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SellerAmp vs Jungle Scout: Which is Better for Amazon Sellers?

June 20, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

Starting to sell on Amazon can be confusing, especially when picking tools to help you succeed. As a beginner, it’s tough to choose between SellerAmp and Jungle Scout. They have unique features, but which is better? Let’s look closely at what makes each tool special and find out which might be the perfect fit for your Amazon business.

Key Takeaways 

  • Jungle Scout: Ideal for finding new product opportunities and analyzing competition, with more advanced features but a steeper learning curve and higher price tag.
  • SellerAmp: Best for established sellers who want to optimize their existing products and ad campaigns, focusing on ease of use and affordability.  

SellerAmp vs Jungle Scout: At A Glance

SellerAmp is a specialized tool for retail and online arbitrage sellers, focusing primarily on product research to find profitable deals. It offers sourcing, pricing, and competition analysis features for potential arbitrage opportunities.

SellerAmp vs Jungle Scout: At A Glance

On the other hand, Jungle Scout serves a broader audience, including private label sellers, brands, and agencies. It provides comprehensive marketing intelligence and insights to help sellers develop their overall strategy and optimize growth opportunities. Jungle Scout’s features extend beyond product research, offering marketing trend analytics, inventory management, and listing optimization. 

SellerAmp vs Jungle Scout: At A Glance-1

In essence, SellerAmp is a niche tool for specific sellers, while Jungle Scout offers a wider range of features for a more diverse audience seeking a comprehensive view of the Amazon marketplace.

SellerAmp and Jungle Scout: Pros & Cons

After using both SellerAmp and Jungle Scout, I’ve realized that each tool has strengths and weaknesses. Each tool caters to different needs and preferences, so it’s essential to carefully consider these factors before making a decision. 



  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Robust customer support 
  • Chrome extension 
  • Focused on retail and arbitrage sellers
  • Extensive product database
  • Robust market intelligence
  • Supporting in finding profitable keywords 


  • Only focusing on product research for arbitrage opportunities
  • Lack some of the advanced features found in Amazon seller tools 

Jungle Scout 


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Accurate sales estimates
  • Keyword research and optimization 
  • A comprehensive suite of tools  
  • Training materials and resources 
  • In-depth keyword research with historical data and trend analysis 
  • Accessing to a vast database of Amazon products and keywords


  • Higher price point 
  • Overwhelming data
  • The steeper learning curve for beginners 

SellerAmp vs Jungle Scout: A Detailed Comparison

The following comparison will provide valuable insights into SellerAmp and Jungle Scout features and functionalities before making an informed decision.

Ease of Use 

Jungle Scout

I found Jungle Scout’s interface to be very user-friendly and intuitive. The dashboard is clean and well-organized, making it easy to navigate through various features. For example, when conducting product research, the tool presents data with easy-to-understand charts and graphs.  For an even more expansive view, you can hide the sidebar, which I found particularly useful for focusing on specific tasks.

Jungle Scout - ease of use

One standout feature is the AI Assist, which directly answers questions directly within the software, making it incredibly convenient for on-the-spot help. Additionally, the help center is comprehensive, and the customer support team is responsive, providing timely assistance for any issues or questions.

Jungle Scout - ease of use - 1


In contrast, my initial experience with SellerAmp involved a bit of a learning curve. The interface is more data-driven and less visually intuitive compared to Jungle Scout. For example, the Chrome extension felt packed with information, and I needed time to figure out what each metric meant and how to use it.

SellerAmp - ease of use

SellerAmp enhances ease of use with its mobile barcode scanning feature tailored for retail arbitrage sellers. This intuitive tool allows users to effortlessly scan products while on the go, streamlining the sourcing process and saving valuable time, thereby increasing overall efficiency.

SellerAmp - ease of use - 1

SellerAmp provides a community platform where users can share insights, ask questions, and learn from each other’s experiences. This peer support can be beneficial for overcoming initial learning hurdles and discovering new ways to utilize the tool effectively.

