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8 Best Bigcommerce Sites to Fuel You Inspiration

Last updated: February 01, 2024
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Thousands of businesses in the world have transformed themselves into a new era of selling online thanks to the appearance of BigCommerce. Regardless of fashion, jewelry, health products, electronics, and others, the BigCommerce platform enables myriad brands to become recognizable with an impressive performance in not only high revenue but also customer service. So, if you are thinking of transferring to BigCommerce, you can spend time looking at several best BigCommerce Sites in the World. Then, you can be motivated and even grasp some ways of brainstorming for your site development.

8 Best BigCommerce sites in the world

1. Perpetual Kid

1.1. About Perpetual Kid

Founded by Wendy Papula and Curt Eastman, Perpetual Kid was born with the concept of a store to fulfill the needs of inner-child customers. The brand pays attention to eccentric items such as kitchenware, fashion accessories, toys, and so on.

In the past, it used to sell on Monster Commerce, but in 2015, Perpetual Kid decided to switch to its BigCommerce website. Since then, the company has witnessed increasing growth with a lot of opportunities for further expansion.

With the mission to generate happiness for millions of inner Childs, its initial products were proudly mentioned in the world-known Time Magazine, while some others were featured on the famous late-night Show with Jay Leno.

Perpetual kid toys

1.2. Why is Perpetual Kid?

There is no denying that the brand has steadily developed over the years with a fantastic record in revenue, conversion rate, coupled with the average order value. To be more specific, there has been a significant rise in its conversion rate of up to 94%. This proves that two co-founds have smart and fast marketing methods as well as catchy web design to attract visitors to their site. Moreover, you can see an astonishing number of $220 rise in the company’s revenue.

This is to say, they are craving such a constant improvement in defining their brand to get internally recognized. Another index to show the brand’s success lies in its average order value, which accounts for 154%.

1.3. What makes Perpetual Kid one of the biggest BigCommerce in the world?

You cannot succeed without any effort. Thanks to proper strategies on the BigCommerce site, great success comes to Perpetual Kid. Since the company’s founders have a deep understanding of technology, they are not afraid of fine-tuning their website as needed. Based on their experience, the company made great efforts in turning their business into an emerging network where a striving online community develops and customers can have close interaction with others.

If you are a regular consumer of Perpetual Kid in BigCommerce, you will head over heels in love with how it is progressing at an extremely fast pace in comparison with current platforms. Big Wendy Papula and Curt Eastman recognized the core value of built-in reliability and functionality offered by a BigCommerce website. Consequently, they invest more attempt and time in the growth as well as promotion of their business.

A bonus point to help Perpetual Kid to be one of the successful sites is the integration of Facebook Marketplace. This enables their product list, which is live on their BigCommerce site, to be updated automatically on Facebook. Therefore, their products have an extra revenue stream of outstanding digital platforms with the increased sales of 24%.

This incorporation also helped the team to recognize that once people liked, commented, and shared any product, the frequency of their items appearing in News Feeds would be higher. On that account, people paid more awareness and attention to their products.

The right approach to reach the right customers via Messenger was such a smart way to give responses to consumers at the quickest answer before they decided on their purchase. While general responses could require 24 hours, this integration lessened the time and made every transaction easier and quicker.

2. Burrow

2.1. About Burrow

It seems a long story when it comes to the development of Burrow. The story began when two students Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra, at a business school, were in the furniture search. However, items with the arrival that required to wait for months, or disposal options did not suit their searching purpose.

They also tried to find an alternative method to buy furniture, but it did not exist. That is why Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra made up their minds to construct their own. And Burrow was born in order to create specific products that would satisfy customers’ needs and come with affordable and quick shipment.

Though their initial choice of selling platforms was not a BigCommerce website, they then migrated to it to keep track of a multi-vendor, multi-channel, and multi-product business.


