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10 Best BigCommerce Wholesale Apps Free & Paid

Last updated: September 01, 2023
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When it comes to BigCommerce Wholesale, more traditional B2B enterprises migrate their operations online, making BigCommerce Wholesale increasingly popular. That is the reason why they need for wholesale apps in BigCommerce is rising more rapidly than ever.

In this article, we will provide you with the 10 best BigCommerce Wholesale apps that you should not miss if you are about to build a wholesale business on BigCommerce.

What is Wholesale?

Wholesale eCommerce is a business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce approach in which your products are sold in bulk and at a discount to other businesses rather than selling them individually to consumers.

In the wholesale business, you serve as an intermediary between the producer and the distributor or retailer in the supply chain.

10 Best Wholesale Apps in BigCommerce

The emergence of wholesale apps in BigCommerce has altered the status quo, bringing numerous benefits to B2B firms who opt to migrate sales online. Therefore, the below apps might be a wonderful solution for wholesalers.

1. Form Builder by POWR

If you want to find an effective way to make your website visitors become your customers, Form Builder by POWR will be the perfect app for you. POWR Form Builder is a simple method to design unique contact forms, quote forms, wholesale forms, and other forms for your website without coding or a steep learning curve. POWR Form Builder is an economical, simple-to-use, and configurable internet tools app that will assist businesses of all sizes in growing online.

There are about 60 website apps that interface with over 70 platforms and all require no coding to deploy. Over 12 million websites around the world have trusted POWR’s apps to collect more leads and increase conversions, including Allbirds, Acer, Staples, Estée Lauder, OneWheel, Chick-fil-A, and Crocs USA.

Outstanding features

  • 20 distinct field possibilities to choose from: With this app, you are able to freely choose from drop-down menus, multiple-choice options, email, phone number, or photos. Now, everything is up to you.
  • Automatically send Email notifications and responses: You will not have to worry about checking every new visitor who fills in your form. Form Builder by POWR enables you to receive automatic email notifications whenever someone fills out your form. In addition, wholesalers can also send out automated confirmation emails to their customers.
  • Data saved and exported from form submissions: All form submissions are kept to your personal POWr Dashboard and it is really easy to convert them to CSV.
  • Design is completely customizable: Not only select your chosen fields but Form Builder by POWR also customize the fonts, colors, size, and other aspects to completely complement the look of your site.



This free Form Builder by POWR will allow you to fill up to 6 form fields, send emails with autoresponders. With free Form Builder by POWR, you can enable payments, make a discount code, and integrate with Zapier. Moreover, it also gives you a dashboard for form responses. For notifications, Form Builder by POWR will send 1 email to the admin. However, the POWR branding will be included.


Starting at $4.49 per month as Free + Remove POWR branding


You can use your Pro Form Builder by POWR at $10.79 per month. You are able to add up to 20 form fields as a Starter, upload files, and integrate with Mailchimp and Google Sheets. Forms with many pages are also enabled to be created, including conditional logic. Limit contributions will be based on the user, the date, or the quantity.


Form Builder by POWR is rated 4.0 of 5 stars with 24 reviews on the BigCommerce website.

Form Builder by POWR

2. MinMax Order Limits

I am wondering how to control the min and max values for a customer’s order? MinMax Order Limits is here to help you.

Outstanding features

MinMax Order Limits is among the only apps that set a minimum order limit for your cart. It also contains other options which can be set to make your eCommerce store more efficient. With the support from MinMax Order Limits, you will be able to set up a limit to Order total cost, Order the total quantity of things, the number of copies available for specific products, or the number of unique/similar things for each or all products.


There are three options for your store:

  • 14 days free trial
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring fee: $12.95 per month


MinMax Order Limits is rated 4.5 of 5 stars with 10 reviews on the BigCommerce website.

MinMax Order Limits

3. Sufio Invoices

For every wholesale business on BigCommerce, it is necessary that you need invoices. However, to do it manually is such a big challenge as you need to save time to focus on growing your business. And to solve this, Sufio Invoices will help. Sufio Invoices will automatically generate and deliver invoices for orders placed in your store. Sufio Invoices is able to send eye-catching invoices so that your business will stand out from others. Moreover, Sufio Invoices also help you issue legally compliant invoices in 50 countries throughout the world.

