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Top 6+ Best BigCommerce SEO plugins Free & Paid

Last updated: December 01, 2023
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SEO is considered as one of the most important elements contributing to the success of one business. The higher your SEO performance is, the more customers you can earn in the long run. Understanding this, BigCommerce has offered several SEO plugins for e-tailers to achieve better SEO results.

And today’s article is going to introduce you to the definition of SEO plugins, the advantages of using them, and Top 6 best BigCommerce SEO plugins for online store owners to choose from. If you are also looking for an effective SEO plugin, keep reading to find out more!

What are SEO plugins?

BigCommerce SEO plugin

SEO plugins, or Search Engine Optimization plugins, are third-party extension devices that work for content management systems, applications, or websites. A plugin for SEO broadens the complexity of the root application by including tasks and functions that influence search engine optimization, internet marketing, and other facets.

These will help online merchants to conveniently refine some aspects of their website’s code and structure in order to improve the ability to be at higher ranks by search engine spiders. Especially, when it comes to BigCommerce SEO plugins as it needs technical experts to do so.

Top 6 best BigCommerce SEO plugins for your website

Below is the list of Top 6 best BigCommerce SEO plugins, which we have ranked based on their popularity, functionality, and previous clients. Without further ado, let’s get right into the first one!

1. FavSEO


The most well-known BigCommerce SEO plugin is calling their name - FavSEO. They are most famous for allowing customers to not only customize and analyze but also to optimize the title, meta definition and URL link for their online business. Furthermore, store owners can find new keyword options, upload the sitemap, and monitor rankings if they are connected with Google Webmaster Tools designed exclusively by FavSEO.

Here are some of its outstanding features:

  • Finding the items needing better SEO in the Fav Editor using the SEO Audit tool, and then optimize them
  • Making use of SEO Score Card to get an idea of your whole store’s home page and the ratings.
  • Free Live Chat support
  • Keep track of the locations of your keywords appearing on Google
  • Expand the quest for new keyword options
  • You may update the title tag for all the items, categories and pages with the help of Bulk Editor, which allows you to apply the keywords in bulk.
  • The Standard version is free of charge

All these awesome tools only come with a price of $19.95 per month, plus you can easily try out their systems for free in 10 days!

2. SEOKart


Coming in second place is SEOKart - with 5 out of 5 from 25 different reviewers. The result has proven their talent in increasing your SEO rankings for the store. The great thing about SEOKart is that they can easily track your keywords locations on Google and email you an update about your store’s SEO results once a month or once a week, depending on your preferences. In addition, you are able to keep a close eye on your opponents by using SEOKart, too.

Other astonishing tools created by SEOKart are:

  • Keep track of up to 25 keywords
  • Optimize bulk of up to 200 images.
  • The URL editor allows you to both edit and redirect URLs.
  • Weekly and monthly email reports
  • Competitors’ performance ranking
  • Free advice from a reputable SEO expert on anything from on-page optimization to keyword study
  • Fantastic dashboard combined with an analytics program to offer a bigger picture of your SEO performance.

And guess what, you get the chance to approach all of the mentioned features without losing a penny. Yes, it is completely free! So, what are you waiting for!

3. ProSEOTracker


Another fulfilling BigCommerce SEO plugin is ProSEOTracker. With this plugin, you can manage your metadata, content optimization, blog management, check for SEO issues, research keywords, and competitor analysis in one location, as well as monitor your Google Analytics data, Google Search Console, and AdWords data.

Several extra features provided by ProSEOTracker are:

  • Improving the On-page SEO for your website using the Optimize Store function
  • The Rank Tracking to see how your website is actually doing in Google Search Results
  • Take a look at the Analytics feature if you want to get information on when and how visitors arrive at your site.
  • A Keyword Planner section to look for further information and make better decisions for your keywords
  • You may find creative content ideas for evaluating SEO results at the Content Ideas panel.
  • Tracking and reporting on all PPC promotions, ad income and getting visibility into which promotion, keyword and search question is generating your revenues at Google AdWords section
  • SEO metrics are where you will find all the needed data for setting up a productive SEO plan.

Pretty similar to FavSEO, ProSEOTracker also offers a trial version for potential users lasting up to 10 days, then charges them $16.95 monthly as a recurring fee.

4. SEO Rich Snippets

SEO Rich Snippets

And the list would be incomplete without the appearance of SEO Rich Snippets. Though Stencil themes support Google’s Structured Data Markup Language (SDML), their customized scripts will be installed into your Script Manager, which produces Google-Compliant, JSON-LD Structured Data on your BigCommerce pages. This makes SEO Rich Snippets distinct from its competitors in the same field.

Once you hire them, you will have the access to:

  • Reviewing system: get the complete set of Rich Snippets Products review from Google, including Review Stars, price, currency and availability.
  • Valid Structured Data connected to Breadcrumbs, logos: in this way, Google will better interpret your site and reward you with rich excerpts
  • A comprehensive guidelines: all users can post their questions and quickly receive responses from the experts in the FAQ section as well as gaining access to How-to and Videos of Installing Structured Data

Here comes the most important and unique part of collaborating with SEO Rich Snippets: a free trial version for 30 days! Yes, you did not mishear that. Rather than 10 days like regular BigCommerce SEO plugins, this company has decided to lengthen the span to give their clients the full experience before making their final decisions - spending $22.00 a month.

5. ReloadSEO


Talking about Google findability, the rivals would be left behind when you use ReloadSEO. This software will provide you with detailed reviews on the content of your product description. Besides, when adding keywords, you will be given a specific guideline of where you should insert them to increase the SEO rates. As a result, using ReloadSEO means that your products rank higher in search, elevated conversion rates, more visitors daily and definitely, generated profits!

Apart from that, you also have the permission to use the following built-in tools:

  • BigCommerce keyword research
  • Keyword tracking
  • SEO performance control panel
  • Backlink research
  • Content review of competitors
  • Content optimization

If you are not so sure about paying $9.95 monthly for setting up ReloadSEO as a BigCommerce SEO plugin, you can totally try out their trial version for 14 days without paying anything beforehand.

6. Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer by Monster

ReloadSEO is a free image-resizing, compression, and quality-preserving plugin. When described, it makes them less heavy. More specifically, an unoptimized image may cause your store rankings in search engines to be lowered, leading to an unwanted decreasing trend in your profits. And Image Optimizer will solve this problem with these awesome features:

  • Image Compression: reduce the file sizes in your shop to fasten the process
  • Both existing and new items are automatically optimized in the context
  • You are able to keep the initial version of your images up to 30 days in case you need to recover them
  • Improve the SEO rating by setting descriptive alt texts and file names

The price you have to pay may vary depending on the size of your business. However, they also design free plans for online merchants.


To sum up, these 6 best BigCommerce SEO plugins are the ultimate alternatives for you to choose from. We hope that the list would help you to gain better SEO performance, attract more consumers and, of course, increase your profits in the near future!

Roger has over 4 years of experience in SEO. While in college, he started learning about SEO and showed a passion for the field. Right after graduation, he embarked on SEO projects and achieved great success. After years of working, he has learned deeply about SEO. Currently, he is the SEO team leader at avada.io

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