How to integrate BigCommerce with eBay?

Updated: December 01, 2022


The eBay platform has evolved; it is no longer just an exchange forum for consumer-to-consumer selling. This is eBay’s latest normal:

  • Eighty percent of all inventory is brand new.
  • Two-thirds of products deliver within three days.
  • Most items ship for free in major markets.

In 2019, it is a platform for brands and retailers to extend their foreign presence and attract new consumers. The opportunity is enormous, with 182 million monthly active users.

eBay gives retailers the ability to have a more comprehensive service, with features that boost brand recognition and reputation.

This article would show how to maximize eBay’s potential while simplifying the operation, as well as How to integrate BigCommerce with eBay to handle listings more effectively.

How to integrate BigCommerce with eBay

Step 1: Navigate to Channel Manager and select +Create Channel.

Step 1

Step 2: Press Connect next to eBay in the Marketplaces section.

Step 2

Step 3: To complete configuration, click Connect next to the program you choose to use to connect and follow the in-app directions.

Step 3

Benefits of integrating BigCommerce with eBay?

BigCommerce eBay integration entered into a partnership to allow eBay merchants to control their inventory and product listings completely.” BigCommerce consumers can gain access to and visibility to over 162 million global active eBay buyers, helping them to expand their companies in today’s dynamic retail market, whilst eBay buyers will profit from increased variety and option.

With the freedom to list, monitor, and sell on the eBay platform via the BigCommerce control panel, merchants operating their companies through BigCommerce would be able to save time and work more effectively. Company owners would be able to take advantage of some exclusive opportunities when integrate BigCommerce with eBay as a result of the merger, including:

  • Centralized inventory control: Merchants can easily sync stock levels and eBay orders with their online shop, offering seamless delivery and order management without the need to handle operations through several networks manually. Merchants would be able to display their full product catalogue and inventory until merged.
  • Rapid bulk listing and central management: Using customized models, merchants can easily generate hundreds of eBay listings in a matter of minutes, saving hundreds of hours with automated product mapping to eBay categories.
  • Sync quantity, price, and descriptions to attract more buyers: Through leveraging eBay’s Global Shipping Program, merchants may market their inventory to a global audience.

When the program goes live later this year, BigCommerce retailers will be able to take advantage of the eBay integration. In the third quarter of 2016, beta testing will begin.

Features available on BigCommerce eBay integration

BigCommerce’s eBay incorporation makes it a lot simpler for its retailers. This not only gives you visibility to eBay’s massive audience, but it also simplifies management and reduces the need to handle two interfaces, saving you resources and increasing the profitability of your digital marketing activities.

BigCommerce’s eBay incorporation provides retailers with three main features:

  • Warehouse control is centralized: Sync the online store’s stock levels and eBay orders. This eliminates the need to handle the process manually through various networks.
  • Bulk listing in a hurry and unified control: Using customized models, you can build hundreds of eBay listings in minutes. These goods will then be automatically assigned to eBay groups by merchants.
  • Coordinate quantity, price, and definition to reach further customers: eBay’s Online Shipping Program makes it easier to meet a global audience.

Price to integrate BigCommerce with eBay

We hope that you now know how to integrate BigCommerce with eBay. However, there are some fees to consider when you decide to integrate BigCommerce with eBay such as:

Fee for insertion

When you use BigCommerce to display an item for sale on eBay in BigCommerce eBay integration, you will be paid an insertion fee. For regular vendors, the price for one listing for one month is $0.30; for eBay Stores customers, the fee is as little as $0.05.

All BigCommerce listings are Fixed Priced with a Good ‘Til Cancelled style. That is, if the item does not sell within 30 days, it will be immediately relisted with a new insertion charge.

Although all eBay vendors are entitled to (at least) 50 free insertion fee credits each month, eBay Store users are entitled to more, depending on their subscription package.

Fee for final value

You will be paid a final value fee if the item sells. This price is measured as a percentage of the gross selling cost, plus shipping and handling fees. The cost of sales tax is not included.

This is 10% of the gross value of the offer for standard eBay vendors. For ordinary dealers, the highest final value fee is $750.

This ranges from 4 to 9 percent for eBay Stores subscribers, depending on the group. For eBay Stores customers, the highest final value charge is $250.

Other charges

When you integrate BigCommerce with eBay, in addition to the insertion and final value rates, eBay charges other listing/service fees such as:

  • Fees on enhanced listing upgrades
  • Fees for eBay Promoted Listings
  • Additional support fees

Currently, these programs cannot be administered/managed by BigCommerce and can only be accessed through your eBay account. Unless you manually authorize them from your eBay seller account, you will not be paid for them.

Subscription of eBay stores

There are numerous advantages to getting an eBay Stores subscription for retailers, including high-volume sellers:

  • Additional free insertion charge credits
  • Lower final value fee prices
  • Reduced insertion fees
  • Improved eBay customer trust
  • Access to software to help market, advertise, and review the eBay shop and listings

The expense of a store subscription ranges from $4.95 to $2,999.95 per month, based on the box form and billing period (monthly vs. yearly).

When the eBay purchases hit a certain threshold, buying an eBay Stores membership can save you money.

To see how much you might save on an eBay Stores membership, use the table on eBay’s Selling fees for controlled payments vendors.

Final thought

The advantages of eBay for products and retailers are many, allowing for market awareness, foreign growth, and methods to integrate the online and offline experiences. As it has grown, eBay has introduced functionality and incentives to entice companies to use its website.

To make a profit on eBay, brands and retailers must use data analytics and optimization platforms like Intelligent reach to ensure successful promotions that generate strong views, clicks, and conversions. As a result, we hope that ecommerce store owners can see eBay’s promise when simplifying operations, as well as How to integrate BigCommerce with eBay.

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