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Stockholm Shopify Theme Review: Add Minimalism to Your Online Store

December 22, 2023
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the Stockholm Shopify theme, a premium theme designed to provide a minimalistic and modern look for Shopify merchants. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Stockholm Shopify theme best suits businesses that value minimalism and want to create a sleek and modern online presence.
  • It offers features such as a responsive design, customizable sections, multiple language support, and promotional banners to enhance the shopping experience.
  • The theme can be purchased from the Shopify Theme Store or the developer’s website, Superfine.

Stockholm Shopify Theme Overview

The Stockholm Shopify theme is a top-tier option for merchants looking to create an online store with a minimalistic vibe. Its clean design and sleek interface allow businesses to showcase their products or services in an elegant manner. The theme offers a range of customization options, enabling merchants to tailor their store’s look and feel to align with their brand.

Some of the key features of the Stockholm Shopify theme include:

  • Responsive Design: The theme is fully responsive, ensuring that your store looks great and functions seamlessly across different devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Customizable Sections: With the theme’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily customize various sections of your store, including the homepage, product pages, and collections, without any coding knowledge.
  • Multiple Language Support: The theme provides built-in support for multiple languages, allowing you to reach a broader audience and cater to customers from different regions.
  • Promotion Banners: Highlight your special offers, discounts, or announcements with eye-catching promotional banners that can be easily added to different sections of your store.
  • Quick Buy: The Quick Buy feature enables customers to add products to their cart without leaving the current page, streamlining the purchasing process and improving user experience.
  • Infinitive Scroll and Back-to-Top Button: Enhance navigation and browsing experience with infinite scrolling, allowing customers to view more products seamlessly. The back-to-top button makes it easy for customers to return to the top of the page with a single click.

To get a closer look at the Stockholm Shopify theme and its various styles, you can visit its page on the Shopify Theme Store.

How Much Does Shopify Stockholm Theme Cost?

The Shopify Stockholm theme is available for purchase on the theme page, and its pricing is $320 USD for a one-time payment

Additionally, the theme offers an unlimited free trial, enabling you to thoroughly explore and evaluate its features, ensuring it aligns with your requirements and expectations, all without any financial commitment. 

You only need to pay for the theme when you decide to publish your store, giving you the flexibility and confidence to invest in the theme at your own pace.

Where To Purchase The Stockholm Shopify Theme?

To purchase the Stockholm Shopify theme, you can visit the Shopify Theme Store directly from your Shopify admin dashboard or through the Shopify website. 

Alternatively, you can find the theme on the developer’s website, Superfine. By clicking “Try theme,” you will be redirected to the theme’s page on the Shopify Theme Store.

Stockholm Theme Startup: Pros and Cons


  • Clean and minimalistic design that enhances the aesthetics of your store.
  • Responsive layout ensures your store looks great on all devices.
  • Customizable sections allow for easy branding and customization.
  • Multiple language support helps reach a wider audience.
  • Promotional banners attract attention to special offers or announcements.
  • Amazing and responsive support team that resolves issues promptly.


  • Lack of certain basic liquid features like responsive image placement and image carousels.
  • Poorly designed product page layout, particularly on mobile devices.
  • Limited customization options for background colors in each section block.

5 Presets of Shopify Startup Theme

The Stockholm Shopify theme offers five preset styles, each with its unique vibe and aesthetics. Let’s explore them:


The Default preset of the Shopify Startup theme presents a clean and versatile design. With its minimalist approach, it provides a sleek and modern aesthetic that is suitable for a wide range of businesses. 

Its straightforward and elegant look creates a professional and polished online presence. This preset is well-suited for fashion and accessories brands that value simplicity and sophistication, stores specializing in minimalist home furnishings and decor, and merchants focusing on skincare and makeup products that want to showcase their offerings with a touch of elegance.


The Beauty preset exudes a sense of elegance and allure. With its refined typography, soft color palette, and delicate design elements, it perfectly complements brands in the beauty and cosmetics industry. 

This preset is ideal for skincare and makeup brands that want to create a luxurious and captivating online experience. It suits beauty salons and spas seeking a serene and inviting digital presence, wellness stores emphasizing self-care and pampering, and fragrance brands that want to evoke a sense of sophistication and sensuality.


The Style preset offers a bold and trendy vibe. It features dynamic layouts, eye-catching visuals, and vibrant color schemes that capture attention. 

This preset is perfect for fashion-forward brands that want to make a statement with their online store. It suits clothing boutiques specializing in trendy apparel, accessory stores offering unique and fashionable items, and lifestyle brands that want to appeal to fashion-conscious consumers seeking the latest trends.


The Accessories preset showcases a sense of elegance and refinement. With its delicate typography, subtle color palette, and stylish details, it is tailored specifically for businesses that focus on accessories and jewelry. 

This preset is well-suited for jewelry stores that want to highlight the craftsmanship and beauty of their products. It caters to accessory brands specializing in premium and timeless pieces, gift shops curating a collection of stylish accessories, and watch brands wanting to create a sophisticated and upscale online presence.


