Top 15 Best BigCommerce Alternatives in 2021

Updated: November 01, 2022


Up to the present, BigCommerce is a promising alternative for eCommerce platforms. Not only is it easy to use, but it also offers online retailers with a multiple of spectacular aspects for building a successful business. In contrast, there are no one-for-all solutions; not everyone is fond of using BigCommerce. Plus, there are still several existing limitations in BigCommerce.

That’s why in today’s article, we will inform you of the top 15 best BigCommerce Alternatives in 2021 so that if you are not a fan of BigCommerce, you can choose other alternatives for it for your online store!

Talking about BigCommerce


BigCommerce is a versatile eCommerce solution designed for small to medium-sized retailers to build their online business. You may create your own templates for your website or pick one out of a broad range of ready-made collections. Additionally, it has comprehensive targeting tools for broadening the customer base and does fulfillment and distribution for physical goods. Other prominent factors, including safe checkout, social network monitoring and analytics, a social-optimized storefront, and mobile-optimized inventory management, are available in BigCommerce.

Reasons are explaining the widespread adoption of BigCommerce among e-tailers recently. Its unlimited API calls have enabled users to adjust, equip and update their website within only a few clicks, which provide them with a much faster experience. Moreover, if you own either a small business or brands that carry a much larger sales volume, BigCommerce can handle it all. With the help of BigCommerce customized tools, online merchants will have a better selling experience as they can easily drag and drop every section of the website without updating the live store.

BigCommerce offers its clients four main types of pricing plans and a trial version for those still wondering about its functionality. You can try out their most outstanding features before coming up with the final decision.

Criterias to choose your future eCommerce platform

It is stated that the number of people who shop through their mobile devices, from anywhere, at any time of the day is increasing rapidly. Only in the United States, there are 230 million online shoppers across the country, which accounts for up to 95.4% in total. What an amazing number!

This explains why more and more merchants are seeking the opportunity to expand their brand on this new platform called the Internet. For this reason, a plethora of eCommerce platforms was born to help them gain profits from online shopping. However, among a wide range of eCommerce service providers, retailers have to choose the best platform for their business carefully. Below are the three criteria you have to consider while looking for eCommerce platforms.

1. Evaluated catalogs

For owners, it is essential to foresee growth in the market. In case you are handling only a small proportion of products and you only considered some of the eCommerce platform that fits with the size of your business. Do not let it determine where you will end up in the future. It is advisable to choose platforms that provide their users with technologies that will be productive when it comes to selling a large number of items simultaneously.

Selling a small number might be easy, but it will require you a lot more effort if you are managing a wide range of product categories!

2. Adjustable features

Instead of using already existing templates for your brand, you might prefer to do everything from the scratch on your own, with your design, representing the uniqueness in your brand image. In addition, it is probable that the company is managed by a particular method to what everyone else does. Customization is important in web design and development because of this.

Ensuring that you will be capable of adjusting features appearing on your website in the easiest and quickest way is something that should be taken into consideration when you are choosing your future eCommerce platform. For example, BigCommerce’s drag-and-drop features have attracted a lot of attention among e-tailers. There is no need to be skillful in technology anymore, everyone can do it by themselves. Now, you do not have to spend too much time studying codes just only to design your website’s interface, which will save you a ton of time and money.

3. Diverse payment gateways

Different people use different paying methods; some might prefer to use their Visa card or enjoy paying through PayPal. Therefore, if you choose a new eCommerce platform, you need to make sure that they will provide as many payment gateways as possible. In this way, you can satisfy even the toughest customers. And consequently, customer satisfaction equals higher sales and profits. For instance, over 55 payment options are supported by BigCommerce - one of the most popular platforms nowadays. Furthermore, as the company grows, you will have the chance to negotiate better prices, which can help to lower the total maintenance cost.

If you are only focusing on domestic consumers, think out of the box! At some point, you will need to expand your business into international markets. With sites accepting various payment methods, look at options that enable you to complete and settle your transactions through changing currencies.