Outstanding features

  • Easy to sell businesses: Sufio Invoices will enable you to capture and validate your business clients’ VAT and GST numbers then immediately set European business customers as tax-exempt in your store.
  • Customizable design: It is easy for you to create your own one-of-a-kind invoice by modifying the colors and aspects of your design.
  • Print in bulk: No more one-by-one printing as Sufio Invoices will make it possible to print or download a batch of PDF invoices and share them with your accountant.
  • Additional papers: Sufio Invoices creates additional documents such as pro forma invoices, credit notes, and quotes.
  • Multicurrency: This app will help you create invoices in the currencies that your consumers used while shopping in your store.
  • Regulations Comply: All of the documents are entirely compliant with accounting legislation in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, UK, Ireland, and other countries of the European Union.
  • More than 30 languages: With Sufio Invoices, you can flexibly choose a particular language for the invoices. Their invoices are accessible in over 30 languages, including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic, and Chinese, and are professionally translated by local accountants.
  • Helpful support: Sufio Invoices’ knowledgeable support staff can assist you in setting up invoicing and taxes for your store.


You can log in for a free trial of 14 days. The fee for upfronting is free and the recurring fee is $19 per month.


More than 3150 stores have trusted Sufio Invoices with their invoices. Sufio Invoices is rated 4.0 of 5 stars with 5 reviews on the BigCommerce website.

Sufio Invoices

4. B2B Ninja Quote Request

B2B Ninja Quote Request

B2B Ninja, which is initially called Quote Ninja) is a BigCommerce quoting tool that generates professional quotes in a matter of seconds. Being completely connected with BigCommerce, B2B ninja will help consumers to create their own quotations directly from your storefront. A unified dashboard allows sales reps to see, manage, and create quotes. Quote Ninja was developed by a BigCommerce B2B merchant who is intimately familiar with the quoting requirements of B2B businesses. That is the reason why B2B Ninja is considered one of the best apps built designed for B2B companies and is the B2B tool you need to increase income while saving time. With B2B Ninja, your consumers will easily purchase products directly from the quotes you offer them. Moreover, you do not have to worry about your business size as Quote Ninja serves merchants of all sizes, from one-man shops to Fortune 500 corporations.

Outstanding features

  • Fully Integrated w/ BigCommerce: Quote Ninja is an app that was designed from the ground up to work with BigCommerce. Therefore, customers can not only get quotes for single or many products directly from your product or shopping page but also create quotations from our dashboard using your BC goods and all of your shipping, tax, and price rules. The most outstanding thing is that there is no need for product import or maintenance.
  • Single Click Quote to Order for Sales Reps & Customers: With the click of a button, sales agents can instantly convert a quote to an order. Quotes include an optional checkout link, which allows buyers to finish their purchase using your shopping cart. Moreover, you will not have to worry about duplicate data entry.
  • All of your Quotes in One Simple Dashboard: Quote Ninja will support multiple users and help you keep track of the status of your quotes as well. Additionally, once you choose Quote Ninja, history and restoration aspects will be made detailed, allowing business owners to check to see if and when quotes are opened or clicked, as well as who is doing so.
  • Creating PDF Quotes and Attaching Files: With the support of Quote Ninja, store owners can quickly email attractive HTML quotations with a copy of the quote attached in.pdf format as well as download, save, and print their quotation as a.pdf file to store and/or send as an email attachment with their quotes.
  • Many more useful features: Such as supporting product choices, variants, option rules, and custom fields, configuring optioned products via Quote Ninja’s dashboard in the same way as your client would on the product page, or changing quote templates using their vast array of variables.
  • A lot of beautiful built-in quotation templates that are entirely adjustable and limitless.


You can start your Quote Ninja at the custom price of $75 for each month.


Quote Ninja is one of the highest-rated apps as it is rated 5.0 of 5 stars with 40 reviews on the BigCommerce website.

5. Apruve

Apruve is another app that wholesale business owners should not miss. Apruve is a useful app to manage not only your customers’ online and offline orders but also all credit applications, invoicing, collections, and customer payments. The program is totally automated, allowing you to return to focusing on your business rather than how you’re getting paid. In addition, Apruve enables BigCommerce store owners to offer net terms to their company buyers while receiving payment in 24 hours without performing any manual operations. You will be paid via net terms (30, 45, 60, etc.) days later, but you will get paid within 24 hours of any new invoicing event, risk-free.