The Verdict

In terms of ease of use, Jungle Scout is the clear winner. Its user-friendly design, intuitive interface, and helpful onboarding process make it accessible for new and experienced Amazon sellers. In contrast, SellerAmp is better for users who are comfortable with data-heavy interfaces and willing to invest the time to learn its features.


Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout offers numerous choices for users, especially when they pay annually. For example, the Basic plan is only $29 per month when billed yearly, saving you $240 compared to paying monthly. This makes it a good option for sellers to use Jungle Scout for a long time.  

Jungle scout pricing


SellerAmp offers flexibility with two subscription plans designed to cater to the needs of Amazon sellers. The monthly plans range from $19.95 to $27.95, providing options for sellers with varying budgets and requirements. 

However, for those seeking more excellent value and long-term commitment, SellerAmp also offers an annual subscription plan called “Getting Started Annual.” This plan significantly reduces the monthly cost to just $16.63, providing a more affordable option for sellers confident in their commitment to using the platform throughout the year.

SellerAmp pricing

The Verdict

When it comes to pricing, SellerAmp emerges as a more budget-friendly option than Jungle Scout. The most basic plan starts at an affordable price, making it accessible to new sellers and those with limited resources. 

Key Features 

Product Research

Jungle Scout 
Product Research - Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout allows me to do in-depth product research using four tools – Product Database, Product Tracker, Opportunity Finder, and Category Trends. Each tool focuses on a different area to ensure a well-rounded strategy before launching my product. 

The Product Database helps me find profitable products in niches with low competition or high demand. Meanwhile, the Opportunity Finder analyzes market trends, past sales, and competition to uncover hidden opportunities. For instance, if I search for “Tea” under “Appliances,” the results will show potential products based on my criteria.

Product Research - Jungle Scout - 1

Additionally, the Product Tracker allows me to monitor my product’s performance of potential and existing products. By tracking sales, price modifiers, and inventory levels, I can easily decide which products to launch.

Product Research - Jungle Scout - 2

I can use various filters to refine the product suggestions and even tailor them to FBA or FBM sellers. Jungle Scout also has its own Niche Score metric to determine promising niches. 

Product Research - Jungle Scout - 3

SellerAmp offers valuable tools for product research across different selling models. With Chrome Extension, I can easily analyze products directly on Amazon or any other online retailer’s website. It provides quick access to essential information such as estimated sales, profit margins, and competition levels, helping me make an informed decision.

Moreover, the web app offers a more in-depth analysis of potential products. It includes a profit calculator, sales estimator, and other tools for accessing a product’s profitability and sales potential. 

However, compared to Jungle Scout, SellerAmp’s Smart Search functionality seems to lack the depth and comprehensiveness of Jungle Scout’s Amazon Chrome extension.

Product Research - SellerAmp
The Verdict

When it comes to product research, Jungle Scout emerges as the top contender. Jungle Scout provides a more thorough and insightful approach to product research, helping sellers identify profitable opportunities and make informed decisions to grow their businesses effectively.

Keyword Research

Jungle Scout 

Keyword research is key for visibility, and Jungle Scout provides four tools to help me with that. Only Keyword Scout lets me research keywords using a seed phrase or a competitor’s ASIN. It has filters that help me narrow my search for relevant keywords. I look for metrics like search volume, ranking difficulty, Relevancy Score, and PPC bids. 

Keyword Research - Jungle Scout

Once I’m done researching, I can save and organize my chosen keywords in the Keyword List for easy access. Then, I use these keywords in Listing Builder to improve my product listings. 

Finally, Rank Tracker helps me monitor my listing’s performance compared to competitors. These tools remove the guesswork, allowing me to discover and use successful strategies from high-ranking competitors.

