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Top 20+ Best Success BigCommerce Site Examples

Last updated: December 01, 2023
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In recent years, BigCommerce literally has made a breakthrough of being a potentially picked “online store builder” for many online retailers. According to the latest updated index, BigCommerce covers tens of thousands of online designed stores in more than 150 countries.

This article will show you 20 best BigCommerce site templates to explain why many store owners choose BigCommerce to design their websites.

What is BigCommerce?

It is a public technology company that provides SaaS eCommerce platforms. You can decorate everything yourself, from uploading photos, adding products, creating pages, making discount coupons, etc. Along with arranging the store, you are allowed to design by using drag and drop panels.

In addition, what makes BigCommerce more intriguing lies in the elegant, creative, and easy-approached designs. Besides it is also from the helpful features such as customer group, segmentation, and search engine optimization (SEO) which benefits online retailers to advertise their products.

What is BigCommerce?

The company supplies separated platforms for small or mid-sized businesses as well as for large or high-volume businesses. Furthermore, BigCommerce is integrated with different shopping sites, namely eBay, Shopzilla, Shopping.com, and Nextag.

20 best success of BigCommerce sites

The eCommerce market has been growing rapidly. Because of that, a platform supply company like BigCommerce has made a big inroad showcased by simple, customizable, and pleasing-eye designs. Here are 20 best examples of BigCommerce sites to represent how clean and lavish its platform can be.

1. Solo Stove

Solo Stove is a website selling mostly stainless steel wood-burning stoves and fire pits designed with efficient airflow. The outstanding features of their goods are portable and durable. From these noticeable characteristics, the template for the store inquires adventurous concept.

Solo Stove

CEO of Solo Stove, John Merris said to BigCommerce: “Our product encourages people to go make memories with their loved ones. You typically don’t see people sitting around a fire by themselves - they normally are with friends and family. There is something really cool about that.”

BigCommerce is designed to focus on the sense of coziness, freshness, and togetherness when campaigning outside. The images are full of the spirit of people gathering around the fire, laughing and enjoying the meals with their beloved person.

Solo Stove

2. Revelry

Revelry sells bridesmaid dresses for various female customers depending on the size, style, color and wedding ceremony concept.

Michelle Deloach, the founder of Revelry, desires to connect bridal parties around the world with dresses of all sizes. Their service has a home try-on section before you decide to buy which helps them find the most suitable dress.


With a spirit vibe of the slogan “ Bridesmaid dress shopping made easy because you’ve got a wedding to plan” , the website gives a vibe of happiness on the wedding day. The color matches well with the Revelry products as well as stresses on the images of the bridesmaid’s dresses.


Moreover, BigCommerce built a multi-step sales process that customers order swatches to choose color and style or samples to try at home; afterward, sellers can track a customized demand in any size range.


3. LarQ

The idea of start-up LarQ water bottles comes up when CEO Justin Wang fancies hiking and always brings a plastic-free water bottle aside. However, it is quickly dirty and hard to clean. Then a self-cleaning bottle helping you to reach your hydration goal has been invented!


The elegant design is inspired by travel destinations and the thought of protecting the environment. Besides, the website has a calculator on the homepage. It can calculate the number of water bottles you have drunk each week and show how much money you can save when using LarQ as an alternative product.


4. Burrow

Burrow sells custom furniture and sectional sofa so that when you come to this site, it brings a bright, modern and oriented-minimalism vibe.


On the homepage, they represent an image of people using Burrow furniture in every new concept. Moreover, the site has a video demonstrating how we use their furniture, directly showing the feature of the goods, “ We are solving the biggest problems in furniture”.

Range collection products are categorized cleverly on the site, helping customers easier to choose.


5. SkullCandy

Now, do we come to the technological company website selling high-quality earphones, earbuds, speakers, and more. BigCommerce designed platform is very straightforward, modern, and bold, where items are displayed with the slogan, “ Never lose your tuns”.