2.2. Why is Burrow?

Since the migration to the BigCommerce website, Burrow has achieved stunning results. It is worth mentioning a surge in the conversion rate within only two months of 30%. Along with that, the average order value witnesses a rise of 4% while the increase in site performance and speed constitutes 50%. With the faster site speed as well as site performance, the brand is believed to have a much better chance to rank on Google; thereby, lowering the bounce rate.

2.3. What makes Burrow one of the biggest BigCommerce sites in the world?

A BigCommerce site facilitates myriad chances to improve the performance of any business. The effective application of business and marketing tools such as creating discounts or bundles boosts the sales of the company. Burrow also works with BigCommerce to build an ideal site to suit every need within only six weeks.

Especially, the company has executed a headless approach which saves a considerable amount of money and time for the Burrow team. Thus, it lets them consolidate the power to have users’ experience. Plus, Burrow gets a chance to streamline operations with some abilities such as having signatures on items that were delivered or delaying orders and improving the design aesthetic of their site. That makes a great impression on users across myriad devices.

3. Skullcandy

3.1. About Skullcandy

Founded by Rick Alden, Skullcandy helps you discover beautiful life with a wide range of audio lifestyles, including earbuds, headphones, and true wireless devices. Despite providing high-performance products with huge success, the world-renowned brand seemed to have humble beginnings.

The first steps began when Rick Alden wanted to make a call while listening to some music. But it made him impossible to switch over due to the limited technology at that time. Then, an idea of creating a premium-quality headphone to meet the requirement of an active and modern lifestyle popped up in his mind. This led to the foundation of Skullcandy.

Skullcandy Dime

3.2. Why is Skullcandy?

The following evidence will clarify why Skullcandy is one of the biggest BigCommerce sites in the world. Look at the index and metrics to see what the company has accomplished recently. The revenue has observed a rise of 214% after its launch. Year-over-year orders escalated to 122%; whereas, the year-over-year conversion rate saw a significant increase of 82%.

These statistics prove that it is increasingly getting recognized and appreciated. With the distribution across countries, headphones with the brand name Skullcandy gradually conquer customers’ hearts.

3.3. What makes this brand one of the biggest BigCommerce sites in the world?

Formerly utilizing Salesforce Commerce Cloud to get access to shoppers, the company found it costly for long-time maintenance and management. Furthermore, this platform also misses offering the desired agility, wasting resources and time.

With this experience, the team wished to seek a website with greater adaptability, versatility, and more chances of future updates as well as functionalities. And they discovered a BigCommerce site which was easy for them to execute what they needed.

Thanks to beneficial availability on this up-to-date platform, Skullcandy made use of the site to drive traffic, make SEO optimization, and enhance customer service. BigCommerce proposed a built-in relationship with customers, which was committed to the big success of the company. Additionally, the platform guarantees 12-hour assistance for online stores. So, there is no need to worry about any arising issues to hinder your website’s function or threaten to lose.

Since the migration to BigCommerce, Skullcandy reinforces its stable rank in the online market with uninterrupted revenue. They launched seven live sites, together with three languages and four currencies within only six months. Besides, the Best New Site Design by BigCommerce had been awarded to this fruitful brand only after one month of launching. Then, it kept integrating Facebook Market to aim at extensive opportunities for omnichannel selling. So, if you are about to create your own BigCommerce site, consider Skullcandy for reference.

4. Solo Stove

4.1. About Solo Stove

Another big name in the list belongs to Solo Stove. When it comes to outdoor cooking products, Solo Stove seems to be the top priority for the easiest and best-designed items. The story of the brand’s success has become an inspiration for younger generations.

So, what is it? It was founded by the brother’s Spencer and Jeff Jan. They had unforgettable childhood memories together with a lot of time immersing in nature and outdoor activities. They always yearned to develop a business together someday.

Despite taking separate paths when growing mature, they craved being an indispensable part of the lives of the other. Consequently, the brothers decided to establish Solo Stove in 2010 with the purpose of selling camp stoves. After that, the business strived to offer some accents for the outdoor lifestyle such as fire pits or larger stoves.

