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How to Cancel my BigCommerce Account?

Last updated: July 01, 2024
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BigCommerce is one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce stores. It is regarded as the favorite option of multiple merchants, but not all people feel satisfied with this online marketplace. Some people feel disappointed after a short time using this platform and desire to cancel their account.

But, how to do it?

In this post, we would like to instruct you on how to cancel both your trial and paid account with several steps. More than that, you will get some notices before actually deleting your BigCommerce account.

Cancel your trial BigCommerce account

Your store will be locked and then canceled after the trial

Before choosing a plan for your BigCommerce store, shop owners often start with the trial one that requires no cost and nearly effective as the paid ones. This trial lasts 15 days, and on the sixteenth day, if you don’t choose any plans, you cannot access your BigCommerce store. What you can do is to log in and select one of the plans available.

This platform only keeps your store’s data for a short period of time, so if you don’t select any plans, your data will be automatically deleted, and it is impossible to restore your data. Therefore, if you are using the trial version of BigCommerce, you don’t have to do anything to cancel your account since BigCommerce will do this for you. Just relaxing and your store will be removed from this marketplace.

Cancel your paid BigCommerce account

If you have already purchased a plan from BigCommerce, the process to delete your account will take more steps. But don’t worry, it is still very simple. You are given two options to cancel your store, which are from the BigCommerce dashboard or by phone.

Selecting the one you like, and let’s start canceling your BigCommerce account!

Paid subscription available for BigCommerce users

Cancel from BigCommerce dashboard

The first way to delete your BigCommerce store is directly from the BigCommerce dashboard. To do this, follow three steps following:

  • Step 1: Open Account Setting, there click on Account Overview
  • Step 2: Under Store, select your store name; if you have more than one store, click on the one you want to delete.
  • Step 3: Scroll down and you will see the section Cancel Store, then select a button named Cancel Store Plan

Now, your store has already been cancelled.

Cancel by phone

If you are not interested in cancelling your store from the dashboard, there is another option for you which is creating a call to the BigCommerce customer service. The time to call is between 7 AM to 6 PM on working days from Monday to Friday. Each region has their own support PIN, so check this list to make sure you call the right number for your location.

US & Canada: 1 888 699 891 India: 000 800 100 4447
Australia: 1800 821 758 China: 400 120 9276
New Zealand: 0800 001046 Hong Kong: 800 906 535
United Kingdom: 0808 189 1224 Philippines: 1 800 1 322 0070
Indonesia: 803 015 203 9781 South Korea: 080: 080 808 098
Malaysia: 1800 813 018 Japan: 012 692 386
Singapore: 800 852 3064 Other: +1 512 758 7588

Then, press 3 when prompted, and in case your call is made after 6 PM CST, press number 1. In the call, tell the customer support staff that you want to cancel your store, and they will guide you detailedly every step you have to do to complete the procedure.

Notes when canceling a paid BigCommerce account

Get no refunds

Users will get no refunds after cancelation

As stated in the terms of services, users will receive no refund when canceling their BigCommerce store whatever reason is. Thus, considering carefully before purchasing any plans for your store.

Cancel services with payment gateway

In fact, BigCommerce doesn’t automatically cancel your agreement with your payment gateway when you cancel your plan and delete your account. Thus, it is necessary to connect to your payment gateway (if you have) to announce them about this cancellation and store your services with BigCommerce.

Disable your domain auto-renewal

Domain from BigCommerce can be renewed automatically

If you bought a domain from BigCommerce and set the mode of automatically renewing your domain, this renewal will not be stopped when you cancel your store. This means even when you have already deleted your store, your store domain is still automatically renewed 14 days before it is invalid.

As a result, in order not to waste money for this, you need to stop this auto-renewal by one of these options below:

  • To disable the renewal in your store setting
  • To terminate the domain
  • To point the domain to another host
  • To transfer the domain to another registrar

If you find it interested in any options, just look for its detailed articles in the address: support.bigcommerce.com.

If you don’t want to terminate your domain with BigCommerce and decide to point it to another host, please bear in mind that this will have a certain impact on your email account that links with the domain. Hence, ensure that you contact the new domain’s host and ask for help with configuring your domain’s MX records before completing the purchase.

Back up data in advance

When your BigCommerce store is deleted, its data will be automatically removed from the system and it is impossible to access it anymore. For this reason, merchants are advised to back up their data to another platform or system so that you will not lose any important information due to this cancellation. More than that, users are allowed to back up almost every crucial data from BigCommerce, including products, orders, redirects, and customer data.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, BigCommerce is inevitably a great option for opening an eCommerce store, but it doesn’t mean that this platform will meet everyone’s requirements. Some can be satisfied with this platform, but some are not. Therefore, cancellation is unavoidable; following the instruction above, you can cancel your BigCommerce with ease. However, don’t forget to read the note carefully before canceling; it will help you prevent any unnecessary errors.

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