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Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: Which is Better for Your Amazon Business?

July 12, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

Choosing between Helium 10 vs Viral Launch can be tricky, but we, Amazon experts, are here to help. 

Let’s take a close look at Helium 10 and Viral Launch. We’ll see which one is better in different areas.

Pros and Cons of Helium 10 and Viral Launch

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a suite of software tools designed to help Amazon sellers with product research, keyword research, listing optimization, competitor analysis, and overall business management on the Amazon marketplace.

Helium 10 Pros:

  • Comprehensive Toolset: Offers a wide range of tools covering various aspects of Amazon selling, providing a one-stop shop for sellers.
  • In-Depth Data: Provides detailed data and insights for product research, keyword analysis, and competitor tracking.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Generally easy to navigate and use, even for those new to Amazon selling tools.
  • Educational Resources: Offers extensive training materials, webinars, and tutorials to help users maximize the platform’s potential.
  • Active Community: Provides a supportive community forum where users can ask questions, share tips, and connect with other sellers.

Helium 10 Cons:

  • Learning Curve: While the interface is user-friendly, mastering all the tools and features can take time and effort.
  • Information Overload: The sheer amount of data and features can be overwhelming for some users.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help Amazon sellers with product research, market analysis, listing optimization, advertising campaigns, and sales growth on the Amazon marketplace.

Viral Launch Pros:

  • Powerful Product Research: Market Intelligence tool offers in-depth data and insights on product trends, competition, and market potential.
  • Kinetic PPC Automation: Simplifies PPC campaign management with automated bidding and optimization, saving time and effort.
  • Split Testing: Allows for A/B testing of product listings to optimize conversion rates and increase sales.
  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly platform and Chrome extension make it easy to navigate and access information.

Viral Launch Cons:

  • Limited Toolset: Compared to Helium 10, Viral Launch offers fewer tools, primarily focusing on product research, PPC, and listing optimization.
  • Higher Cost: Pricing plans can be more expensive than Helium 10, especially for smaller sellers.
  • Learning Curve: While intuitive, some features may require a learning curve to utilize effectively.
  • Customer Support: Response times and support quality can vary, with some users experiencing delays or unhelpful responses.

Comparison Table of Helium 10 vs Viral Launch

FeatureHelium 10Viral LaunchWinner
Product ResearchExtensive tools (Black Box, Trendster, Xray)Market Intelligence (in-depth data, Chrome extension)Helium 10
Keyword ResearchCerebro (reverse ASIN, powerful filters)Keyword Research tool (less comprehensive than Cerebro)Helium 10
Listing OptimizationScribbles (listing optimization with keyword suggestions)Listing Builder (AI-powered suggestions, split testing)Helium 10
PPC ManagementAdtomic (advanced automation and optimization)Kinetic PPC (automation, rule-based bidding)Viral Launch
Other ToolsInventory management, fraud protection, refund genie, alertsProduct launch platform, split testing, competitor monitoringHelium 10
PricingMultiple tiers (starting lower, more expensive at higher levels)Fewer tiers (starts higher, less expensive at higher levels)Helium 10
Ease of UseUser-friendly interface, but steep learning curve for all featuresIntuitive interface, easier to learnViral Launch
Customer Support24/7 supportSlow supportHelium 10

In-depth Comparison of Helium 10 vs Viral Launch

Product Research Tools

Helium 10

Helium 10 offers several product research tools:

  • Black Box: This is their primary product research tool, allowing you to filter through millions of products based on criteria like sales, revenue, competition, and more to find potentially profitable opportunities.
  • Xray: A browser extension that gives you instant product data while browsing Amazon, helping you quickly assess a product’s potential.
  • Trendster: This tool helps you identify trending products and niches by analyzing search volume and sales trends.

Helium 10’s Black Box is like a treasure chest for finding great products to sell. It looks at over 450 million products on Amazon. That’s a lot! That means you can use filters to find exactly what you want. For example, you can look for products in a certain price range or with a specific number of reviews.

However, with such a huge database, it can feel a bit overwhelming. However, from my experience, in today’s age, data is power. So, the more you have, the more you get. 