Top 15 BigCommerce Alternatives of 2021

The most expected part of the article is the best 15 BigCommerce Alternatives of 2021. We have listed out other BigCommerce Alternatives for you to choose from, just in case, BigCommerce is not on your list. Based on its productivity, services, and pricing plans, here are options you should take a look at and put on your list:

1. Shopify


The biggest competitor of BigCommerce, of course, you cannot skip through Shopify - an award-winning eCommerce platform providing their customers with the best solutions. Shopify stands out from the rest of the market because it provides help for both online businesses and brick-and-mortar ones.

As one of the BigCommerce Alternatives, Shopify assures that their users get the same or even better experience with customizing websites, managing products status, and developing the business. You will not have to worry about their security system, Shopify always tries their best to secure information and updates with the newest version of the app. There are up to 100 templates available and 70 payment options for you to choose from. Surprisingly, you only have to pay an equal amount of money compared with BigCommerce - $29 monthly for the basic plan. What a great deal!

Learn more: Shopify vs BigCommerce

2. Wix

Wix eCommerce

Another potential BigCommerce alternative you can take an insight into is Wix, or Wix eCommerce. Designed for both individuals and small companies, it is generally accepted as a web based on cloud. This means that Wix users will be able to keep track of the orders and products, and being the point of contact for sales. Your items may be organized into sets, which will highlight each one by types or categories on the basis of product sections.

Compared with other BigCommerce Alternatives, eCommerce businesses will have to pay a certain amount of money monthly as a fee to access the extension of Wix effective tools. But do not worry too much because Wix also offers free pricing plans for their customers to try out its function before moving on to the cost plans.

3. Volusion

If you are a small and medium-sized online store manager, then Volusion will be the perfect choice among BigCommerce Alternatives. It works as your helpful assistant in building and developing your website, from designing themes to processing transactions. Its built-in SEO and marketing tools or the CRM system are also necessary when it comes to evaluating your sales.


Talking about Volusion, not only online store retailers are their target customers, even entrepreneurs and freelancers can make use of it, too!

4. WooCommerce

Are you an e-tailer who is working on the website of WordPress and hesitate to transfer everything from WordPress into an actual online business? WooCommerce is here to help!


WooCommerce is a unique BigCommerce Alternative where you can integrate everything from your WordPress to an eCommerce platform. Whether you want to redesign your website from the very beginning, WooCommerce is still a fulfilling alternative. Thanks to its hundreds of features and tools built scientifically, WooCommerce has never let its customers down.

Since WooCommerce is an open-source platform, it is suitable for a wide variety of online businesses. It completes the company’s management at all stages, whether it be for several stores or one. There is no difference with the mentioned BigCommerce Alternatives; you can start up with a free plan and then update it with paid plans for further and more effective features.

5. 3dCart


With more than 50 available themes and 100+ payment methods for users to choose from, 3dCart can not be missed out on the list of BigCommerce Alternatives. They will provide you with various features and services, including payment processing, tax calculators, and shipping carriers. All come with an unexpected low price - only $9.5 for a month!

3dCart is one of the most versatile, multitalented, and user-friendly BigCommerce Alternative. You do not need technical abilities to keep your store running smoothly; their tools will do it for you.

6. Magento

Unlike other BigCommerce Alternatives, using Magento may require you some expertise in technical fields. With a basic knowledge of designing websites fundamentals, it will become an effective means of eCommerce. On the other hand, it might be better for you to choose some BigCommerce Alternatives created for users with minimum technology skills.


7. Yotpo

Yotpo is famous for its user-generated characteristics and features. Yotpo provides its clients with reviews and rating applications or loyalty programs - things you can hardly find in other BigCommerce Alternatives. These reviews will help online merchants collect information details on which items they should count on and be reconsidered. Besides, an analysis of customer reviews will also make the company seem more trustworthy to busy traffic areas.

e youYotpo

Yotpo is an extension of various marketing and eCommerce solutions as well as social networking channels. Its customer insights will be a great guidance for you while making decisions in the future. Similar to BigCommerce, Yotpo does offer a free demo pricing plan for anyone interested in them.

8. OpenCart

Open Cart

Just like their name, OpenCart is designed as an open-source BigCommerce alternative. It would also be responsible for maintaining and administering the website and keeping it up-to-date. The great feature of OpenCart is that their script is free of charge, along with support and application updating process. You can change the script whenever you want by downloading it to your devices.

