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How to customize BigCommerce thank you page?

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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Besides product and checkout pages, a Thank You page is considered the most powerful page in a website. Get this page right and your online store will become a jackpot, otherwise you will have to deal with a rough start in building relationships with new customers. Why is that?

This question will be answered quickly in today’s article, as well as what you can include in your Thank You page and a guideline of How to customize your BigCommerce Thank You page. If you are interested in the same topic, you wouldn’t want to miss out on that!

The importance of BigCommerce Thank you page

As an online merchant, you must be familiar with the appearance of the Thank You page, which is used to redirect your visitors after they finish the transaction process. Just like the name of it, the BigCommerce Thank You page most often aims to illustrate the appreciation of the store to their customers.

But is it really necessary to create a brand new page just to say Thank You? The answer is Yes. According to consumer behaviour psychological facts, people have the tendency of performing a similar or greater request if it was mentioned previously. A study case for this is the conversion rate of Snacknation has increased by 10.52% thanks to the appearance of a single Thank You page.

What you can include in your Thank you page on BigCommerce

Due to the importance of the BigCommerce Thank You page, the content included in them has become even more vital than ever. You can not expect your customers to come back to your store again with a careless “Thank You” sentence. It must be meaningful, cherished and respectful.

Here is the list of strategies you can use for your BigCommerce Thank You page:

  • Request for sharing: if the majority of your customers are fond of scrolling through their social media feeds, asking for a “Like” or “Follow” to your fanpage and share posts might bring back advantageous results. However, you must conduct careful research on your customers’ demographics and psychographics information before performing this action.
  • Vouchers/ Gift cards: this is nothing new to online merchants. But knowing when to provide discounts to your customers is the key. Make sure that you have set up a plan on when to do so to make them expect it. Sometimes, you can offer vouchers based on their positive buying behaviors.
  • Referrals asking: you can possibly insert in a link asking for your customers to send an email about the brand to their family, friends or acquaintances. And trust me, the results might blow your mind. For instance, this is how James Clear put it into action:

Asking for referrals

  • Reliability proofs: it is obvious that any eCommerce website would advertise themself as one of the leaders in their specific field. But not everyone is going to believe this, instead, adjusting what others say about you may be a better way. It could be experts, celebrities, scientists or even your previous clients’ reviews. In this way, your customers can easily recognize your business’s authority.
  • Related worthy products: once your customers have purchased an item from your store, there is a higher chance that they would also be interested in other products. For this reason, why not include in few of your most popular goods to raise their awareness. Conversely, it is advisable to recommend ones that you think suitable for your customers on the basis of their purchased items, or information you have collected.
  • Call for Action: online merchants can quickly design a community for their brand lovers. Human beings enjoy belonging to any social group in which they share the same interests. Social Triggers has successfully applied this technique into their Thank You page by asking their clients to leave a comment introducing themselves on Facebook:

An example

The most important thing when it comes to delivering an effective BigCommerce Thank You page is to understand your customers’ insights, only then you can decide which of the mentioned techniques will work the best for them.

How to customize your BigCommerce thank you page?

Most BigCommerce users prefer to use their available theme templates and make additional changes based on these versions. Therefore, not everything is designed the way that you wish for, even the BigCommerce Thank You page. And this is how you can modify it, the tutorial might require technical knowledge of coding, so we have divided it into small basic steps:

Step 1: Go to “My Themes” page

At your BigCommerce Control Panel, select “Storefront” on the left-hand side of your screen:

BigCommerce Storefront page

Once you have clicked on it, you can see the “My Themes” page:

BigCommerce My Themes page

Step 2: Make a copy of your current theme

There are three buttons in total next to your theme file: Customize, Theme Details and Advanced. Choose the Advance drop-down menu and you will see the “Make a copy” is the first option of the list:

Choose make a copy

Now, BigCommerce will ask you to put a name for this new copy version file, fill in the Theme Name and click “Save a Copy”:

Fill in name and save

Step 3: Check out “Customize Theme files”

At your copied theme files, select the three dots drop-down menu, then continue to click on “Customize”:

Click on Customize

Then look for the Theme Styles page, which is the icon of a palette and choose “Edit Theme Files” to open the HTML/CSS file for your template:

Editing BigCommerce theme files

Step 4: Paste in the Translation code package

In order to customize the HTML file for your BigCommerce Thank You page, the first thing you need to do is download the checkout-en.json (github) file created by BigCommerce.

If you are done, copy and paste the content in the file into your en.json file at the BigCommerce theme template site:

Paste the content into en.json

Step 5: Make changes to your Thank You page

Here comes the main section of today’s article - adjusting the codes for the BigCommerce Thank You page for your store!

At the file, seek for the line “order_confirmation” section (which is line 436 in the github file). You can see there are smaller code sources representing what will appear in your BigCommerce Thank You page. You can either get rid of any line, or add a new one, or even personalize the sentences according to your preferences:

BigCommerce Thank You page source code

Scrolling might take a lot of time, a tip for you is to Ctrl + F or Cmd + F to quickly search for the line using keywords.

BigCommerce Pro Tip

Step 6: Save your work!

Last but not least, don’t forget to “Save” the changes or you will have to start over from step 1!

Save you work

Final thoughts

To sum up, only by a Thank You quote, you can immediately make evident changes in your customers’ attitudes towards the brand. We hope that our article on How to customize your Bigcommerce Thank You page will help you to understand the importance of it, deliver better information and successfully modify your Thank You page.

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