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What does Discount Code Generator solve?

Discount codes are widely used in almost online stores to motivate purchases and expand cart value of shoppers. Unfortunately, Shopify default does not support store admins to generate bulk coupon codes at once. They only can create a discount with a single code one after another, which is definitely time killing and effort waisting.

Imagine if you have thousands of customers and need thousands of unique codes for them, how much time you have to sit through to make it done?

This is where AVADA Discount Code Generator comes into play!

Shopify admins can create thousands of codes series at the same time. There is, actually, no limit on code quantity that can be produced for each discount.

Instead of spending hours to create discount codes for your Shopify store, now it takes you some minutes only with Discount Code Generator. Choosing code quantity and format then all you need to do is waiting for it auto-run.

Discount Code Generator app can be installed quickly via a click. Also, store admins can easily set up the app with optimized steps and a friendly interface. This app is definitely born to support non-tech people.

Highlight features of
Discount Code Generator App

Generate bulk random codes by pattern

Discount Code Generator by AVADA allows admins to generate mass coupon codes for the same discount rule using pattern (custom format).

THREE clicks only to produce a set of random codes:

  • Assign the existing discount on your store

  • Enter the number of codes you want to have

  • Choose the general code pattern

Then it takes you very few minutes to generate thousands of unique coupon codes.

Generate bulk random codes by pattern

Import specific codes unlimitedly

If you have a certain list of coupon codes available, or you want to create custom codes in your way, just import them to your discount using Discount Code Generator.

TWO steps to go:

  • Simply enter your custom codes into the field

  • Choose the discount set assigned to those codes

Then those codes will be added automatically, instantly into your discount campaign.

Import specific codes unlimitedly

Extra features of
Discount Code Generator

Code sorting

Quickly search for any discount set using discount code

Code pool summary

Show the title of related discount set, pattern examples, and coupon code preview

Manage codes pools

View/ Edit/ Delete any codes pool you have created

Shopify Discount Importer
Shopify Discount Importer
Shopify Discount Importer

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