Helium 10’s Black Box for finding great products to sell

Viral Launch

Viral Launch has two primary tools for product research:

  • Market Intelligence: This tool gives you a deeper understanding of the market for a specific product or niche. It provides data on sales estimates, revenue potential, market trends, top competitors, and more. This helps you assess the overall viability of a product before you invest time and resources.

Viral Launch’s Market Intelligence tool is great for finding products that will sell well. However, it doesn’t have a database as huge as Helium 10 (only 225+ million products).

Viral Launch’s Market Intelligence tool
  • Product Discovery: This tool helps you identify potential product opportunities by filtering and analyzing data for millions of Amazon products. It provides insights into search volume, estimated sales, competition levels, and more, making it easier to find products that have high demand but low competition.

When comparing product research tools, we can say that Helium 10 offers a complete set of tools that make finding products easy. Black Box helps you search for products with many filters. Xray gives real-time data while you browse Amazon. Trendster tracks trends over time to spot opportunities.

Cerebro is a powerful tool that shows what keywords competitors use, helping you find new product ideas. The Profitability Calculator helps you see how much money you can make with a product.

While Viral Launch has good tools like Product Discovery and Market Intelligence, Helium 10’s tools are more detailed and focused. They help you understand the market and find profitable products. 

Helium 10’s combination of easy-to-use tools and detailed insights makes it the best choice for Amazon sellers.

Which is Better?

Helium 10 wins in the product research category due to its comprehensive toolset, detailed competitor insights, and focus on profitability.

Keyword Research Capabilities

Helium 10

Helium 10 is great for finding and organizing keywords. It shows how well they work over time. Here’s a closer look at what Helium 10 offers:

  • Cerebro: A reverse ASIN lookup tool that allows users to see which keywords competitors are ranking for. This tool provides valuable insights into high-performing keywords used by top competitors.
  • Magnet: A powerful keyword research tool that generates extensive lists of potential keywords based on seed keywords. It helps sellers find long-tail keywords that can drive targeted traffic.
  • Frankenstein: A keyword processor that allows users to clean up, deduplicate, and sort keyword lists quickly. This tool helps in organizing and optimizing keyword lists for PPC campaigns and product listings.
  • Keyword Tracker: This feature tracks the performance of keywords over time, showing changes in rank and providing insights into keyword effectiveness.
Helium 10 is great for finding and organizing keywords

Viral Launch

Viral Launch helps you find keywords and looks at your competitors’ keywords. It also keeps all your keywords organized. Here’s an overview of what Viral Launch provides:

Key Features:

  • Keyword Research: This tool helps sellers discover high-volume, relevant keywords for their products. It provides data on search volume, relevancy, and competitiveness, allowing sellers to make informed decisions.
  • Competitor Intelligence: This feature offers insights into the keywords used by competitors, helping sellers identify gaps and opportunities in their keyword strategy.
  • Keyword Manager: A centralized hub for tracking and managing all keywords. It allows users to monitor keyword performance and make adjustments as needed.
  • Listing Analyzer: This tool evaluates product listings and provides recommendations for keyword optimization. It helps identify underutilized keywords and improves listing quality.
Viral Launch helps you find keywords and looks at your competitors’ keywords

Based on our analysis, both tools are good for keyword research.

Helium 10 is best for organizing and tracking keywords. Meanwhile, Viral Launch is best for finding new keywords and seeing what your competitors use.

Which is Better?

Helium 10 wins because it offers more comprehensive and detailed tools for keyword research and tracking. It helps sellers not only find keywords but also organize and track them to improve their Amazon listings.

Listing Optimization Capabilities

Helium 10

Helium 10 offers a comprehensive set of tools for listing optimization, making it easier for sellers to improve their product listings and increase visibility on Amazon. Here are the key features related to listing optimization in Helium 10:

Key Features:

  • Scribbles helps ensure you use all relevant keywords.
  • Frankenstein cleans and organizes keywords for better use.
  • Index Checker makes sure keywords are recognized by Amazon.
  • Listing Analyzer gives suggestions to improve listings.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch provides robust listing optimization tools aimed at helping sellers improve their product visibility and sales on Amazon. Here are the main features related to listing optimization in Viral Launch:

Key Features:

  • Listing Builder helps create optimized listings with the best keywords.
  • Listing Analyzer checks and scores listings for improvements.
  • Keyword Manager tracks keyword performance.
  • Competitor Intelligence finds keyword opportunities from competitors.