Outstanding features

  • Credit Application Online: If you are tired of all the paper, faxing or any manual processing, Apruve will be the best solution as it hosts an online credit application in your brand. Apruve will also underwrite your buyer, provide them with a credit limit, and assume all financing risk.
  • Payments are made within 24 hours: Your consumers have 30 or 60 days to pay, but you are paid within 24 hours of creating a new invoice.
  • Buyer Invoicing and Payment Automation: Store owners will no longer be bothered by buyers’ invoicing, collections, and payments. There will be no more chasing down late buyers or processing paper checks. Apruve will be responsible for this, lowering your back-office costs and lowering the risk of your credit program.
  • Buyer Purchasing Groups: Businesses are not the same as customers. Apruve assists your customers in adding various buyers and payers to their accounts in order to accommodate their unique procurement procedure.
  • Ordering Online vs. Offline: You are able to handle online and offline BigCommerce orders via the admin interface with Apruve


Custom price for Apruve: Tier based SaaS and Invoice Fees


6. QuickBuy

Among the best BigCommerce bulk ordering software, we cannot miss QuickBuy as it enables you to import a simple two-column CSV file (SKU, Qty), add or remove items to your cart, and alter the quantity for each product or use customer group discounts.

QuickBuy is considered a useful app to save time entering orders and increase your sales. Using the CSV import capabilities, BigCommerce store owners can log on to the store’s frontend and place orders for their customers. This is beneficial for buy orders placed on behalf of corporate customers, as well as for complex orders containing a variety of products. Furthermore, your clients will be overjoyed if you add bulk products to your store. They will no longer have to go through each individual product and wait for it to be added to their cart. Simply enter the SKU or import the CSV file, and you’re done! A higher bottom-line results from easier recurring sales.

Outstanding features

  • Import CSV: To simply import large items, use a basic CSV file with two columns.
  • Inventory level: Displays the current inventory levels for each SKU.
  • Products with variations: The app is compatible with both standard and variant goods. It will work as long as it has an SKU.


  • Free trial: 7 days
  • Upfront fee: Free
  • Recurring fee: $29 per month.

QuickBuy app

7. QuickShop

The next app we want to introduce to you is QuickShop, which is an easy-to-use interface for bulk-adding products to cart in BigCommerce Stores. All you need to do is to go to the Quick Shop Page, select Quantity for as many things as you want to purchase, and then click the “Add All to Cart” button to add numerous products to your shopping basket with a single button click.

This is an app specially created for B2B/Wholesale. You can specify which categories appear on the Quick Shop Page. Although cornerstone-light is the Quick Shop default theme configuration, you can write QuickShop if you have any design issues with your theme as they offer free setup and configuration services to their clients based on their theme pages.

Outstanding features

  • Quickly configure shop page in the Store Admin: From your shop admin Quick Shop App settings, all products or specific categories of products can be displayed on the Quick Shop Page. Each page will display 50 goods. You can easily change the per-page Product limit to meet your needs. Besides, you can change the Product Image Effect and the Fly-out Image Speed. With the help of QuickShop, you are able to control whether the notice for In-stock quantity appears or disappears.
  • Wishlist Products Filter, Category Filter, and Products Sorting: QuickShop gives users the freedom to configure the wishlist to show the Customer’s wishlist in the category drop-down. After that, particular customer wishlist products will be displayed when the customer selects the value in the drop-down. Moreover, it is possible that you use a filter for a wiser product and also sort them in alphabetical order (A-Z, Z-A), ascend and descend order, latest and featured items.
  • Modern products search engine: QuickShop uses Ajax autocomplete search, which is a search engine where you are able to quickly find the exact products which you are about to order.
  • Customer Groups Permission Settings: It is clear that there are many customer groups in your store, so the store admin will help you a lot. You can set into your store admin which group of customers will have the possibility to see this QuickShop app. And so is the message. QuickBooks users can also define the message for other customer groups. However, there is a “for everyone” button, with which you will allow all the visitors in your store to use QuickShop.


You can have a free trial for 7 days, after that, the recurring fee will be $29 per month.


QuickShop is rated 5 out of 5 stars by BigCommerce store owners with 2 reviews.

QuickShop app

8. Veratad Age Verification

Is it necessary for your BigCommerce store to check the age or identity of its customers? Are your items restricted to a certain age group? This is where Veratad for BigCommerce comes into play. Veratad is the app that will assist you in complying with rules in your specific industry, and thanks to our cooperation with IntuitSolutions, their world-class services are now available for BigCommerce.

With Veratad, everything will be made easier, including verifying the customer’s age and identity without causing any difficulty, giving the customer more chances to get their information right, allowing consumers to upload identification, with optional automated verification and also providing a vast range of alternatives to meet your business’s requirements.