Solo Stove products

4.2. Why is Solo Stove?

The constant growth of this brand has made it one of the biggest BigCommerce sites of all time. The year-over-year conversion rate went up over 50%. In the meantime, the increased site traffic rose to 60%. Also, the average order number made headway to 57%. This is to say, Solo Stove not only hits the jackpot at the contemporary time but also achieves even more unexpected success shortly.

4.3. What makes Solo Stove one of the biggest BigCommerce sites in the world?

A BigCommerce site was chosen by Solo Stove because it offers a better adjustment than other one-page sites. With frequent updates and flexibility, the company got a great handle on this platform to get stunning results related to revenue and site traffic.

Thanks to a proper change of site images and appearance, the website design is friendly to all customers; thereby decreasing the bounce rate considerably. Solo Stove also has a deep understanding of customers’ needs and concerns so that new products with new promotions are always available for online shoppers.

The more the company promotes its brand, the more decipherable the brand becomes. Henceforth, customers know more and become more interested in its products. Another key to their success is because of the out-of-the-box template since their first launch of the BigCommerce site. Smart marketing integrations, retention tools, as well as added cart features turned Solo Stove to be most successful brand ever. It has stayed connected with a BigCommerce platform for nearly ten years. And this cooperation promises Solo Stove with steady enhancement in traffic, revenue, and conversion rate annually.

5. Mountain Crest Gardens

5.1. About Mountain Crest Gardens

Founded in 1995 as one family-owned succulent nursery business, Mountain Crest Gardens used to wholesale birdhouses and dish gardens to retailers located on the West Coast. However, they switched their selling strategy to the online catalog and direct sales in the year 2001. At that time, the business was mostly known for distributing a limited collection of tender succulents, including Crassula and Echeveria.

Then, their collection expanded to more than 700 varieties of soft and hard succulents from Tender Sedum, Aeonium, Senecio, Kalanchoe, to Haworthia. The company saw a sudden rocket in sales only in the late 2010s when their eCommerce site enlarged. Up to now, they specialize in providing a large collection of individual succulents, reasonable, and special selections of succulent plants.


5.2. Why are Mountain Crest Gardens?

As the brand migrated to a BigCommerce website, they caught sight of a 10% increased revenue. On the contrary, the ad costs decreased 50%, which saved a lot of resources to invest in other activities. One more impressive result is a spike in the orders of up to 400%.

5.3. What makes Mountain Crest Gardens one of the biggest BigCommerce sites in the world?

Formerly operated in Magento Go, Mountain Crest Gardens transferred to BigCommerce, which assisted them in opening a wide range of product templates and enhancements. This historical migration marked a milestone in the company’s growth path by having a responsive website currently to facilitate mobile sales. This explains the growth of 400% in revenue, as previously mentioned.

After a short period of several years, this succulent plant brand has yielded momentous organic growth while cutting half of the ads spend. We should mention the application of a marketing tool Rivet Works. This is useful in finding consumer media and driving them to social channels or websites. The images are extremely applicable for some marketing purposes, including emails and blogs, which leads to a reduction in product photography costs.

6. Savannah Bee Company

6.1. About Savannah Bee Company

Savannah Bee Company has gone a long way to become successful as it is today. It has been a long story since a beekeeper named Ted Dennard was keen on giving honey to his close family and friends as gifts. Afterward, his friends advised him to sell his honeybees in his gift shop called Savannah located downtown.

Fortunately, the products got an abundance of sales and enjoyed growing popularity. Soon, he went into business with the foundation of Savannah Bee Company, initially based in the kitchen at his home. As the name indicates, Savannah Bee Company committed to selling honey-related products, candles, beverages, beauty products, and so on. With 15 locations across the United States, the American-based company has a passion for honeybees. Their mission is to educate not only children but also adults of how important bees are in our life. Bees play a fundamental role in our ecosystems. However, they are in danger with myriad threats out there. That explains why we need to things we can to save them.

