Shopify Pipeline Theme Review: The Best Minimal Shopify Theme For A High-End Look

Last updated: April 27, 2023

Sapo: In this article, we’ll thoroughly analyze the Shopify Pipeline Theme to help you decide if it’s the best option for your Shopify store.

Key Takeaways

  • The Shopify Pipeline theme offers four exclusive pre-made templates and a variety of advanced features designed to enhance the shopping experience, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately boost sales.
  • It is a perfect choice for Shopify merchants seeking a high-end appearance, particularly suited to high-volume Shopify merchants who wish to showcase their large catalogs in a visual storytelling manner.

What Is The Shopify Pipeline Theme?

The Shopify Pipeline theme is a premium, feature-rich theme offered by Shopify. The theme is famous for its minimal yet clean and modern aesthetic design, perfect for Shopify merchants that need a luxury and professional look.

With high customizability and numerous features, the Shopify theme Pipeline helps Shopify businesses showcase their products and services effectively.

How much does the Shopify Pipeline theme cost?

The Pipeline Shopify Theme costs $320 for a one-time purchase, but you don’t have to commit right away. The theme comes with an UNLIMITED  free trial, allowing you to test out all of its advanced features at no cost.

And the best part? You only need to pay when you’re ready to publish the theme. So why not add the Pipeline theme to your Shopify store theme editor now and experience its potential? Click here to get started.

Pros And Cons of The Pipeline Shopify Theme

Here’s a list of pros and cons to help you decide if Pipeline is the Shopify theme that suits your online store needs:

Pipeline Theme On Shopify - Detailed Review

Shopify Pipeline Theme Styles

This theme is available in 4 exclusive pre-built store design options – Bright, Dark, Light, and Clean – each catering to a distinctive store needs.


The Bright preset is the simplest design option available in the Pipeline Shopify theme, offering just enough options to get your store up and running quickly. The clean design and streamlined interface are perfect for businesses with limited resources or lacking web design experience.


The Light preset of the Pipeline Shopify theme is a next-level version that features a clean and light design, typical of many modern websites. It offers more custom sections than Bright while still maintaining its user-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for those with more advanced needs.


The Dark preset of the Pipeline Shopify theme is notable for its dark color background, sticky navigation, and video banner, giving your Shopify store a bold and adventurous look. The design remains clean and well-organized, with modular content blocks that create a clutter-free layout.


The Shopify Pipeline Clean preset is sleek and modern, focusing on basic colors and an intuitive layout that creates a sense of professionalism and high-end quality. Its minimalistic-inspired design gives the products an elegant appearance.

Key Features of Shopify Pipeline Theme

Despite their different looks, all the styles of the Shopify Pipeline theme share some standard features. Here are some highlights of what the Shopify Pipeline theme offers you:


The Shopify Pipeline theme is a game changer for Shopify stores with extensive menus and catalogs. The visually appealing and easy-to-navigate design with a multi-column menu makes it convenient for users to click on product collections directly from the navigation.

Optimized for large images, videos, and Parallax effect

The Pipeline Shopify theme is optimized for large images and videos to showcase the products in high resolution. It includes an incredible parallax effect, which creates a 3D depth animation as visitors scroll down the page. This unique scrolling style will give the store’s home page a creative edge and visual intrigue.

Shopify business owners using the Pipeline theme can enable this effect to enhance the browsing experience and add an extra layer of engagement to their stores.

Modular-style home page

The Shopify Pipeline theme boasts a modular and stylish home page with multiple well-designed blocks and sections, keeping the store looking organized while showcasing the brand and content.

It has an impressive full-width header that supports slideshows and videos, allowing Shopify merchants to display their products engagingly. It is perfect for highlighting new or seasonal collections and running special promotions.

Shop the look

Shopify Pipeline theme’s Quick Shop lets customers view product details and purchase items without leaving their current page. This feature streamlines the shopping experience, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Advanced product filtering and content sections

The Shopify Pipeline theme allows its store owners to display a sidebar menu on collection pages where their products are sorted by tags such as brand, color, size, or product type.

Furthermore, Shopify’s Pipeline theme offers a solution to sell products with extensive descriptions. Shopify store owners can present information about each product in a well-organized manner.

Auto-complete search function

The Shopify Pipeline theme’s search feature includes an auto-completion function that lets customers quickly find the most relevant search results by typing just a few letters. It can significantly improve the efficiency and speed of the search process, helping customers find what they’re looking for more easily.

