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Excellent benefits of Boost Sales

It is scientifically demonstrated that psychological factors such as social proof, scarcity, urgency play a decisive role in purchasing decisions. That makes customers feel compelled to make a purchase action because everybody does the same or before the sales run out. AVADA Boost Sales perfectly combines these key factors and brings in a comprehensive sales boost solution for e-store.

No one will trust and buy from a store without any interaction or sales. As a powerful trust builder, Boost Sales notifying real customer activities such as purchases, reviews, etc., to convince new shoppers how safe and trustable your site is. This is the first but essential step leading to any purchasing action.

Create a sense of urgency, scarcity, and make customers feel compelled to your products before the promotions end or their favorite items will be purchased by many others. Countdown timers combining effectively with low stock notice help you hit your sales record with ease!

Use eye-catching popups and vivid product counter to actively remind customers about sales promotion and help them buy more items with good deals. Provide exceptional shopping experience through a delicated manner

Boost Sales Highlight Features

Sales Pop

There are various types of sales notifications, including Purchase Notice, Add-to-cart Notice, Sign up Notice, Information Notice, Review Notice, Custom Notice.

With plenty of designs and stunning seasonal themes, you can freely customize your store site with lively notice popups.

Noticeably, it is quite easy to adjust the time options to show notice popups and target your popup showing to different objects such as page targeting, product targeting, etc.

The report of Sales pop performance can be seen right of Campaign Dashboard

Sales Pop

Countdown Timer

It is no limitation to create your favorite countdown timer from a diversity of stunning clock presets. Flexiblely set up countdown period and custom the counter’ layout in your unique style by choosing clock size, color, border, position, etc.

Inventory countdown or stock left bar is another useful sales boost function. You can display livestock on the bar and push the urgency to the highest level by producing really attempting stock left messages.

Countdown Timer

Trust Badges

30+ checkout badges and custom badges are pre-made for various theme. You can also upload your own badge and custom its design, size, effect, etc., with flexible settings.

Take advantage of small but helpful badges icons to minimize concerns over payment security and encourages customer purchase with confidence.

Trust Badge

Inactive tab

When customers leave your site, you still have great chances to get them back with an engaging blinking tab title by Inactive tab

Just 3 steps to increase customer retention and reduce cart abandonment with Inactive tab: Write your own title, select an animation style and decide when to show it

Inactive Tab

Sticky Add-to-cart

Sticky Add-to-cart is a stunning function which customers to quickly add products to cart and reach checkout faster when scrolling down or beyond the original Add To Cart button.

Get more sales with simple settings to custom the display and design of your mini cart.

Sticky Add-to-cart

Add-to-cart Animation

Make customer buy more with fun and attention-catching Add-to-cart button.

It is so simple to setup this function: enable button and then select your favorite animation from the list.

Add-to-cart Animation

Boost Sales More Features

Content Protection

Stop right-click action, text selection, drag & drop action, common shortcuts, and view source

Hide dynamic checkout button

Hide dynamic checkout button from Product page

Multiple Facbook pixel

Create multiple Facebook pixel as backup

Auto or manual sync Sales pop

Automatically or manually synchronize to update order data and popup list

Static map

Show map of customers notified in popups instead of the product image

Design responsive

Sales Pop is fully responsive on multiple devices: desktop, tablet, mobile

Custom CSS

Freely design everything with custom CSS

Snippet code

Use snippet code and insert countdown to any desired position


Preview countdown, trust badge, sticky add-to-cart, etc

Countdown end actions

Restart, hide or left the countdown on the site

Apply countdown timer

Apply countdown to all products, selected products or products matching your condition

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