Even though OpenCart only supports approximately 20 payment gateways, if you are looking for a BigCommerce Alternative with incredible features and adjustable choices, OpenCart is the best one.

9. Pinnacle Cart

Are you seeking an eCommerce approach due to customer service offerings, communications, SEO marketing tools, and strategies? Then Pinnacle Cart is the answer for you. It is one of few BigCommerce alternatives made to serve rapidly rising companies and support you with managing the revenue from day one.

Pinnacle Cart is well-known for its modular and aligned functions for large-scale markets, including SEO marketing, product and segment management, and monitoring tools. If you put Pinnacle Cart with BigCommerce, you will be surprised with how secured Pinnacle Cart is when it protects the users’ data as it has been recognized with PA-DDS certification.

Pinnacle Cart

10. Weebly

Every online store owner wants their sales to be maximized in the least amount of time and money. Understanding this core value, Weebly dedicated their whole heart so that their customers can gain the best experience in the eCommerce industry. You can customize your website in all kinds of ways with easy, drag-and-drop features.


The great aspect of setting up an online store on Weebly is that you do not have to pay anything until you want to.

11. SuiteCommerce

SuiteCommerce is developed as a B2B and B2C solution based on the cloud system that empowers business-to-consumer firms to provide differentiated brand experiences. SuiteCommerce is one of BigCommerce Alternative which gives its customers a total view of clients, purchases, inventory and other important eCommerce business details by unifying back-end processes.

Most of the previous consumers who have operated SuitCommerce enjoy their ERP tool, which will be extremely useful for speed up the go-live. Conversely, their price range might be a little bit more expensive than BigCommerce standard pricing plans.


12. Oracle Commerce

Oracle’s numerous features have enabled online store managers to be more flexible with keeping track of products, customers, and orders, as well as editing the site’s front page. The pricing plans, however, will charge you a higher price compared to mentioned BigCommerce alternatives.

Oracle Commerce

Oracle’s numerous features has enabled online store managers to be more flexible with keeping track of products, customers and orders as well as editing the site’s frontpage. The pricing plans, however, will charge you a higher price compared to mentioned BigCommerce alternatives.

13. SellerApp

SellerApp, or SellerPrime, is an eCommerce platform service that is meant to help Amazon retailers capitalize on their goods and processes. This BigCommerce Alternative focuses on collecting and evaluating information at each point in the distribution chain. Some of its key factors are doing product analysis, keywords, reminders, and references.

At SellerApp, you will be learning your customer’s interests as well as their behaviour patterns with the help of real-time driven technology and notable categories of related data. This is included in the list of BigCommerce Alternatives that provide free trial plans for their clients to test the outcomes beforehand.


14. Jazva


If BigCommerce concentrates on developing a single business model at a time, Jazva is the opposite. Rarely has a BigCommerce Alternative that provides eCommerce solutions for multiple channels and places within one control panel. So if this is your case, you have come to the right place!

Since it deals with wholesale and retail businesses that utilize many distribution centers and handles greater sales volumes, B2C firms together with e-merchants will be their targeted customers. Consequently, most Jazva features and tools will fulfill demands for multi-tiered and multi-channel functionality, including multi-tier and multi-track automation. In addition to those are business forecasting systems, supplier and product management, etc.

15. BrightPearl


BrightPearl is the most special BigCommerce Alternative out of the above options thanks to its omnichannel characteristics. The software consolidates order processing, warehouse controlling, analysis and business results with live accounting. Furthermore, it also offers full-automation features for merchants to concentrate on running their online stores such as consumer acquisition, cash flow and profitability through SKU.

The best thing is that BrightPearl is designed to handle up to 25,000 transactions per hour! If you are in charge of such a high sale volume, this is for you.


To sum up, even though BigCommerce is doing fantastic in the eCommerce industry, some of the clients would not really fit with how it functions. Of course, there are a large number of incredible BigCommerce Alternatives you can choose from based on your brand signatures. Included eCommerce solutions might vary depending on their functionality, price and come-along features. Don’t forget to take a deep look at each of them before making your final purchasing decision.

We hope that this paper will help you to understand some of the most unique and outstanding points of BigCommerce Alternatives and gain you better experience in running an online business.

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