After we analyzed it, we found that Helium 10 offers a bit stronger keyword optimization tools. The reasons are: 

  • Comprehensive Tools: Helium 10’s Scribbles and Frankenstein ensure that all keywords are used effectively and organized properly.
  • Indexing Assurance: Index Checker ensures that your keywords are recognized by Amazon, which is crucial for visibility.
  • Detailed Analysis: Listing Analyzer provides in-depth suggestions to improve listings, making it easier to optimize them.

Which is Better?

Helium 10 wins because it offers more comprehensive and detailed tools for listing optimization. 

PPC Management Capabilities

Helium 10

Helium 10 provides a robust suite of tools for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management called Adtomic, allowing Amazon sellers to optimize their advertising campaigns effectively:

  • Campaign Creation: Helps create and launch PPC campaigns quickly.
  • Automated Bidding: Adjusts bids automatically based on performance.
  • Keyword Targeting: Identifies high-performing keywords for PPC campaigns.
  • Analytics: Provides detailed reports on campaign performance.
  • Optimization Suggestions: Recommends changes to improve campaign results.

However, Adtomic in Helium comes with an additional fee, which can be a barrier for many Amazon sellers.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch also offers PPC management tools through its Kinetic PPC tool:

  • Campaign Creation: Assists in setting up and launching campaigns.
  • Automated Rules: Uses customizable rules to automate bid adjustments.
  • Keyword Discovery: Finds new keywords to target in campaigns.
  • Performance Tracking: Tracks the performance of campaigns in real time.
  • Optimization Tools: Provides tools and suggestions for improving campaigns.

Both tools offer robust PPC management features.

From my experience, Helium 10’s Adtomic is ideal for those who need detailed analytics and automated bid adjustments, making it a strong choice for users who prioritize in-depth reporting and performance optimization through actionable suggestions. 

On the other hand, Viral Launch’s Kinetic PPC stands out with its customizable automated rules, real-time performance tracking, and continuous keyword discovery. This makes it particularly effective for users focusing heavily on ad campaign optimization and who need flexibility in managing bids. 

Which is Better?

Regarding PPC management, Viral Launch is the winner as it offers more customizable rules, real-time tracking, and continuous keyword discovery. 

Data Accuracy

Helium 10

Helium 10 is known for its reliable and precise data. Users trust it because it frequently updates its database. This means the information you get is current and reflects real-time market conditions.

For example, Helium 10’s data can be refreshed every hour, providing the latest insights. This is crucial for tracking sales trends and understanding market dynamics. 

Also, it is reported that Helium 10’s sales estimates are about 74% accurate. This high level of accuracy helps in making informed decisions, particularly for products with volatile sales patterns.

Viral Launch

Similar to Helium 10, Viral Launch’s website states that its data is updated every 24 hours. They also emphasize having access to “real-time Amazon data” and frequently updating their information. 

Also, according to a report by Jungle Scout, Viral Launch has around 80% data accuracy, slightly higher than Helium 10.

Which is Better?

The winner is Helium 10 because it offers a more extensive database.

Ease of Use

Helium 10

Helium 10 excels in helping sellers find profitable products through its user-friendly interface and powerful features.

With tools like Xray and Cerebro, Helium 10 allows you to easily analyze product potential by providing detailed sales estimates, review counts, and revenue projections.

Helium 10’s dashboard is intuitive, and the tools are designed to work seamlessly together.

This integration makes it easy to switch between different aspects of product research without losing your place.

Helium 10 excels in helping sellers find profitable products through its user-friendly interface and powerful features

Viral Launch

Viral Launch’s interface is designed to be straightforward, with clear visualizations and easy-to-navigate menus.

This simplicity helps users quickly find and evaluate product opportunities without feeling overwhelmed by too much data.

Viral Launch’s interface is designed to be straightforward

Which is Better?

Viral Launch is easier to use compared to Helium 10.