Keyword Research - Jungle Scout - 1

SellerApp’s Keyword Research tool uses advanced algorithms to identify relevant keywords and provides insights such as search volume data, keyword ranking, and trending keywords. Moreover, its Reverse ASIN Lookup feature helps me check competitor keywords, enabling in-depth market research and listing optimization.

While SellerApp prioritizes precision in keyword selection, Jungle Scout emphasizes broader market analysis and competitor insights, catering to different aspects of keyword research strategy.

Keyword Research - SellerAmp
The Verdict

While Jungle Scout and SellerAmp offer valuable tools for Amazon sellers, Jungle Scout emerges as the clear winner when it comes to the depth of its features. Jungle Scout provides a comprehensive suite of tools that cover each aspect of the Amazon selling journey, from initial product research and competitor analysis to keyword optimization, listing optimization, inventory management, and advertising analytics. 

Listing Optimization 

Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder with AI Assist makes it easy for me to create excellent product listings. It automatically generates titles, descriptions, and features using relevant keywords from my Keyword Bank. 

Moreover, the AI-driven Listing Optimization Score gives me instant feedback on my listing’s title, description, keywords, and images so I can improve its ranking and chances of selling.

Listing Optimization - Jungle Scout

SellerAmp’s listing optimization features are straightforward to use. I can get a quick assessment of my listing’s quality with the Listing Quality Score, which helps me identify areas for improvement. To improve visibility, the tool also suggests relevant keywords in my title, bullet points, and description. 

I can even compare my listing to competitors to find weaknesses and optimization opportunities.  Finally, the profitability calculator ensures I price my products correctly for maximum profit. 

Listing Optimization - SellerAmp
The Verdict

Jungle Scout is the winner in this category for its advanced listing optimization capabilities. Jungle Scout’s advanced AI-driven provides more comprehensive and real-time feedback for optimizing product listings. 

PPC Management 

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provides a comprehensive overview of my campaigns, showing my impressions, clicks, spending, sales, and ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale). It also helps me find high-converting keywords through Keyword Scout and suggests the best bids based on past performance. While Jungle Scout does have some automation features, they are not as advanced as SellerAmp’s.

PPC Management - Jungle Scout

SellerAmp focuses more on automating my PPC campaigns. I can set rules and triggers to adjust bids and optimize campaigns without constant manual input.

SellerAmp also offers dayparting, allowing me to schedule ads for specific times when they are most likely to convert. It even suggests negative keywords to prevent wasted ad spend. SellerAmp’s interface is considered more user-friendly than Jungle Scout’s, making it a good choice for beginners.

PPC Management - SellerAmp
The Verdict

SellerAmp stands out for its integrated approach and broader feature set, making it suitable for sellers looking for comprehensive tools to maximize ROI. So, in my opinion, SellerAmp edges out as the winner in this category, offering a more comprehensive solution for PPC management.

Inventory Management

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s Inventory Manager is a data-driven tool that helps me optimize my Amazon inventory. It accurately predicts the optimal stock quantity and reorder dates to boost my sales and avoid stockouts and fees. I can view my FBA inventory status in real time to quickly assess when and how much to reorder.

The tool labels my products as Reorder Now, Reorder Soon, Overstock, or In Stock and calculates the ideal reorder date and quantity, along with estimated costs and profits.

With demand forecasting technology, I can analyze key metrics like revenue, cost, profit, and sales per unit. I can also track inbound inventory to monitor stock en route to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Inventory Management - Jungle Scout

SellerAmp also offers inventory management functionality tailored to the needs of Amazon sellers. It enables me to monitor stock levels, set reorder points, and generate reports to analyze inventory turnover and profitability. SellerAmp’s inventory management tools focus on simplicity and ease of use, making them suitable for sellers prioritizing efficiency in managing their stock.

Inventory Management - SellerAmp
The Verdict

I found that Jungle Scout’s Inventory Manager stands out as the winner for its robust and data-driven approach. Jungle Scout’s tool provides accurate predictions for Amazon inventory needs, helping sellers optimize their stock levels to boost sales and avoid stockouts efficiently.

