive an email from BigCommerce not only to confirm your information but also offer an appointment for a 10-min call to introduce more about your business as well as your objectives and the way BigCommerce can help your business grow.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base

In case your issue is typical, and you don’t need to contact the support team for help. You can approach the knowledge base of BigCommerce to handle it yourself and to improve your knowledge more.

When coming to the Knowledge base, you will get in-depth articles, learning guides, video series, and more:

  • User docs: You can browse User docs, powered by Helpjuice, to read how-to, troubleshooting, or FAQ articles.
  • Guides: If you are new to the eCommerce industry, you can read articles of Guides to get the best advice and practices to increase the sale and grow your business.
  • Videos: BigCommerce has video tutorials to help beginners learn how to launch and build up an online store successfully.
  • Developer docs: You can also research BigCommerce’s APIs and Developer docs to create apps and themes.



When coming to BigCommerce, you have the chance to join BigCommerce Community, in which you can leave questions, find answers, get tips on eCommerce from many other business owners who are using the platform. Besides, you can also answer their questions, share your solutions and strategies with them. Perhaps, this may be an opportunity for you to widen your network with other entrepreneurs.

News and Updates

Besides providing help, BigCommerce also makes its users informed about the latest product news or eCommerce updates. In this way, you can create a more effective campaign to attract customers to your store.

Priority support for Enterprise plan

When you are using the most expensive plan - Enterprise, you get the chance to receive priority support. To be more specific, you can get help from onboarding consultants, prioritized phone calls. Moreover, there will be a premium services team focusing on helping your business develop. That means you can have instant connections with the highly trained support staff and gain the highest level of quality support.

How to get BigCommerce customer support?

Step 1: Log into BigCommerce

Log into BigCommerce

Step 2: Click on the Help option

Click on the Help option

You will easily see the Help section on your main dashboard, which is at the bottom of the menu. Click on that button which is above the support PIN of your online store.

Step 3: Search for help

Search for help

You can enter your issues on the Searching bar to get solutions. However, this way brings about little results.

Step 4: Choose additional help

Choose additional help

If you can find answers to your troubles, that’s good. If you can’t, simply pick a type of support that is included. We recommend you should click on Visit the Help Center, in which you can approach all available support.

Final thoughts

BigCommerce claims that its community has more than 125 thousand members, about 4000 ideas, and 26000 solutions. Via our experience, BigCommerce’s customer support is quick and effective. Getting helps from the platform is also convenient.

Hopefully, our post has helped you understand more about each type of customer support provided by BigCommerce. If you have any questions, simply leave a comment in the section below. If you find it interesting, remember to share it with your friends and visit us for more articles.

Thank you, and wish you can get solutions for your issues.

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