Additional Features

Helium 10

Helium 10 is packed with a wide range of features that go beyond product research, making it a comprehensive tool for Amazon sellers. Here are some of the standout features:

  • Inventory Management (Inventory Protector): This feature helps protect your inventory from fraud and abuse. It ensures that you do not oversell during promotions, protecting your stock levels.
  • Product Launch (Keyword Tracker and Launch): Helium 10 offers tools to track your keywords’ performance over time and manage product launches. The Launch tool helps you create and execute successful product launch campaigns, boosting your initial sales and rankings.
  • Refund Management (Refund Genie): This tool helps you claim refunds for lost or damaged inventory. It scans your sales and FBA data to identify potential refund opportunities, saving you money.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch also provides a variety of additional features that are beneficial for Amazon sellers. Here are some of the key tools:

  • Competitor Intelligence: This tool allows you to spy on your competitors. You can see their sales data, pricing strategies, and keyword rankings. This information helps you stay ahead of the competition and adjust your strategies accordingly.
  • Split Testing (Listing Analyzer): This feature allows you to run A/B tests on your product listings. You can test different titles, images, and descriptions to see which versions perform best.

Which is Better?

When we compared the two, we found that Helium 10 provides more additional features.

Pricing and Plans

Helium 10

  • Unlimited Free Plan Available
  • Starter Plan ($39/month): Provides essential tools like Xray, Black Box, and Cerebro, though with usage limits.
  • Platinum Plan ($99/month): This plan is popular due to its full access to all Helium 10 tools, including advanced keyword research, listing optimization, and inventory management.
  • Diamond Plan ($279/month): Ideal for established businesses, this plan includes all Platinum features plus additional benefits like multi-user login and higher usage limits.
Helium 10 pricing

Viral Launch

  • Essentials ($69/month): This plan includes basic tools like Product Discovery and Market Intelligence. It’s a bit more expensive than Helium 10’s entry-level plan but provides robust features for new sellers.
  • Pro ($99/month): Comparable to Helium 10’s Platinum Plan, this plan includes advanced features like Keyword Research and Kinetic PPC.
  • Pro Plus Ads ($199/month): This plan includes all Pro Plan features plus advanced market intelligence and competitor analysis tools.
Viral Launch pricing

Which Platform Provides the Best Value?

For Beginners:

  • Helium 10: Offers a more affordable entry-level option with its Starter Plan ($39/month). The free plan also provides a good starting point.
  • Viral Launch: Slightly more expensive entry-level option with the Beginner Plan ($69/month), but offers robust basic tools.

For Growing Businesses:

  • Helium 10: The Platinum Plan ($99/month) offers full access to all tools, providing excellent value with a wide range of functionalities.
  • Viral Launch: The Pro Plan ($99/month) is comparable in price and features, focusing on keyword research and PPC management.

For Established Sellers:

  • Helium 10: The Diamond Plan ($279/month) offers extensive tools and support, making it a strong choice for larger teams.
  • Viral Launch: The Pro Plus Ads Plan ($199/month) offers advanced market intelligence and competitor analysis, providing excellent value for brand-focused sellers.

Which is Better?

Helium is the winner as it is cheaper for beginner and growing Amazon businesses.

Customer Support 

Helium 10

Helium 10 provides extensive user support and various resources to help users succeed. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Customer Support: Helium 10 offers 24/7 customer support via email and live chat. This round-the-clock availability ensures that you can get help whenever you need it. Additionally, there is a detailed FAQ section and a help center filled with articles and guides.
Helium 10 offers 24/7 customer support via email and live chat
  • No Phone Support.
  • Training and Tutorials: Helium 10 has a rich library of YouTube video tutorials and webinars. These resources cover everything from basic tool usage to advanced strategies for product research, listing optimization, and PPC management. The company also offers Helium 10 Academy, a comprehensive training program with courses designed to help users master Amazon selling.
  • Community and Forums: Helium 10 boasts an active user community. You can join the Helium 10 Facebook group, where thousands of sellers share tips, ask questions, and provide support to each other. This community can be an invaluable resource for both new and experienced sellers.
  • Additional Resources: Helium 10’s blog is regularly updated with articles on the latest trends, tips, and strategies for Amazon sellers. They also offer a podcast, “Serious Sellers Podcast,” which features interviews with successful sellers and industry experts.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch also offers robust user support and a range of resources to assist users. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Customer Support: Viral Launch provides customer support via email and live chat during business hours. They don’t offer 24/7 support.
Viral Launch also offers robust user support and a range of resources to assist users
Viral Launch's user support and a range of resources to assist users
  • Training and Tutorials: Viral Launch offers a variety of YouTube video tutorials and webinars. These resources cover essential topics such as product research, keyword optimization, and PPC management. Their YouTube channel is packed with helpful videos that guide you through using their tools effectively.
  • Additional Resources: Viral Launch’s blog features regular posts on Amazon selling strategies, industry news, and case studies. They also offer a podcast, “Follow the Data,” which explores various topics related to Amazon selling and features interviews with successful sellers and experts.

