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AVADA Photo Reviews
AVADA Photo Reviews
AVADA Photo Reviews
AVADA Photo Reviews for Shopify Background
AVADA Photo Reviews Background

Amazing facts about Product Reviews

Product reviews is proven the most powerful and popular social proof being used effectively through time. Here are several interesting facts that you may not know about review impact on customers purchase behaviors:

  • 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase
  • 65% of shoppers trust products more with photo reviews
  • 30% of customers feel positive about a business that response to online reviews.
  • 77% of users would leave a review if asked
  • Displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%

Photo reviews - the Strongest power of Trust

Seeing reviews of verified buyers helps new visitors be more confident and motivated to try your products. Especially, reviews by real photos are the best descriptions of your products. The more good reviews you have, the more chance you can convert potential customers.

Instead of asking each customer to review manually, you can schedule to send a review request via emails for all orders. That properly saves you a ton of time.

Photo Review allows an easy and rewarding review process for any post-purchase customers. They can leave reviews quickly on emails and receive coupons instantly. Rewarding buyers in this way could also increase the rate of good reviews for your shop.

A good star-rating in general of your store significantly contributors to improve the ranking on Google Search results. This average review score is often the first impression of a customer on your business reputation.

The app allows store admins to reply to customer reviews. By interacting two-site, you can serve your customers better and also make your review become more persuasive to potential buyers.

The more trustful reviews you have, the more chance customers click and buy from your website. Remember that reviews only are not enough, we always need trustful reviews to make customers convert in mass.

Photo Reviews - Highlight features

Upload multiple photo reviews

Reviews by product photos are considered the most reliable type of reviews on any website. Compare to text review, photo reviews provide other buyers with an authentic look of the product. Hence increasing their trust and shorten the purchase process.

Photo Reviews by Avada supports customers to upload multiple photos at once with high quality and original image size. Let your customers bring your product further!

Upload multiple photo reviews

Smart Selector

Smart Selector is the unique tool in this app that allows admins to select review position lively on the frontend.

Lively here means that you can open any page on frontend then insert the review section directly, visually on it. That will save you time and make your work more precise than a normal select position tool.

Smart Selector

Review reminder

When it comes to reviewing, customers tend to back away or just forget to leave a review after purchasing. However, AVADA Photo Reviews facilitates the increase in submission rate in the shortest period by:

  • Review Reminder on My Account Page and Order View Page
    On-site review forms are pleasant to most users. Therefore, requesting customer feedback directly from these pages has the highest possibility of submission

  • Review Reminder and Photo Review Email
    Store owners can send up to three automated follow-up emails to clients who have not left their review or already reviewed products without attaching any photos. These properly scheduled emails with eye-catching templates ensure that customers will not miss leaving a complete review for any purchased item.

Review reminder

Advanced Report

It is super easy to keep track of customer reviews and email reminder results by Advanced Report function. Store admin can get these statistics through:

  • Review report: Reviews can be listed by customers, products, or ratings.

  • Reminder email report: Report on the number of Total emails sent, Email opened and Review Written.

Reports (coming soon)

More features

Review summary

Show average rating, number of reviews and star rating breakdown at frontend

Review sorting

Customers can filter reviews by most helpful or most recent

Store reply

Store admin can reply to customer reviews right at backend

AJAX loading

Loading more reviews using AJAX, no waiting time and next page.

Float button

Show Review floating button at multiple positions on mobile and desktop

Social share

Customers can share their reviews on social channels to promote your products

Mass action backend

Manage reviews submitted at backend: Approve, Disapprove, Mark as Featured and more.

Highly responsive

Fully compatible with almost themes and websites

Whitelist domain

Limit the display of review widget on certain domains

Verified Buyer mark

Increase credibility for the product’s reviews with verified buyer mark shown besides customer nickname

Reward customer

Offer coupon and encourage customers to leave more reviews

Shopify Photo Reviews
Shopify Photo Reviews
Shopify Photo Reviews

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