Sales Analytics  

Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout offers a comprehensive view of sales and profit data, allowing me to analyze performance from a company-wide perspective and through a multi-product dashboard. I can track metrics like units sold, net margin, ROI, and revenue with customizable date ranges to understand the impact of various factors on profitability over time. 

The tool also features AI Assist, which provides detailed insights akin to a CFO’s report, highlighting areas for sales improvement and growth optimization. Additionally, Jungle Scout allows me to drill down to specific product performance levels, including PPC campaign effectiveness and inbound FBA shipment tracking.

Sales Analytics - Jungle Scout

SellerAmp’s sales analytics features provide valuable insights into my Amazon business performance. While less comprehensive than dedicated analytics platforms, SellerAmp offers essential data to help me make informed decisions. 

The Profit Dashboard gives me an overview of my most profitable products and sales trends. The Chrome extension and web app display sales rank and price history charts powered by Keepa, allowing me to track a product’s sales performance over time. For more in-depth analysis, you can export data to Google Sheets and create custom reports. 

Sales Analytics - SellerAmp
The Verdict

For seamless and insightful sales analytics integrated within an Amazon seller toolkit, Jungle Scout emerges as the preferred choice. Its robust features and user-friendly interface make managing and optimizing sales performance easier.

Customer Support and Resources 

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout offers robust educational resources like webinars and tutorials that have improved my understanding of the market dynamics and enhanced my selling strategies on Amazon. These well-organized resources provide practical insights into product research, keyword optimization, and overall business growth strategies.

Customer Support and Resources - Jungle Scout


SellerAmp stands out with its vibrant community platform. It’s a fantastic space where sellers can interact, share their challenges, and learn from each other’s experiences. This community-driven approach has been invaluable, especially when seeking real-world advice and solutions from peers who have faced similar hurdles in Amazon selling.

The Verdict

SellerAmp stands out as the preferred option over Jungle Scout. Its community platform fosters direct interaction among sellers, enabling them to effectively share insights and learn from each other. 

So, Who is Best For and Why? 

Choosing SellerAmp is best for

  • Have a limited budget
  • Beginners or new to Amazon selling 
  • Primarily focus on retail or online arbitrage
  • Prefers a simple, user-friendly interface
  • Value quick product analysis with a Chrome extension
  • Need a tool focused on finding profitable deals and optimizing listings.

Choosing Jungle Scout if you

  • Are you an experienced seller or want to grow your business
  • Have diverse selling strategies (private label, wholesale, etc.)
  • Need a comprehensive suite of tools for market research, competitor analysis, and keyword research
  • Have a larger budget for using more advanced tools
  • Value in-depth data and analytics for strategic decision-making 
  • Prefer a web-based platform with a wider range of functionalities                                                                                      

Bottom Line

Here is my comprehensive evaluation of SellerAmp and Jungle Scout. While both platforms provide valuable tools designed for Amazon sellers, they cater to different preferences and business needs.

SellerAmp vs Jungle Scout: FAQs

SellerAmp is a comprehensive tool designed to help Amazon sellers optimize their business operations. It provides features for inventory management, PPC campaign automation, sales analytics, and listing optimization. Overall, it simplifies tasks and helps sellers make more money on Amazon.

SellerAmp offers a broader range of tools beyond price tracking, including PPC management, inventory forecasting, and sales analytics. On the other hand, Keepa specializes in historical pricing and sales rank data, making it ideal for sellers focused on price tracking and market trends.

Yes, SellerAmp is a legitimate tool for Amazon sellers. It provides various functionalities to assist sellers in managing and optimizing their Amazon businesses, such as inventory management, PPC automation, and sales analytics. 

Jungle Scout uses special methods to estimate Amazon sales data. Although it aims to be accurate, the actual sales data may differ. This can happen due to changes in market demand, updates in Amazon’s algorithm, and differences in the information sellers provide.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.