Which is Better?

Helium 10 edges out with its 24/7 customer support, ensuring you can get help anytime you need it. 

What Do Users Think About Each Platform?

Choosing between Helium 10 and Viral Launch can be tough, so let’s look at what customers say about each one.

Helium 10 Customer Reviews

Overall Rating on G2: 4.1 out of 5 (169 reviews)

What People Like:

  • Product Research: Many people love how Helium 10 helps find top-selling products. Mohit G. says, “It has an amazing product research capabilities for e-commerce entrepreneurs, dropshippers, and Amazon sellers. It helps me identify the top selling products on most e-commerce platforms, helps in optimization of product listing and provides deep analysis of the keywords and rankings.”
  • Lots of Tools: Users appreciate having many tools in one place. Jordi O. mentions, “The fact that, for as low as $97 I have 15 tools focused on keyword and product research, optimizing my listings and helping me scale sales.”
  • Sales Boost: Customers like Muhammad A. say, “I like all the options, Xray, Magnet, Cerebro, Keyword Tracker, listing Quality Score, product ranking, and many more. It helps to grow your sales and the main thing is how can take the leverage by using Helium 10.”

What People Don’t Like:

  • Expensive: A lot of users think Helium 10 costs too much, especially for beginners. Mohit G. mentions, “It’s an expensive tool to use for new and aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.”
  • Bad Customer Support: Many users complain about bad customer support. A verified user in Consumer Electronics says, “Their accounting department handles customer service — need I say more?” and Ryan W. states, “I can’t believe a company can exist with customer support that is this bad.”
  • Data Problems: Some users have issues with data accuracy and dashboards not working. A user in Publishing says, “Dashboards simply not loading any data,” and a user in Wireless mentions, “I’m not 100% confident in the actual numbers it produces.”
  • Billing Issues: There are many complaints about surprise charges and hard-to-cancel subscriptions. André M. states, “Fraudulent company. I was ripped off over $500 for the plan upgrade I never took!” and Kylie R. says, “They automatically charge you without refund.”
Helium 10 Customer Reviews

Viral Launch Customer Reviews

Overall Rating on G2: 3.3 out of 5 (5 reviews)

What People Like:

  • Easy to Start: Users say Viral Launch is easy to set up. Pritish A. mentions, “Very easy to get started and set up. We were ready and completed the setup on the day of purchase.”
  • Smart Tools: The platform is praised for its market intelligence and keyword research. P S. says, “We like and use many features like; market intelligence, keyword research, listing analysis, listing builder. This software has helped us optimize our listings to the highest quality.”
  • PPC Help: The PPC word optimizer is very useful. A user in Food & Beverages notes, “The PPC word optimizer is a huge timesaver and increased my sales.”

What People Don’t Like:

  • Not Enough Features: Some users feel it doesn’t have enough features for the price. Pritish A. notes, “The features you get for the price you pay is less compared to many of its competitors.”
  • Customer Service Issues: Like Helium 10, Viral Launch’s customer service is often criticized. A user in Retail had trouble with refunds and said, “No empathy at all. Customer service refuse to do a refund for a renewal of a service I had not used for 1 year.”
  • High Cost: The price is a common complaint. Denis M. mentions, “Overall, I like Viral Launch but as with many online tools – it comes with the price.”
  • Technical Glitches: Some users report occasional problems and find some features not intuitive. Denis M. says, “Expect some glitches here and there.”
Viral Launch Customer Reviews

Overall Winner

After carefully analyzing the capabilities of each platform, we concluded that Helium 10 is the overall winner. Here’s why.