On the top of the interface, it involves a click-through of “Shop” section including all product lines and “Inside SkullCandy” section which covers all product concepts available for challenge, sound without boundaries, values, and culture.


6. Black Diamond equipment

Black Diamond equipment is another great example of eCommerce branding done well by using BigCommerce platforms. Each element of online presence is consistent with a spiritual message, “No matter where your mission takes you, our expansive line of poles are designed to be lighter and stronger to get you there”.

Black Diamond equipment

The design contributes to overall positioning, clearly bringing out company equipment for climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and shoes that are added delicately in stories, sports, communities, tech innovation, and sustainability in the “Experience” section.

Black Diamond equipment

7. Body Bliss

Locally sourced, organic skincare products are what you think right after you enter this website! The automatic bar in the center introduces the typical and the most popular products in Body Bliss categories.

Body Bliss

The special feature of this website is the “Blog” page which indirectly promotes their value brand to traditional and future customers. Moreover, for direct information about Body Bliss, we also can go to the “About” page which provides their vision and explanation of the logo.

Body Bliss

Body Bliss

8. Tommie Copper

Tommie Copper supplies compression clothings with support for pain relief and physical recovery. There are two separate sections on the top bar for men’s and women’s products. One added section, “Featured” is for general products and new arrivals for both genders.

Tommie Copper

On the homepage, immediately when you are on the website, you will see “60 days money-back guarantee” section. That is effective in attracting customers to try the product, which the company can assure the product quality.

Tommie Copper

9. Glory Cycles

Like other platforms above, Glory Cycles website of selling bikes is heading to consistency and efficiency.

Glory Cycles

The website also posts news relating to bike shops and bike engines, which stays informative and relevant to customers.

10. Natori

Coming with a different field is about fashion and design. Natori company is a luxury store that has operated for over 40 years.

The website catches the web design trend, which is elegant and classy, containing tastefully picky images since the firm understands the importance of eCommerce towards customers globally.


Heidi Maund, director of eCommerce at Natori, posted a comment on BigCommerce blog, “Whether it’s virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or any of the other exciting new things happening in digital commerce, taking advantage of them can help drive your business forward.”

11. Hyphen Sleep

This design is done uniquely as all superior characteristics of the Hyphen Sleep products are shown clearly. It is reasonable since they only sell cutting-edge mattresses, and this kind of product needs to show experiential use to trust the customers.

Hyphen Sleep

Hyphen Sleep is a young and hip brand. Therefore, the bright colored images represent the youth, enthusiasm, and energy, making them different in their field.

12. Autograph Foliages

Autograph Foliages is a commercial wholesale that facilitates artificial plants such as grass, flowers, and trees.

Autograph Foliages

Let’s see how eye-pleasing and clarified the website theme is. The green scheme is used so effectively coupled with the different plant images.

13. Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging is a co-family business founded in 1938. They supply the wrapping and containing package for beauty, food, beverage, and other special offers.

Berlin Packaging

The website design portrays a reliable and trustworthy B2B company. For instance, the white space on the site leaves modern and purified so that the shown information will be more apparent and readable.

14. Anchor and Crew

Anchor and Crew is about jewelry, accessories and leather goods. Their handicraft products are a discerning modern-minimalist style for adventurous people.

Anchor and Crew

This eCommerce site is a novel branding that will cost premium prices for their products when combined with the right marketing strategy.

15. Di Bruno Bros

Di Bruno Bros has been offering the highest quality gourmet foods for 80 years. They also started selling online pretty early in the 2000s.

Di Bruno Bros

Their store is well-organized, lively going well with the gourmet products. Additionally, there are many appetizing images that you definitely can’t take your eyes off.

16. Marucci Sports

Marucci Sports is a sports manufacturer in terms of baseball and fastpitch equipment.

Marucci Sports

The web is full of sports vibes. On the store, noticing the Commitment to Players section informs that the company is operated by Big Leaguers. That will gain credibility and authority with their customers.