Seamless mobile experience

Mobile traffic plays a significant role in today’s online sales, making it crucial for online stores to have a mobile-responsive design. Fortunately, the Shopify Pipeline theme is beautifully designed for mobile commerce, providing shoppers with a seamless experience, regardless of the device they use.

It also supports high-resolution retina displays, ensuring the images and videos look crisp and clear on all devices. It’s essential for stores with a strong visual component, such as those selling photography or artwork.

Cart notes and slide-out cart

With cart notes, customers can add special instructions or notes to their orders during checkout, which can be helpful for items that require specific customization or delivery instructions.

Additionally, the slide-out visual brand storytelling cart provides an easy way for customers to view their cart and make any necessary adjustments without leaving the current page they’re on.

Theme customization package

The Shopify Pipeline theme provides a theme customization package that enables you to tailor your store to your preferences. The package comprises custom pages, fonts, colors, styles, and features like pop-ups and announcement bars, allowing you to create an exclusive and captivating shopping experience.

What Do People Say About The Shopify Pipeline Theme?

So far, the Shopify Pipeline theme has received positive feedback from nearly 200 merchants, with an impressive 99% expressing satisfaction. Here are some reasons why they love the Shopify Pipeline theme:

  • They love the lovely design. It looks simple but is still aesthetic.
  • The theme is easy to set up and customize.
  • They are impressed by the absolutely flawless support service and top-notch documentation.

How To Install The Shopify Theme Pipeline

  1. Visit the Shopify Theme Store and search for the Pipeline theme.
  2. You can pick a theme style among the four styles available that suits your shop the most. Click Try Theme to add the theme to your online store.
  3. In your Shopify admin, click Online Store > Themes.
  4. In the Theme library section, click the … button to open the actions menu next to the theme you want to preview.
  5. Click Preview.
  6. Feel free to personalize your theme in the Customize Theme section.
  7. Finally, select Publish Theme when you are satisfied with your customization.

The Shopify Pipeline Theme Support

The Shopify Pipeline Theme comes with detailed documentation to guide you through the theme setup process. If you need additional assistance or have any questions, you can send an email or fill out the Helpdesk online form to the theme developer’s support staff. Simply follow these steps to get in touch:

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
  • Find the theme you want to edit, then click Customize.
  • Click Theme Actions.
  • Click View Documentation or Get Support.

However, the theme support does not cover integrations with third-party apps or theme update installations. If you require help with these aspects or need assistance customizing your theme, we recommend hiring a Shopify Expert.

Who Should Use The Shopify Pipeline Theme?

The Pipeline Shopify theme is ideal for:

  • Shopify merchants who love minimalism, clean and modern designs.
  • High-volume Shopify stores with medium to large catalogs.
  • Shopify businesses that focus on showcasing their products and collections in a visual storytelling approach.
  • Shopify stores that process a large number of transactions in a given period in physical stores.

Shopify Pipeline Theme Top Alternatives


The Refresh Shopify theme is a simple yet powerful theme that is easy to set up and offers advanced features such as the Slide-out Cart and Mega Menu. Its minimalist design incorporating a subtle color palette gives customers a seamless and visually appealing browsing experience. The Shopify theme is free, making it an excellent choice for businesses with a limited budget to establish their online presence while providing a high-quality user experience.


Testament is a Shopify theme that hits all the right notes – modern, spacious layout coupled with high-converting features. The Shopify template has many eye-catching homepage sections – perfect places to tell a brand story that inspires your shoppers’ actions. It is available on the Shopify Theme Store for 260 USD (cheaper than the Pipeline theme) with an unlimited free trial.

The Shopify Theme Pipeline: FAQs

Is Pipeline A Shopify 2.0 Theme?

Yes. The Pipeline theme is built to use Shopify’s Online Store 2.0, which provides the flexibility to use all of Pipeline’s 25+ sections, including the Homepage, Product pages, Collections, Pages, Blogs, and more.

Is The Pipeline Theme Compatible With Third-party Apps?

Yes. The theme is designed to work seamlessly with Shopify apps, including those created by third-party developers.

Can I Switch To A Different Theme After Using The Pipeline Theme?

Yes. You can switch to a different theme anytime, but be aware that switching themes may require your site’s content and design adjustments.

Does The Shopify Pipeline Theme Support Multi-language?

Yes. The multi-language theme supports EU-based languages - English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish translations for EU-based languages.

Final Thought

That is all you need to know about the Shopify Pipeline theme. While some may argue that other designs offer more customization, the theme’s unique features and easy-to-use interface still make it an excellent investment for those looking for a simple and smart design for their Shopify stores.

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