Pure honey

6.2. Why is Savannah Bee Company?

The brand noticed a decrease in the total cost of ownership of 30%. This achievement went beyond cost savings. More than that, it also reduced the administration time, offering a higher chance of operational agility, an enrichment of flexibility and scalability. As regards the company’s revenue, there has been a rise of 12% year over year while transactions elevated to 6%.

6.3. What makes Savannah Bee Company one of the biggest BigCommerce sites in the world?

In the beginning, the honeybee brand operated multiple stores to feature up to over 2,000 retailers. A series of beauty products, accessories, and clothes, along with artisanal honey, and home goods are offered to the market.

Their immense development required an eCommerce website that could promote new items vibrantly and effectively with an excellent experience. This was when a BigCommerce site for Savannah Bee Company was born. On account of BigCommerce’s ability to sync inventory among Google, Facebook, Amazon stores, and eCommerce sites, the fulfillment, product listings, and streamlining orders all come together through only one place.

By improving their web presence as well as brand awareness, the company, which is with the need of BigCommerce, was able to refresh and keep content and design up to date. One more thing to make the company outstand the other lies in the integration of InStockNotify. Here, consumers might sign up to get email alerts for items that are out of stock. As a result, this contributes to increasing the conversion rate with a huge return on investment.

7. Dress Up

7.1. About Dress Up

If you fancy clothes shopping experience, Dress Up would be in the limelight as a top name in the industry of fashion with its biggest BigCommerce site. So, when, and why was Dress Up created? It was when Derrick and Danielle Case felt exhausted after walking through never-ending stores with a similar premise. All of them came out with overprice and a lack of style. There existed no change for these items over the months.

And these two persons found it ridiculous with the current situation of a shopping mall at that time. They made up their mind to create their store with updated new styles each week, accompanied by on-trend style and affordable price. That store is Dress Up. Annually, it went through rapid development with the appearance of 19 stores, along with around 300 employees in just less than ten years.

Trending styles from Dress Up

7.2. Why is Dress Up?

The success of Dress Up is demonstrated through its increasing conversion rate, revenue, and site traffic. The brand saw a rise of 150% in its revenue and 148% in its conversion rate. These numbers will not stop there; instead, it is expected to surge more in the future. Plus, the site traffic had a great performance with an increase of 46%. This promises to even attract more visitors to the BigCommerce site of Dress Up.

7.3. What makes Dress Up one of the biggest BigCommerce sites in the world?

A BigCommerce site is not the first eCommerce store that Dress Up chose. To begin with, they chose Shopify. Nevertheless, they are fond of the API integrations offered by BigCommerce instead of Shopify’s app-based integrations. Right after migrating to a BigCommerce site, this brand immediately spotted 195 increases in their revenue within the 1st year of launching, combined with anticipated year-over-year growth.

It is obvious that the company infused with technology will lead to the golden era of increasing advancement. As explained by Derrick Case – CEO of Dress Up, their business is transferring from offline to online stores. Without a doubt, technology is an integral part of their business activities. And they expect one day they can see a split revenue 50/50 between in-store and online sales.

8. Revelry

8.1. About Revelry

It was in 2009 when founder Michelle realized that bridesmaid dresses needed a momentous change. She craved creating beautiful dresses that fit anyone, providing a fun experience with comfort. Women, at that time, were required to try on some styles without coming to traditional retailers. And, these styles, which came with no stress and made women feel good and look good, satisfied these needs completely.

With the mission to customize dresses for all women, Revelry did a good job in connecting girl gangs all over the world to reach the right way for shopping bridesmaid dresses. Everyone on this planet deserves to have gorgeous dresses. And ones who in their crew could have an opportunity to celebrate love and passion about the dress that they love. And, that is what the company is getting hold of.