Marucci Sports

17. Barron Designs

The eCommerce site sells faux panels and columns as well as faux wood and wood beams. They desire to build innovative, affordable, qualified materials to customers.

Barron Designs

The interesting feature is the What’s your design style? quiz invoking the engagement of the customers. You can get the result of your favorite style after getting the quiz.

Barron Designs

18. Molton Brown

Molton Brown is a brand selling luxury beauty, fragrance, bath and body gift items.

Molton Brown

The elegant design surely retains more time of surfing the web by feeling a luxurious taste. Obviously, the images contribute to the web’s beauty, helping you imagine how the products look like.

19. Saddleback leather

Saddleback leather company provides wallets, bags, and backpacks.

Saddleback leather company

On the template, the color scheme is brown, similar to the color of the leather products. The thumbnail images are captured from the travel and workplace with Saddleback leather items. This will reinforce the branding visually, giving an apparent purpose of what products are for.

20. SugarBoo & Co

The company runs a wide range of lifestyle products, from daily items to accessories like wall art, jewelry, or candles.

The SugarBoo & Co site is decorated simply and aesthetically. The theme takes a feeling of whimsical, minimalis and natural vibe that highlights the concept products.

SugarBoo & Co

9 tips for a successful BigCommerce site

After viewing some outstanding BigCommerce site examples, you may wonder which factors make a successful BigCommerce site. This article will give 9 common tips for a successfully designed website.

1. Keep an interface design simple

The minimal interface helps customers come right to purchase immediately. Before planning to design an online store, you should answer the question: Will it be clear for customers to reach? It will be a great beginning when you can understand which requirements of your store match the targeted customers.

2. Choose an easy domain name

A catchy and easy reach of the domain name will help customers remember your branding longer. Moreover, your online store is also more convenient to search the name on search engines, increasing the rate of click-through stream.

3. Be distinct content

The eCommerce space is more and more occupied each year. Owing to that reason, you should find a way to make a memorable and separate eCommerce business compared to other competitors.

The ways are from design, novel selling proposition, features, and branding performed through the website.

4. Don’t tell just show the products

The customers are quickly attracted by visual symbols and images so that you shouldn’t show too many words on the site since they would get bored and annoyed.

What they want to see is the products on the web that they will purchase. Remember to emphasize the visual quality of the products to invoke the customer’s needs.

5. Seek first-hand customer data and feedback

The best practices of the eCommerce web are many, but you need to consider them carefully. Because apparently, not any good practices fit your store concept.

Thus, seeking first-hand customer data and feedback is a crucial method to make a design decision as a business owner. From that, you can make a great user experience to impress potential customers.

6. Maintain great user service

A successful design should come along with a convenient shopping service.

The site has to maintain an excellent online service since “ A great user experience should come first” , especially the client going to the web for the first time.

7. Design your store with a look that matched targeted customer

After getting first-hand customer data and feedback as well as determining a specific content, the next step is how to design your store, appetizing, but with a look approaching targeted customers.

That requires you to research potential buyers of purchase behaviors, their common lifestyles relating to your products, and other marginal factors. Don’t forget to design your store fitting your vision and mission!

8. Offer a variety of payment options

Many eCommerce stores offer both local and international payment options. It is definitely a good opportunity for you to reach more international customers, helping to increase sales and claiming the global expansion of your store.

Don’t hesitate to take these payment options once you consider running an online store!

9. Offer an easy checkout process

The last tip from eCommerce designers is running an optimal checkout process. Along with various payment options, it is vital to give customers the best buying experience until they check out the product.

It is the very first post-purchase experience, so you need to mind it when designing reasonably.

Final thought

Apparently, Bigcommerce is a worthy hosted shopping cart software for anyone who desires to open a professional online store. It will give the best design templates depending on your want and demand.

If you have a plan to build an online store, 9 tips for creating a successful BigCommerce site in the article will be for you to apply effectively. Hope, with 20 best success BigCommerce site examples, it will be helpful and supportive, especially for someone who is supposed to use BigCommerce platform software in the future.

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