Helium 10: The Comprehensive Solution

Helium 10 offers a wide range of tools that cover all aspects of Amazon selling.

From product research to listing optimization, inventory management, and keyword tracking, it has everything you need.

Tools like Black Box, Cerebro, and Magnet are highly praised for their depth and accuracy, making it easier to find profitable products and optimize listings.

While Helium 10’s extensive features can seem overwhelming at first, the platform provides excellent tutorials and support.

Both beginners and advanced sellers can benefit from its resources and user-friendly interface.

Viral Launch: The User-Friendly Choice

Meanwhile, Viral Launch excels in ease of use and optimization tools.

Its Product Discovery and Market Intelligence tools simplify the process of finding profitable products.

The platform is especially good for PPC optimization with tools like Kinetic PPC, but that’s only available for the higher-tiered plans.

Viral Launch is known for its intuitive interface, making it easy for beginners and intermediate sellers to use.

The Opportunity Score and real-time trend analysis provide quick insights, helping sellers make informed decisions without delving into complex data.

Conclusion: Helium 10 is the Overall Winner

While both Helium 10 and Viral Launch offer valuable features, Helium 10 stands out as the overall winner.

Its comprehensive toolset, flexibility for different business models, and excellent value for money make it the best choice. 

It caters to a wide range of sellers, from beginners to advanced, and provides extensive support to help you grow your Amazon business effectively.

Viral Launch is also a strong contender, especially for those focused on PPC optimization and needing a user-friendly interface.

However, if you’re looking for a complete solution that covers all aspects of Amazon selling, Helium 10 is the superior choice.

Which Tool Should You Use: Helium 10 or Viral Launch?

Helium 10:

  • Experience Level:
    • Beginners: Those new to Amazon selling, needing basic tools and tutorials to get started.
    • Advanced Sellers: Experienced sellers requiring advanced features for detailed product research, listing optimization, and inventory management.
  • Business Models:
    • Private Label: Sellers creating and branding their own products.
    • Wholesale: Sellers buying products in bulk from suppliers and reselling them on Amazon.
    • Arbitrage: Sellers purchasing products at a lower price from retail stores or online and selling them on Amazon for a profit.
  • Budget:
    • Free Plan: Limited access to essential tools.
    • Starter Plan: $39/month, suitable for beginners.
    • Platinum Plan: $99/month, full access to all tools, ideal for growing businesses.
    • Diamond Plan: $279/month, additional features for established businesses.

Viral Launch:

  • Experience Level:
    • Beginners: New sellers needing a user-friendly interface and straightforward tools.
    • Intermediate Sellers: Those with some experience on Amazon, looking for more advanced features and insights.
  • Business Models:
    • Private Label: Sellers focused on creating and branding their own products.
    • PPC Optimization: Sellers aiming to optimize their Amazon advertising campaigns for better performance.
  • Budget:
    • Essentials Plan: $69/month, basic tools for new sellers.
    • Pro Plan: $99/month, advanced features for growing businesses.
    • Pro Plus Ads Plan: $199/month, additional market intelligence and competitor analysis.

Final Thoughts

After reading this Helium 10 vs Viral Launch comparison, we hope you can find which one is more suitable for your Amazon business. 

FAQs: Helium 10 Vs Viral Launch

There are several alternatives to Helium 10, including Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, Sellics, Teikametrics, and DataHawk. The best choice depends on your specific needs and budget.

Viral Launch is a suite of tools for Amazon sellers that helps with product research, keyword research, listing optimization, competitor tracking, and launching new products. They also offer services like PPC management and review generation.

Yes, Amazon allows the use of Helium 10 as it complies with their terms of service. It is a third-party tool that helps sellers optimize their Amazon business.

Viral Launch has around 80% data accuracy, according to a report by Jungle Scout.

Yes, Viral Launch offers a Chrome extension called Market Intelligence, which provides product data and insights directly on Amazon product pages.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.