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How to Create Product Bundles on BigCommerce

Last updated: July 01, 2024
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What should we do when wanting to sell more products at the same time?

An ideal choice that is chosen by multiple merchants will be selling product bundles. By selling product bundles, you can offer your customers more options for purchasing as well as increase sales more efficiently.

But in some platforms such as BigCommerce, it is impossible to create bundles directly, so what can we do?

Understanding this problem, this post will give BigCommerce users a detailed guide to create product bundles in BigCommerce via a third-party platform - Modernretail.

More than that, still in this post, we would like to introduce to you popular types of bundles in business as well as their example. So, don’t miss it!

How to create product bundles in BigCommerce?

Step 1: Create bundled product items in Modernretail

Log in your Modernretail account and open its admin panel. There, click on Products.

Open Product

In the Products, choose Bundled Products and now you can start creating the bundle products for your store.

Choose bundled products

Step 2: Edit the details of the bundles in Modernretail

There are multiple fields for you to enter the information, but only two of them are required, which are Name and Price.

Add name and price of product bundles

Then, you can add the products you want to the kits. Scrolling down and you will see a list of products in your store, just click on Add button on the left side of your product. In addition, Modernretail gives users the ability to search for the product by typing its name, web ID, integration ID, or ALU.

Add products to the bundles

With each product added, you will see its details, including Quantity, Web ID, Name, Integration ID, ALU, Price, Sale Price, Available Quantity.

With Sale Price, you can set the sale price by entering the price you want for the promotion program to the box below Sale Price. Moreover, you are able to set a time for this price by filling in the boxes of From and To.

Add sale price

If you want to delete an item from the bundles, just select the Remove button in the row of the product you want.

Step 3: Save changes

After finishing adding products to the bundles, check all the information one more time and choose Save.

Step 4: Customize your bundles in BigCommerce (optional)

Now, the bundle has already appeared in your BigCommerce store. If you want to edit anything, just open BigCommerce control panel and select Product.

Then, click on View to see the list of products in your BigCommerce store.

Double click on the bundle or select the symbol in the column Action and choose Edit, you will see all the details of the kits as well as change them based on your desire.

After all, don’t forget to Save the changes.

Types and Examples of Product Bundles

1. New product bundling

New product bundling is a kit of newly introduced products and existing order featured products in your store. Combining the famous products with the new ones can increase the likelihood of people purchasing your new products compared to selling only newly-launched items.

One example of this is the bundles of Nintendo switch and The legend of Zelda. In fact, Zedla is a well-known switch that everybody likes, while Nintendo is just new, and few people are willing to buy it. However, by offering a special carrying case of Zedla when purchasing this bundle with Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Kart (two new names in the market), it became one of Nintendo’s bundles that sold the fastest.

Bundle of Nintendo switch

2. Inventory clearance bundling

As the name suggests, the purpose of this kit is to clear the inventory. The kit often consists of a faster-moving item and a slower-moving one. Then, the kit will be discounted, customers will see that they will get a bargain when purchasing these two products at a much lower price than buying them separately. Moreover, the fast-moving item will play the same role as a hook encouraging more people to pay attention to and buy it.

This technique has already been applied with T-WE TEA. After analyzing the figures, they found out that the sales of tea accessories are much higher than the ones of teas. This is not a good sign because tea is the one that brings them more profits. Hence, they decide to introduce a bundle of tea and tea accessories as a discounted kit.

Bundle of T-WE TEA

3. Pure bundling

Pure bundling is a method that merchants take advantage of to limit customer choices. Instead of buying each product separately, their sole way is to order the bundle to get the products. Buy all or nothing, and it is called pure bundling.

A successful instance of pure bundling that can be named is HelloFresh which sells ingredients for cooking. Rather than allowing customers to purchase each of them based on their desire, this company introduces to customers options for healthy meals depending on the number of people and recipes. This means people can search for the recipe on HelloFresh and they will see all the necessary ingredients of meals each week for a specific number of people.

Bundle of Hellofresh

4. Mix and match bundles

In mix and match bundles, customers are able to select the products they want in the list of similar items. Actually, this kind of bundle is used more frequently in physical stores to encourage customers to buy products in bulk. They will be given plenty of similar products and choose which ones they want to buy together to create a bundle. Moreover, these bundles tend to be a little cheaper than the price of all of them when purchasing one by one.

Mix and match bundles can be seen in a cosmetic store. People can organize a promotion campaign that allows customers to buy 10 or 20 masks at the same time. Customers are allowed to choose the one they like in the list of products with similar prices. By doing that, customers will feel satisfied when being able to choose the mask they like and the store sales increase significantly.

Mix and match bundles

5. Cross-sell bundles

Cross-sell bundles which retailers mainly apply, are the kit selling the main product and its add-on. The add-on is advised to be cheap products such as accessories or a part of the main product. If it is near or even higher than the price of the main product, customers will consider it more carefully and tend to buy only the main product instead.

In mobile phone stores, merchants can sell a mobile phone with a case along with. With a view to protecting their phones, the majority of people will invest a small amount of money on the case, so when you offer this bundle, there is no reason for them to refuse.

Example of cross-sell bundle

6. Gift set bundles

Gift set bundles include products that will be used as presents to send to other people. They are sold well in holidays when people often look for a special gift to give their loved one. By purchasing the gift set, customers can save lots of time thinking about the present without worrying about whether it is suitable for the occasion or not.

For example, on such important occasions as Christmas, people often sell a gift set with the packaging of Christmas trees, socks, gingerbreads, etc. With a small message outside, the bundles will be the simplest and most suitable options for Christmas presents.

Gift set bundles

7. BOGO style bundling

In fact, BOGO in BOGO style bundling stands for buy one get one. Hence, BOGO style bundling means that people will have the chance to buy another product at a lower price or even get it for free when purchasing a product.

Based on customer demands, you can modify your bundles to increase sales as much as possible. But, more than that, uniqueness is another feature that merchants should concentrate on; uniqueness is the one that makes your store stand out in the market and beat your competitors.

For instance, some stores offer the campaign that buyers will be given machine cleaners when purchasing a washing machine. Although the machine cleaner is not expensive, no one refuses the free gift, so they tend to purchase the washing machine with the machine cleaner rather than a single washing machine.

Example of BOGO style bundling

Final thoughts

In conclusion, it is inevitable that bundling is a smart strategy for boosting sales. When applying it properly, merchants will easily catch customers’ attention and encourage them to buy more and more from your store. By following these steps above, people will easily create product bundles for their BigCommerce stores.

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