The Crafts preset embraces a warm and artisanal aesthetic. Its earthy tones, hand-drawn elements, and rustic textures evoke a sense of creativity and uniqueness.

This preset is perfect for businesses that offer handmade and artisanal products. It suits craft stores that want to celebrate the creativity and craftsmanship behind their handmade items, home decor brands that focus on artisanal designs and natural materials, and boutique stores that curate a collection of one-of-a-kind and personalized products.

7 Outstanding Features That Shopify Startup Theme Offers

The Stockholm Shopify theme comes equipped with a range of outstanding features that can significantly enhance your Shopify store. Let’s explore how these features solve common challenges and upgrade the overall shopping experience for your target audience.

5 Theme Styles To Choose From

The Stockholm theme offers five distinct theme styles, providing merchants with various options to align their store’s aesthetics with their brand and target audience. This feature is precious for high-volume stores as it allows them to create a visually compelling online presence that captures their customers’ attention. 

For example, a high-volume fashion retailer can select the “Style” theme style to showcase their trendy clothing line with dynamic layouts and vibrant color schemes, effectively attracting and engaging fashion-forward customers.

Easy to Setup and Configure

The easy setup and configuration process of the Stockholm theme is a time-saving advantage for businesses, especially physical stores seeking to expand their online presence quickly. By minimizing the setup steps required, merchants can swiftly launch their Shopify store and start selling without delays. 

This feature benefits both high-volume stores and physical stores by streamlining the transition into the digital space and allowing them to focus on delivering a consistent shopping experience across online and offline channels.

Animation and High-resolution Visual

With animation and high-resolution visual capabilities, the Stockholm theme elevates the visual appeal of the Shopify store, enhancing customer engagement and driving conversions. Using animations and high-quality images helps high-volume stores captivate their audience, especially when showcasing luxurious or intricate products.

For instance, a high-volume store specializing in high-end jewelry can leverage these features to display the brilliance and craftsmanship of its pieces, enticing customers to make confident purchasing decisions.

Multiple Languages

The support for multiple languages in the Stockholm theme empowers businesses to cater to a diverse customer base and expand their global reach. By offering translated content, product descriptions, and checkout processes in multiple languages, merchants can effectively communicate with customers from various regions. 

This feature is particularly advantageous for high-volume stores targeting international markets, as it facilitates seamless cross-border transactions and creates a personalized experience that resonates with customers worldwide.

Quick Buy

The Quick Buy feature streamlines the purchasing process for customers, enabling them to add items to their cart and complete transactions with minimal steps. This feature is a significant advantage for high-volume stores with extensive inventories, as it simplifies the buying experience and reduces friction. 

By allowing customers to make quick purchase decisions, the Quick Buy feature boosts conversion rates and improves customer satisfaction. For example, a high-volume electronics retailer can leverage this feature to enable customers to swiftly add products to their cart and proceed with a seamless checkout process, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Promotion Banners

The built-in promotion banner options of the Stockholm theme empower merchants to highlight discounts, special offers, and seasonal promotions effectively. By prominently displaying these promotions, high-volume stores can attract the attention of their customers and drive sales. 

For instance, a high-volume store hosting a Black Friday sale can utilize the promotion banner feature to showcase the discounted products, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging customers to take advantage of the limited-time offers. This feature significantly enhances the store’s promotional capabilities, maximizing the impact of marketing campaigns.

Infinitive scroll and Back-to-top button

The infinite scroll and back-to-top button features enhance the browsing experience and navigation within the Shopify store. By implementing infinite scroll, high-volume stores can ensure that customers can effortlessly explore their extensive product collections without pagination. 

The back-to-top button provides a convenient way for customers to return to the top of the page, improving user-friendliness and overall navigation. These features contribute to a seamless and engaging shopping experience, reducing customer frustration and increasing time spent on the site, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Who Is Shopify Stockholm Theme For?

The Shopify Stockholm theme is designed for businesses that prioritize minimalism and elegance, particularly those that offer high-end products. 

Its clean and sleek design, combined with its customizable features, make it an ideal choice for various industries that aim to showcase their premium offerings in a visually stunning and sophisticated manner. Here are some specific types of businesses that can significantly benefit from the Stockholm theme:

  • Fashion Boutiques: Whether you specialize in luxury apparel, high-end accessories, or designer footwear, the Stockholm theme provides a stylish backdrop for showcasing your fashion-forward products. 
  • Beauty and Cosmetics: If you run a beauty brand or a cosmetics store that focuses on high-quality skincare, makeup, or fragrances, the Stockholm theme’s sleek and clean aesthetic complements the elegance of your products. 
  • Jewelry Stores: The Stockholm theme is an excellent choice for jewelry businesses, offering a minimalistic and refined backdrop to showcase exquisite pieces. 
  • Home Decor and Interior Design: For businesses specializing in high-end home decor and interior design products, the Stockholm theme provides a perfect canvas to display your unique offerings.
  • Artisanal and Handcrafted Goods: If your business focuses on artisanal and handcrafted products, the Stockholm theme’s minimalistic approach allows the intricate details and craftsmanship of your items to take center stage. 
  • Gourmet Food and Fine Dining: The Stockholm theme can also be suitable for businesses in the gourmet food and fine dining industry.
  • High-end Technology and Gadgets: Businesses that offer high-end technology products, such as cutting-edge gadgets, smart devices, or luxury electronics, can benefit from the Stockholm theme’s sleek and modern design. It creates a visually appealing environment that aligns with the innovation and sophistication of these products.