Wonderful dresses from Revelry

8.2. Why is Revelry?

The story of Revelry started with one static webpage which was linked to the Google document. This is to say, its beginning was too early that no easy platform was used to initiate online stores. During that period, selling on Google documents brought about total sales of $500K. However, Michelle found it unscalable and needed to find another way.

After that, the brand decided to sell on BigCommerce. Since then, the bridesmaid dress company has toasted an increase of 400% in revenue. To be more specific, there has been a noteworthy rise of 26% in the business’s average order value. In the meantime, the BigCommerce store has increased 56% in its conversion rate and 785% in the number of brand’s customers.

8.3. What makes Revelry one of the biggest BigCommerce sites in the world?

Stencil, Revelry’s BigCommerce framework, is on its side to yield countless benefits for the company. In consideration of the launch of this site on BigCommerce, it is extremely fast and easy to apply. By adding cutting-edge features to online stores, the loading time of Revelry’s BigCommerce site became much quicker. Especially, it is even instantaneous on consumers’ mobile.

BigCommerce also put forward multiple integrations so that the operation can run smoothly. Whether the Revelry team is at the office or not, they can still check what is happening in their eCommerce store. Just by a button click, it is a piece of cake for them to check analytics; thereby, knowing how the stores are going. A point to make Revelry successful is how it issued a Braintree App which includes the Paypal button. This integration saves the company around 5% on every transaction with credit cards. Accordingly, their conversion rate has remarkably gone up about 3% since the app was launched. For sure, it has become a seamlessly great experience for customers as they will encounter no barrier for their checkout process.

How to create a fruitful BigCommerce website?

No matter how small or big the business is, and what type your business is, the one thing to generate thriving profit lies in creating an appealing store. With millions of businesses migrating to BigCommerce, here are the ultimate tips to help you create your online store.

1. Create attractive product pages

Product pages are the places to spread product-specific content to enable visitors to decide if they want to place an order. Moreover, a well-designed product page by utilizing good photography, customer review, and detailed descriptions could convert potential buyers to life-long customers. Remember that, you can easily lose or win them right on product pages so that it is highly recommended to invest in it.

2. Provide a variety of payment options

Offering many different payment options brings about multiple benefits for your BigCommerce site. For sure, it attracts more new visitors to your site. Then, these consumers will be translated into a bigger turnover as well as more transactions on your website.

Furthermore, this tip also serves as a type of advertisement. Including more payment options such as After Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Mastercard, or Visa, can enhance the reliability of a BigCommerce site as trusty and high-profile merchants. Payment flexibility leads to a substantial increase in engagement rate due to its convenience. This caters to your consumers’ preferences; thus, appealing to them to return to your online store. Alternative payment method helps raise not only consumers’ awareness of your brand but also smart technical options.

3. Create impressive About Us Page

About Us Page is the thing to tell your business apart from the others. By introducing you to clients, it will generate a number of customers right from the first moment penetrating your page. When you are prepared to write this unique page, you need to think about who your ideal customers are. In other words, you could build a detailed profile of clientele, which is a worthy task.

4. Keep customer service good all the time

Only by caring for your customers, they can feel your sincerity; therefore, bringing them satisfaction. A happy consumer will be willing to suggest your products to others based on their shopping experience. They can even give you good reviews, improving your rank on the BigCommerce platform.

5. Select easy-to-remember and catchy domain name

An easy-to-remember and catchy domain name maintains your brand ownership while building an unforgettable online presence. The easier the name is, the more memorable your business is. Whether you are a small or big company, customers can still get approached by your site by remembering your domain name. So, this is a plus point to help you compete with your rivals.


The world is constantly changing. Only by updating your selling platform, you can establish a strong business with high revenue. That is why there is no better way than to devote your store to a BigCommerce platform where you can earn plenty of profits. Don’t hesitate to raise any questions related to this article. Enjoy it!

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