Outstanding features

  • Uncomplicated Age Verification: The initial age and identification verification will occur after the customer submits their order, removing the possibility that dissatisfaction with an age-gate will prevent them from placing their order.
  • Optional Second Chance: It is normal when a customer fails the initial verification, so do not worry too much about it as you can choose to request more detailed information immediately, or you can choose to leave it to your own team. Veratad allows you to control the optional or mandatory content of your request and re-verification. You can rename the fields, provide additional information, and make this process easier for your customers.
  • Verify government-issued ID: Using Veratad’s DCAMS and DCAMS+ options, you can provide the option of providing government-issued IDs to customers who have not passed the inspection. You can choose to collect ID for manual review or use our automatic image verification system to read the card for you to process your upload!
  • Override on a State-by-State Basis: You can set a national minimum age, but that isn’t always enough! We make sure that you have the ability to establish various ages at the state level so that a client can be accepted at the age of 18 in one state while others require you to ensure that the consumer is 21. Moreover, you can activate features like these with only a few clicks, thanks to the user-friendly UI!


  • Upfront fee: $595
  • Recurring fee: $125 per month

Veratad Age Verification

9. PunchOut Cloud

PunchOut Cloud is an app that connects suppliers to buyers via Punchout Connections. PunchOut Cloud’s simple-to-use plugin integrates your BigCommerce eCommerce solution with the majority of ERP and procurement platforms. Connect your BigCommerce storefront to your clients’ eProcurement system now with PunchOut Catalogs for BigCommerce to enjoy simple B2B transactions with your customers by leveraging PunchOut connections for a tightly integrated experience. PunchOut Cloud provides users with pre-built integration with all major ERPs and eProcurement Solutions, including but not limited to SAP, NetSuite, Ariba, Coupa, Jagger, and Sage Intacct. PunchOut Cloud also supports connections from eProcurement / ERP.

As the B2B purchasing system is where the B2B shopping experience begins, users are able to make a purchase after discovering your offering through a logo or description of the goods or service you offer. The punchout connection is then initiated by the user, and data is sent to your punchout-enabled catalog. One more reason why you should choose PunchOUt Cloud is because of its Catalogs solutions, which will evaluate the incoming data and redirect the user to the appropriate catalog in your solution during this phase. This procedure may direct visitors to co-branded catalogs that display customer-specific pricing, product subsets, and other information.

Outstanding features

  • Friendly with users: Punchout Catalogs make it simple to do B2B transactions. For a closely integrated experience, connect with your consumers using cXML and OCI.
  • PunchOut staff are professional: PunchOut Catalogs were among the first to use punchout in 1999. Since then, they have helped thousands of suppliers connect with customers.
  • Expand your business: The capacity to do business in the manner of the largest corporations, allowing you to qualify for major contracts requiring Punchout.


You can try PunchOut for free in 30 days, after that, the upfront fee will be $2000 and the recurring fee will be $299 per month.

PunchOut Cloud

10. Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC

Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC is an app that provides visitors with a single page to order from with easy search features (List Mode) or a grid view on category pages (grid view), which adds functionality to your business. It will load your full product collection slowly in the list view and turn option sets into a single line item. Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC also makes it easy to refine the display by just a keyword or category filter as well as display real-time inventory. Moreover, this app provides wholesale rates for certain sales (not available by default in BC), product information display without leaving the page, options sorting that can be customized, product category by default, and customized filters.

Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC will help you lock the page behind the specified, make the page public as well as establish a default customer segment.

Outstanding features

  • Bulk assigns product prices for a particular group to allow for rapid adjustment and bespoke pricing for groups.
  • Create personalized customer group discounts.
  • Configure email settings to send welcome emails to new wholesale customers.
  • Bulk CSV upload for quick and easy adjustments to custom pricing
  • Purchase numbers per SKU are limited.
  • Set minimum order quantities for certain categories.


For the time being, we have two options for purchasing the app: paying monthly at $49.99 or installing the app and charging a one-time cost of $500 for Bulk’s expert services.


Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC is rated 3 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews on BigCommerce.

Bulk Order & Wholesale by MINIBC app


Finding a useful app or tool plays an important role in growing a wholesale business on BigCommerce, which will save your time, make it easier for you and your customers as well. Above are the 10 Best BigCommerce wholesale apps that we want to introduce to you. Do the research and take advantage of it to create an enjoyable buying experience.

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