Overall, the Shopify Stockholm theme caters to businesses across various industries that emphasize minimalism and offer high-end products. Its elegant and clean design, combined with its customizable features, allows merchants to create visually captivating online stores that reflect the sophistication and quality of their offerings.

Startup Shopify Theme: Customer Support

Regarding customer support for the Stockholm theme (developed by the same developer as the Empire theme), it is helpful to refer to the support provided for the Empire theme. Let’s explore the customer support channels, response time, and the areas they handle:

Channels Provided

The Stockholm theme provides support through various channels to assist merchants in utilizing and customizing the theme effectively. Like the Empire theme, the support channels include:

  • Documentation: The theme comes with comprehensive documentation that serves as a valuable resource for merchants. The documentation provides step-by-step instructions, tutorials, and best practices for installing, configuring, and customizing the theme.
  • FAQs Pages: The FAQs pages address common questions and inquiries about the Stockholm theme’s features, functionalities, and customization options. These pages offer merchants a self-help resource to find answers to their queries quickly.
  • Ticket Support: Merchants can contact the support team by filling in a support form or submitting a ticket. This method allows for personalized assistance and helps resolve specific issues or inquiries related to the Stockholm theme.

It’s important to note that live chat support is unavailable for the Stockholm theme.

Response Time

The response time for support requests may vary based on the developer’s resources and workload. However, the aim is typically to respond to inquiries promptly to ensure a smooth experience for users of the Stockholm theme. While the exact response time may not be specified, the developer strives to address support tickets and inquiries in a timely manner.

What They Handle & Not Handle

The developer generally handles technical issues, bug fixes, and inquiries about the Stockholm theme’s functionalities and features. They provide support for theme-related customization and troubleshooting. This includes assisting merchants with questions about the theme’s installation, configuration, and usage.

However, it’s important to note that the developer’s support may not cover custom development or modifications beyond the scope of the theme’s default capabilities. Customizations that require extensive coding or modifications to the theme’s core functionality may fall outside the scope of the support provided.

It’s recommended to consult the documentation and FAQ pages for guidance on everyday customization tasks. If merchants require further assistance or encounter issues specific to the Stockholm theme, they can submit a support ticket for personalized support. Remember to check the specific support resources provided for the Stockholm theme to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Other Shopify Themes By The Developer

The developer offers a range of other Shopify themes, each with its own unique feel and features. Let’s explore two:


The Portland theme provides a modern and captivating feel for online stores. With its stylish design and customizable elements, it offers a visually appealing and engaging environment. The theme allows merchants to create a unique brand identity and effectively tell their stories. Some notable features of the Portland theme include:

  • Storytelling Capabilities: The Portland theme offers features specifically designed for storytelling. It includes an immersive full-width video banner, allowing merchants to showcase compelling brand stories and product narratives. By leveraging the theme’s storytelling elements, merchants can connect emotionally with their customers and leave a lasting impression.
  • Customizable Homepage Sections: With the Portland theme, merchants can customize various homepage sections. This customization allows for a personalized and tailored shopping experience that aligns with the brand’s unique style and offerings. By incorporating custom sections, such as featured collections, testimonials, or product highlights, merchants can create a visually stunning and engaging presentation.

The price of the Portland theme is $320 USD for a one-time payment. The Portland theme suits businesses that want to create an immersive and visually captivating online store, particularly those that leverage storytelling to connect with their audience.


The Handmade theme exudes a warm and rustic feel, making it a perfect choice for businesses specializing in handcrafted and artisanal products. It offers a range of features that highlight the uniqueness and artistry of these products. Key features of the Handmade theme include:

  • Customizable Collection and Product Pages: The Handmade theme allows merchants to create visually appealing collection pages and product galleries, showcasing the intricate details and craftsmanship of their handmade products. The customizable nature of these pages enables merchants to present their offerings in a way that captures the essence of their brand.
  • Engaging Product Image Galleries: With the Handmade theme, merchants can create interactive product image galleries that allow customers to view products from various angles or zoom in to see finer details. These features enhance the customer’s browsing experience and provide a closer look at the unique qualities of handmade items.

The Handmade theme’s Dusty Brown style, with its earthy tones and textured backgrounds, perfectly complements the aesthetic of artisanal products. 

It creates a visually appealing environment for customers who appreciate craftsmanship and individuality. The Handmade theme’s price is similar to Portland’s, about $320 for a one-time payment.   

Final Words

The Stockholm Shopify theme offers a premium and minimalistic design that allows businesses to showcase their offerings in a visually captivating and sophisticated manner. With customizable features and a focus on high-quality imagery, it provides the perfect platform for highlighting high-end products. Embrace minimalism with the Stockholm theme and elevate your online presence.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.